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  1. 1. IMPACTMAX Effective nonprofit communications Now more than ever.
  2. 2. Strategy & Implementation Helping you understand your priority audiences and messages, and most cost-effective tactics. Communications that grow your organization and help change the world.   Gayle Thorsen 25 Years in Twin Cities Nonprofit & Philanthropic Communications 612-377-3176  
  3. 3. Capabilities Communications strategy and tactics Communications audits and evaluation Message platforms Website development and evaluation Social media optimization Issue framing Issue campaigns Competition analysis Writing/editing Publications management  
  4. 4. For nonprofits, tough economies can mean cutbacks in communications--right  at the moment when those investments are needed most.  There has never been a more important time for funders, donors, and other potential partners to understand your impact.  Protect your communications budget!
  5. 5.   The world doesn’t change one person at a time. It changes as networks of relationships form among people who discover they share a common cause and vision of what’s possible.  Margaret Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science     Nonprofit communications is about relationships.
  6. 6. 70% strategy/30% tactics My philosophy Spend 70% of your time and energy on strategy, and 30% on tactics.   One of the biggest mistakes nonprofits and philanthropies make is rushing to decide tactics without clearly understanding what change they're trying to effect in the world and who can make it happen.   Once you're crystal clear about those two things, communications tactics tend to evolve organically. You know who you're trying to reach, what they need to hear from whom, and what communication channels they use. The choices are obvious.
  7. 7.   quot;Gayle brings a wealth of talents and skills to every program. But time and again, I have found that her greatest contribution is her strategic vision--her ability to define the fundamental value an initiative has to the organization, then to marshal resources and make tactical decisions to achieve that end.quot;                         Tom Horner, partner                         Himle Horner Public Affairs                         Minneapolis
  8. 8. History: 25 Years, 20 Awards Communications director, The McKnight Foundation, Minneapolis   Vice president for communications, The Minneapolis Foundation   Communications director, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis   Public relations director, Minneapolis College of Art and Design   Accredited by the Public Relations Society of America in 1995.   Master's degree in English; bachelor's degrees in journalism and English   20 communications awards from the national Council on Foundations; One Show , Communication Arts  and Print magazines; national Communication Action Network; and Web Marketing Association.  
  9. 9. Portfolio: Website Development The McKnight Foundation
  10. 10. Website Development Twin Cities LISC
  11. 11. Website Development Embrace Open Space Advocacy Campaign       
  12. 12. quot;Gayle has this amazing ability to not only get projects done    beautifully, on budget, on time, but to creatively and intentionally market the ideas in them on a much larger sale. She's taken McKnight far beyond effective publications into a wide, innovative spectrum of communications support for our program goals.quot;                                                             Neal Cuthbert, Vice President, Program                                                             The McKnight Foundation
  13. 13. Portfolio: Issue Campaigns Embrace Open Space ad and poster
  14. 14. Issue Campaigns Parenting campaign and racism campaign newspaper inserts (booklets)
  15. 15. Issue Range I've written more than 50 opinion editorials and speeches for nonproit executives on topics such as: Community development Challenges in public education Community engagement Financing higher education Affordable housing The undergraduate experience Economic development Wind energy Regionalism and balanced growth Protecting open space Urban design Protecting water quality Racism and immigration The role of philanthropy in public The working poor policy Transportation policy Ethnic philanthropy Placemaking The art of nonprofit leadership Arts as community development The value of networks in social change Early childhood education Media Violence Youth development  
  16. 16. Portfolio: Annual Reports The McKnight Foundation
  17. 17. quot;Naturally a great communicator, Gayle has elevated each project to new heights--thanks to her grand vision. Over the past nine years we were able to produce not only hardworking communication but also innovative, award winning creativity.quot; Stefan Hartung, creative director Hartung Kemp
  18. 18. Your bottom line is society. You're not selling widgets. I've sat where you sat and felt that passion for a better world. I still feel it. Your reputation is as stake. So is mine. We want exactly the same thing--exceptional quality and maximum impact.     Gayle Thorsen IMPACTMAX 1908 Fremont Ave. South Minneapolis, MN 55403 612-377-3176