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SNOW English Brochure


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This file is a SNOW brochure in English.

Published in: Education, Technology
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SNOW English Brochure

  1. 1. MOTIF Open Knowledge Share Dreams SNOW started as a way to promote the active sharing of intellectual contents online in knowledge-based contemporary society. As more and more high quality educational content Becomes available online for free at a rapid pace, We searched for the key factors on why Korean students had difficulties making use of this content. First, the barrier of language making them far from accessible. Second, the trouble of finding proper content among the immensely scattered material. Third, the lack of guidelines to find and to utilize the content. Now, we march to overcome these difficulties with sharing knowledge.Sookmyung Network for Open World Where Innovation Begins
  2. 2. MISSONSNOW has launched a knowledge-sharingonline service with the world-class intellectualand educational contents for broader worldand audienceWe set our goalHelping our users surpass the language barrierAllowing them to study their research interestsAt their own paceTo find with ease the lectures of world class scholarsProviding a convenient channel of communicationamong users.We are trying toGuide SMU’s students to access and utilize globalacademic information actively,Support SMU’s professors in applying ourContent in their lectures dynamically,Improve the ability and expectations ofboth students and professors from their new experiences.Ultimately, we will be the flagship sitein the arena of global learning,By changing the intellectual culture of SMU,Becoming a model to follow in the futurefor Universities across the world.
  3. 3. Through this ‘information sharing network’, SNOW’s benefits is reaching a good number of people in a WE SHARE KNOWLEDGE wide range of fields, and SNOW brings us positive inspiration TOGETHER and motivation in diverse ways. Once you accumulate your own ‘snow’ points, this increasing amount would SNOW be your ‘real’ donation as a beneficiary. HOPE ECO SYSTEM WE GAIN SNOW This mechanism includes learning, empowering, and envisioning our users BUILDS NEW SNOW CULTURE FOR KNOWLEDGE SHARING TROUGH OUR and helps them become donators themselves within SNOW. COOPERATIVE LEARNING Above all, SNOW leads the new ‘SNOW culture movement’ YOUR SNOW POINTS BECOME OUR HOPE for “Open Knowledge, Share Dreams”. Women Technology Education SNOW transforms our user’s SNOW points saved by this Eco System into real fundraised money towards IT education support projects. SNOW donated notebook computers to a high school acting IT education volunteership.SNOW enables its users to participate and contributein the process of making SNOW better, and to sharewith the society its intellectual resources through Open World.We, SNOW, will create a ‘SNOW knowledge community’through activities driven by Knowledge Share Volunteers,who will translate information and knowledge in their own major subjects,helping the web-environment to be more accessible.Students as well as non-student users can participate in creating and storing“snow” points which are transmitted to fund this IT education.Through this self-sustaining eco-system, SNOW will pursue the goalof becoming the perfect ‘take-share-open’ learning platform,bridging together the goals of lifelong education and social dedication,transforming and enhancing the social responsibilities of the University.
  4. 4. 1 2 3 SNOW Wiki System for “Cooperative-Translation”Experience Video Lecture and other Interfaces and “Cooperative-Learning”The most frequent type of SNOW use would be ‘click and view’. 1 “New, creative wiki” for SNOW: Amazingly learning-friendly interface;It allows watching various video lectures which are on our unique interface. SNOW Wiki. Using SNOW wiki, users can participate in posting lectureExperience the following useful tools for your self-learning; materials and transcripts for each lecture.“Play and Read”: You can view video lectures without any particular player 2 “Visualize cooperative work”: Upload Korean scripts translated by yourself.or Active X. Simultaneously, you can refer to and read Korean and English After then, many other users can add or keep on your translation workingscript for each lecture. as wiki tasks go on. This creative multi-posting will gradually complete the Korean script on“Talk and Share”: Under play window, you can leave your own questions, SNOW.ideas and comments about the lecture.Then ‘your posted lecture talk’ will be shared with other users 3 “Browse what friends did; History tool”: Open ‘history’ window for checkingand create brand-new ideas through users’ discussion. the history of transcripts under ongoing cooperation. Participate in this cooperative translation work by adding your own works or revising other’s works.
  5. 5. VISIONSNOW : Open Environment for Creativity andInnovation in Learning.SNOW is an open platform for everyone who wants toshare and gain great educational content.Users can share any types of video materials with educational worthin a handy way and provide English/Korean scripts Contact usfor other users as volunteers. / e-mail : info@snow.or.krMoreover, users can communicate with others with various interests Call+82 2 -2077 –7312 / Fax+82 2-2077-7333and backgrounds by managing their own “knowledge club”, Cheongpa-ro 47-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 140-742, Koreaa community for various fields.Ultimately, SNOW creation is on your hand.