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A Marketing Plan, prepared for a class at DePaul Kellstadt, focusing on providing marketing consultation for social enterprises, small businesses, and non-profits.

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Marketing Plan - One Cause Consulting

  1. 1. Gordon Dymowski Building a Marketing Plan November 24, 2013
  2. 2. • 50% of respondents have budgets under $1 million/year • Five questions on Survey Monkey • Distributed via social networks
  3. 3. IDENTIFIED SERVICE NEEDS › Marketing/Communications Strategy › Search Engine Optimization › Public Relations › Copywriting/Blogging › Social Media Strategy IDENTIFIED BARRIERS › Lack of Organizational Support › Lack of Internal Resources › Inadequate Time to Learn › Lack of Budget › “Too Many Consultants” Current market for non-profit marketing consultants may be oversaturated, resulting in need to identify untapped markets
  4. 4. COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS SOCIAL ENTERPRISES › Ranging from neighborhood storefronts to smaller community groups › Governor Quinn – Task Force on social entrepreneurship as economic engine › Increasing trend › May not have formal 501c3 status › Lack marketing, technology & resources › Funding focus on maintenance rather than growth – 137 L3Cs in Illinois (10/31/2013) – 20 Benefit Corporations in Illinois – Legislation – Approved B Corporations as Legal Entity in Illinois (04/2013) › Estimated 6,000 social enterprises throughout state
  5. 5. › Social Enterprise Alliance: An organization or venture that achieves its primary social or environmental mission through business means › Dependent on how mission is executed & how revenue is generated › Examples of social ventures – Inspiration Kitchens (Chicago) – Kazuzu (Chicago) – Consolare (St. Louis)
  6. 6. › Dual focus on social impact and business growth › Non-profits have greater exposure and professional interest › High emphasis on results-driven metrics and analytics › Traditional marketing may not see community impact outside of cause marketing/corporate social responsibility initiatives
  7. 7. › L3C which focuses on marketing, public relations, and strategic communication for social impact initiatives › Provides several marketing “packages” (CORE, BREV Report) › Highly involved in social enterprise community
  8. 8. › Creates sustainable growth for passionate companies › Focus on brand strategy, › marketing, and strategic communications › One of the first structured Benefit Corporations in Illinois
  9. 9. › STRENGTHS – Formal offering of specific packages for businesses – Strong background in social impact and social marketing › WEAKNESSES – Exclusive focus on larger brands/focusing their impact › STRENGTHS – Leader in Benefit Corporation Community – Focused emphasis on fostering development of mission-driven businesses › WEAKNESSES – Focus exclusively on B Corporations – Marketing is secondary to strategic communications
  10. 10. › OPPORTUNITIES – Greater corporate/business emphasis on social responsibility initiatives – State Task Force on Social Innovation working to locate “hot areas” of activity › THREATS – Potential perception as “another marketing agency” – Audience tendencies towards thinking “non-profit” rather than “social enterprise” › OPPORTUNITIES – IL adopts Benefit Corporation structure means greater # of potential clients – Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives may provide opportunity for client engagement › THREATS – Great need for education about benefit corporations – Greater sophistication about marketing and communication needs
  11. 11. › Mission: “Help social enterprises and other mission-driven organizations build communities one cause at a time” › Package of consulting services – Social Media/Online Outreach – Marketing/Public Relations Strategy – Capacity Building Efforts for Agency/Business › Impact/results-driven marketing – Move supporters from awareness to advocacy to activity – Provide data for business/agency development
  12. 12. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Experience working with missiondriven organizations Strong professional focus on Marketing and Community Engagement, Grassroots Public Relations Connected to various professional networks (Illinois Task Force, Net Tuesday) Familiar with startup culture, social business realm, and nonprofit/community organizations Graduate of Integrated Marketing Communications program, DePaul Kellstadt Graduate School of Business Lack of experience in other realms of digital marketing (e.g. paid search, graphic design) Possible Brand Dilution with Blogging/Online Focus on Popular Culture Heavily reliant on “bootstrapping” for startup phase Narrow client niche and focus – potential risk of “mission creep”
  13. 13. OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Recognition of need for strategic marketing services in missionfocused field Increasing adoption of B Corporation and L3C stats as business models State Government facilitating social businesses as engine of economic growth Non-Profits & Social Ventures Are Increasingly Resembling Each Other Greater advocacy for integrating tech and formal marketing into mission-driven organizations High level of professional competition with other “consultants” For small/medium sized organizations, payment & funding will be issue Moving Businesses Towards SelfSufficiency Vs. Potential Agency/Business “Entitlement” Matching clients to needs (e.g., Web Development, Graphic Design, etc) that cannot provide  Refer externally  Expertise in open source equivalents (WordPress, Gimp)
  14. 14. › Works with social enterprises and mission-driven organizations on driving organic word-of-mouth online and offline › Collaborates with businesses on developing appropriate strategies that drive mission and impact › Develops analytics & metrics to measure business and social impact of marketing strategy › Provides down-to-earth, personalized guidance and consultation to foster business growth › Offers limited services to various related entities
  15. 15. › Social Enterprises › Benefit Corporations › Social Entrepreneurial Startups › Small/Community Businesses › Community Organizations › Non-Profits
  16. 16. › Online Marketing Strategy – Social Media – Content Creation & Curation – Limited Guidance on Special Topics (SEO, Paid Search) › Public Relations – Media Relations – Blogger Identification/Outreach – Copywriting › Other Consultation Services – Event Planning – Training/Professional Development Curriculum
  17. 17. OUR PHILOSOPHY › Integrated word-of-mouth approach › Active participant in social entrepreneurship networks OUR VALUES › Metrics and analytics driven – “Measurement matters” › Digital Excellence/Digital Literacy › Move clients towards self-sufficiency › Open Source Solutions › Providing measurable value › Collaboration and Communication › Social enterprises/small businesses drive economic growth › Grassroots/community focus › “Plain English”/Pop Culture literate › Activists vs. slacktivists
  18. 18. › Penetration Strategy – “Ramp up” Trial Period – Project Management Packages › Goal: Provide Range of Services for Underserved Social Businesses › Work Within Existing Budgets › Reduced Rates for Community Organizations/Non-Profits – Sliding Scale (based on budget) – Select service packages – Very selective
  19. 19. › – Search Optimized – Built on – Reciprocal Linking › Content Creation – Chicago Now One Cause At A Time – White Papers/Guest Posts – Social Media Branding › Social Media – Facebook Page – Linked In Company Page
  20. 20. One Cause Consulting is active in many community and professional organizations
  21. 21. › Informal Survey of Peers Via Survey Monkey – Question 1 – 0 Answers for “Community Organization” (other self-select option – Question 4 – Several Options had 0 answers, and were not included. These options were › › › › › Tasks Seem Daunting Don’t Know Players Too Technical Not Confident I Can Implement Don’t See A Problem › Information Re: Social Ventures via Marc Lane, Chairman of Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation