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Corporate communications: In the name of stakeholders


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Business of all sizes spend a tremendous amount of money every year to carve a place for their products and services in the fragmented and highly competitive global marketplace. In this presentation, I explain corporate communications from the stakeholder's point of view. I contend that corporate communications should be seen as an ongoing, simultaneous, and overlapping conversation between companies and their audiences (both internal and external).

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Corporate communications: In the name of stakeholders

  1. 1. Corporate Communications: In the Name of Stakeholders By Koffi Alain Sessi
  2. 2. ~ $14 Billions
  3. 3. $437.5 Millions to each American citizen
  4. 4. $2Everyone On Earth
  5. 5. Why?
  6. 6. Perception is Reality
  7. 7. Company Internal   Audience External   Audience
  8. 8. Employees Customers Company Suppliers Investors Gov Community
  9. 9. Employees
  10. 10. Suppliers
  11. 11. Customers
  12. 12. Investors
  13. 13. Government
  14. 14. Community
  15. 15. ?So  what  is Corporate  Communications
  16. 16. Corporate  communication  is  a  management   function  or  department,  like  marketing,  finance,  or   operations,  dedicated  to  the  dissemination  of   information  to  key  constituencies,  the  execution   of  corporate  strategy  and  the  development  of   messages  for  a  variety  of  purposes  for  inside  and   outside  the  organization. -­ Financial  Times “ ”
  17. 17. Corporate  communications  aims  to   positively  impact  the  perception   stakeholders have  of  a  company.
  18. 18. 4Areas  of FOCUS
  19. 19. Media   Inquiries Media   Packets News   Monitoring Press   Conference News   Release Public  Relations
  20. 20. Customer   Support Printed   Materials Ad     Campaigns Product   Promotions Social   Media Marketing  Communications
  21. 21. HR  Policies Employee   Productivity Structure Employee   Recognition Payroll HR  Communications
  22. 22. Bad   Citizenship Difficult   Succession Disaster   Handling Security   Breach Social   Scandal Crisis  Communications
  23. 23. Foundation
  24. 24. Culture
  25. 25. FedEx  will  produce  superior  financial  returns  for  shareowners  by  providing  high  value-­‐ added  supply  chain,  transportation,  business  and  related  information  services  through   focused  operating  companies.  Customer  requirements  will  be  met  in  the  highest   quality  manner  appropriate  to  each  market  segment  served.  FedEx  will  strive  to   develop  mutually  rewarding  relationships  with  its  employees,  partners  and  suppliers.   Safety  will  be  the  first  consideration  in  all  operations.  Corporate  activities  will  be   conducted  to  the  highest  ethical  and  professional  standards. FedEx
  26. 26. Use  our  pioneering  spirit  to  responsibly  deliver  energy  to  the  world. ConocoPhilips
  27. 27. Democratize  professional  technology  learning. Pluralsight
  28. 28. Organizational  Rhetoric
  29. 29. Deming’s  View
  30. 30. “Quality  begins  with   intent,  which  is  fixed  by   management.” -­‐Dr  W.  Edward  Deming
  31. 31. Lessons  from  the  trenches
  32. 32. BP  Oil  Spill
  33. 33. The  Chevy  Disaster
  34. 34. VolksWagen (The  Car  of  the  People?)
  35. 35. “Tell  the  truth,  tell  it  first,   and  tell  it  your  way.” -­ Jaime  Rupert
  36. 36. Thank  you!!