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Co-Founder of The Aria Group

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Stephen g. barr resume (1)

  1. 1. Crowdsourcing Crowdfunding Strategic Partnerships Philanthropy Legislative Relations ( 5 years experience ) Public Speaking ( 20 years experience ) Mind Mapping ( 5 years experience ) Non-Profit Consulting ( 3 years experience ) Social Network Development ( 10 years experience ) Executive Management ( 20 years experience ) Political Campaigns ( 20 years experience ) Social Networking Strategies Startup Consulting ( 10 years experience ) Coalition Development ( 3 years experience ) Online Advocacy ( 10 years experience ) Online Communities ( 14 years experience ) Strategic Planning ( 20 years experience ) Blogging ( 20 years experience ) Fiscal Planning ( 20 years experience ) Start-ups Project Management ( 20 years experience ) Editing ( 20 years experience ) Event Planning & Production ( 20 years S T E P H E N G . BAR R 4000 Birch Street #101 Newport Beach, CA 92660 562-400-0685 SUMMAR Y Stephen is a highly sought after startup adviser, author, editor & publisher of 40 syndicated, digital publications utilizing multiple digital distribution channels in conjunction with launching and administrating national advertising campaigns for major Fortune 500 advertisers in partnership with Google, Ning, Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo, Commission Junction, DoubleClick, LinkShare, AvantLink, Share A Sale, PepperJam and other industry leading third party affiliate networks. An advocate and thought leader in the burgeoning crowd funding industry and publisher of The Crowdfunding Times™, The Crowdfunding Daily News™, The Startup Review Journal™, The Affiliate Marketing Journal™, Social Media Observer ™, Social Views™. (see below). Senior product development team member and advisory board member from conception to public Beta launch on over a dozen start ups. A trusted strategic alliance facilitator and start up adviser and mentor within the political, nonprofit, fine arts and real estate markets having worked on dozens of local, state and federal political campaigns and legislative initiatives in NY, AZ & CA since 1979. In 2009 he completed a fellowship in political leadership and nonprofit administration at The Center For Progressive Leadership, a national civic training institute that develops diverse leaders who can effectively advance progressive political and policy change. Internationally recognized expert and widely read social media columnist on The Examiner, Associated Content,, Social Media Today, Wellsphere Network, Technorati, VentureBeat, eFactor and company owned sites covering numerous topical verticals and published and cross syndicated on the full range of current syndication platforms & social media sites. Curator of the "Niche Social Network Development" board on and the "Social Media Group" on SPECIALTIES Public relations, real estate, startups, affiliate marketing, digital publishing, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, coworking, retailing, advertising, website & online forum development, niche social network development, community management, blogging, email campaigns, affiliate/performance marketing, search optimization, branding and identity, site location, event production & promotion and non-profit fund raising. SKILLS
  2. 2. experience ) Digital Media Publishing ( 6 years experience ) Affiliate Marketing ( 6 years experience ) Media production ( 1 year experience ) Niche Marketing ( 7 years experience ) Computer Graphics ( 3 years experience ) Social Media ( 10 years experience ) Online PR ( 10 years experience ) Corporate Blogging ( 7 years experience ) Social Branding ( 7 years experience ) E-commerce Consulting ( 10 years experience ) Blog Management ( 7 years experience ) Social Networking ( 10 years experience ) Social Bookmarking ( 7 years experience ) Website Monetization ( 10 years experience ) Social Software ( 7 years experience ) Press Events ( 20 years experience ) Social Media Development ( 7 years experience ) Online Community Management Performance Based Marketing Social Media Marketing Digital Media Facebook Twitter Digital Strategy Impact Investing Event Planning Public Relations CrowdPad 08 / 2013 - Present The Aria Group 08 / 2013 - Present EXPER IENCE Co-Founder & Partner New passive real estate investment company with a new twist to product acquisition and management. Currently in Stealthmode with private Beta testing to come soon! Experienced Fund Managers: Our investment properties are hand picked by co-founder Stephen G. Barr his team of advisers who between them have over 80 years of real estate brokerage, finance, development and appraisal under their belts. They are all industry leaders in their respective market segments; brokers, developers, landlords, bankers, attorneys & investors. Stephen has been a real estate broker, appraiser and expert witness since 1981 in NY, AZ & CA. Unique Property Acquisition: CrowdPad has developed a unique process of property acquisition that gives our funds complete control over the assets without taking title to the properties. We work with the creditors under a management contract in a manor that removes all potential loss risk so your investments are secure. Complete Transparency: Our investor portal is not only secure but offers investors round the clock access to view all statistics, up to date earnings and control where their investment is at any given point in time. From the dashboard the administrators and sponsors can see how many contributions have been made, if minimum and maximum contribution limits were attained, and the expiration date of the project. Director Strategic Alliances THE ARIA GROUP has served Real Estate Investor clients for many years and the addition of the CROWDpad LLC Real Estate Investment Program is a natural progression. Now, in addition to offering superior Real Estate legal, transaction and compliance services, THE ARIA GROUP will also provide clients with Passive Real Estate Investment Opportunities nationwide. “Our vision of making real estate investing simple, providing investors with more transparent access to passive investments, and reducing check sizes way below $50k or $100k for a single investment has become a reality.”-Paulina Ghaneian, CEO, The Aria Group LLC. Passive real estate investing can be incredibly quick. Investors perform due diligence, sign legal paperwork online and transfer funds almost immediately. THE ARIA GROUP has properties secured with existing tenants where there is existing cash-flow. Investors begin receiving dividends month one.
  3. 3. Startup Hive 10 / 2012 - Present Startup America Partnership 09 / 2012 - Present The Entrepreneurial Advisory Network 07 / 2011 - Present THE ARIA GROUP is the premier full-service, mortgage investigation and discovery firm in the United States specializing exclusively in mortgage origination, securitization and assignment compliance and offering a full suite of services to support Realtors, Law Firms and Real Estate Investors. Our professionals have years of experience in finance and mortgage banking, consisting of subject matter experts, attorneys with considerable compliance experience, former regulators and former S.E.C. compliance executives who have created comprehensive auditing, discovery and document systems designed to yield the quickest and most favorable results to our Investor clients and the Realtors and Law Firms that represent them. Founder & Executive Director Startup Hive™ is a virtural startup incubator project in development by noted publisher, startup adviser and publicist Stephen G. Barr to be and supported by Barr's other established companies SGB Media Group (Social Media & Public Relations), Boardroom Advisory Services (Corporate Advisory Board Management) and Barr Publications (Digital Publishing and Syndication). The primary mission of Startup Hive™ is to assist emerging technology start ups from conception through IPO, merger or sale by forming, serving, guiding, advising and governing their advisory & director's boards on a fee or equity consulting basis with a focus on current technologies, transparent reporting, legal and regulatory compliance, best practices, ethics and prudent leadership principles. Seed funding procurement assistance through the use of a series of niche market, equity based crowdfunding sites currently in development and to begin alpha testing in 2013 as a result of the changing investor regulations as part of the Jobs Act as well as through traditional venture capital sources. ** Currently seeking joint venture partners, vendors, subcontractors, web developers and investors for this next generation startup incubator. Contact Stephen G. Barr directly at ** Member of the Startup America Partnership and Microsoft BizSpark Incubator Program Approved Startup Company Mr. Barr's Boardroom Advisory Services is the first of several strategically launched companies he has in development to be utilizing this program but there are several more in development that will be complimentary in scope and nature to the others so as one gets off the ground it can help the next ones to be launched which will in turn do the same for the next. Areas of special interest would be those revolving around urban redevelopment in order to utilize the combined expertise of BAS as well as those of his other firm American Realty Housing Group and will be utilizing the affiliation benefits package, sharing the same initial management group to cut expenses, unify management style as well as using multiple crowdfunding platforms for funding. Founding Adviser The Entrepreneurial Advisory Network is a growing team of individuals (not affiliated with AngelList) who are volunteering time to help nascent entrepreneurs. The advisors listed below have committed to helping by offering a small amount of time per week to offer advice and assist. We are always hoping to find more volunteers, so please get involved if interested! We do offer: advice, perspective, links to information, moral support. We do not promise intros, endorsements or money! Advisory Board Chairman at Sensual Steals, Inc.™ Advisory Board Member at™ Advisory Board Member at™ Advisory Board Chairman at Golden Seeds Game Company, Inc.™ Advisory Board at ™ Advisory Board at ™
  4. 4. SGB Media Group 11 / 2006 - Present National CrowdFunding Association 09 / 2012 - 08 / 2013 Advisory Board at Bling Jeans Company ™ Advisory Board at Media Alliance Group ™ Advisory Board at ™ Advisory Board at Coworking Florida ™ Advisory Board at ™ Editor, Publisher & Producer SGB Media Group is a social media marketing firm specializing in the independent film industry as well as the environmental, progressive political and nonprofit arenas. Extensive experience in retailing, advertising, website & online forum development, niche social networking, affiliate marketing, search optimization, branding and identity, site location, event production & promotion, non-profit fund raising. Products * Social Network Profiles & Fan Pages * Blogs * Niche Social Networks * Static Websites * Portal Sites * eCommerce * eMail/Newsletter Campaigns * Event Planning & Production * Website Analytics & SEO * Affiliate Marketing * Strategic Alliance Management * Business Development Specialized Experience: eCommerce - Ten years internet sales experience, eBay Powerseller, Amazon, CafePress, MSN. CC Bill & PayPal business partner, affiliate marketing and proprietary shopping cart administration. Social Network Development - Early developer of social networks, discussion forums, Usenet groups and BBS chat rooms. Blogging - 7-10 Years experienced blogger with over 20 blogs on mixed major platforms in syndication. Packet Aggregation - Early adopter of this journalistic style which is the process of joining multiple packets together into a single transmission unit, in order to reduce the overhead associated with each transmission. Strategic Alliance Building - Experienced in propagating formal relationships between two or more parties to pursue a set of agreed upon goals or to meet a critical business need. Event Planning & Production - Experienced event planner and producer of specialty events such as trade shows, seminars, concerts, educational events, awards shows, and political fund raisers. Media Relations - Experienced media relations work with broadcast, print and digital media broadcasters and publishers. Press release writing, editing and distribution along multiple channels. Crisis and reputation management. Content Committee Chairman The mission of the National Crowdfunding Association is to support, educate, and protect the American crowdfunding market. We represent the interests of both the investor and the entrepreneur in every crowdfunding transaction, whether it is an investment or a donation crowdfund offering. The NLCFA was formed in March, 2012, prior to the passage of the JOBS Act of 2012 authorizing investment crowdfunding in America. We provide our members with opportunities to shape the industry, learn the details of the marketplace, stay informed and stay ahead, and the opportunity to network with others involved in this revolutionary new way of financing. According to the JOBS Act of 2012, the SEC has until approximately Jan 1, 2013 to issue regulations governing investment crowdfunding. It must also register crowdfunding portals and approve self-regulatory organization (SRO) rules governing those portals. We are a collection of SEC attorneys and crowdfunding portals and venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, seeking to influence the regulatory authorities for the betterment of crowdfunding. Currently the SEC is inviting the expression of views on the regulations it will propose, and we are seeking to help the SEC Staff in their work on their regulations with a primary goal of protecting investors while not over-regulating the nascent market. Specific Duties as Content Committee Chair include:
  5. 5. Boardroom Advisory Services™ 01 / 2011 - 08 / 2013 talentPOD 07 / 2010 - 10 / 2010 Recruit Committee members in line with role profiles and recruitment procedures. Ensure that Committee members understand the Department/Committee Terms of Reference, the role of the Chair and Officer and the work of the committee. Ensure that the Committee members receive the training and support they need to help them carry out their roles. Convene and facilitate scheduled committee meetings in a manor to ensure delivery of the committee's assigned task(s) to the Board of Directors. Founder & Chairman Fee based consulting services for emerging technology for profit and nonprofit start up advisory and directorial boards. Boardroom Advisory Services™ was founded by veteran entrepreneur Stephen G. Barr with the mission to assist emerging technology start ups from conception through IPO, merger or sale by serving, guiding, advising and governing their advisory & director's boards on a fee based consulting basis with a focus on current best practices, ethics and prudent leadership principles. Services Include but not Limited to; Board Formation and Staffing Mission Development Seed Funding Acquisition Board Administration & Governance Investor Reporting Procedural Implementation External Reporting and Compliance Media and Public Relations IPO, Merger or Sale Negotiations – Expert Market Study and Business plan preparation, review and evaluations. -Founded, built and ran multiple corporations in the <$1M annual revenue and 1-5 employees on bootstrap seed capital. -CEO of a 7 office regional consulting firm and served on the board of directors of several other, larger corporations in California, New York, Arizona, Delaware & Nevada. I am actively seeking compensated board appointments on the Advisory Boards of emerging technology startups, NPO's, progressive political PACs, fine arts and ecological lobby groups and open to other market segments as well. Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) talentPOD is a social media marketing company that specializes in the development and ongoing administration of proprietary social networks for the nonprofit and community focused organization sectors utilizing the full capacity of cutting edge, emerging technologies benefiting local, state, national and international communities. Social relevance and impact are the cornerstones of our inspiration. Through skillful use of emerging technologies within the social media and public relations industries we hope to assist the nonprofit and other community welfare organizations develop and deliver their message to their targeted constituencies in a manor consistent with the current industry standards and best practices for the greater welfare and enrichment of the communities they serve. Proprietary social network development and administration and public relations services for the nonprofit and community services focused sectors. Elaborated business development plans, design and implemented processes to support business growth, through customer and market definition.
  6. 6. Center for Progressive Leadership 01 / 2009 - 09 / 2009 10 / 2008 - 09 / 2009 Draft Al Gore; State of Arizona 06 / 2006 - 02 / 2008 Facilitated business growth by working together with clients as well as business partners (suppliers, subcontractors, JV partners, technology providers, etc.). Built and maintained high-level contacts with current and prospective customer and other business and project partners. Drove prospects through to contract award (including identifying new customers and markets, developing approaches to the market, identifying prospects, proposal preparation, etc.) Developed marketing strategy, managed proposal teams and client account managers. I was brought in to help develop and launch a custom social network platform for a specific client that had been in development for over two years. The final product was not approved by the client. Fellow The CPL State Political Leaders Fellowship is a nine-month, part-time leadership development program for a select group of organizational leaders, future candidates, community organizers, and progressive activists across the state. Through training, coaching, project-based work and mentoring, the program gives up-and-coming leaders the skills and networks they need to advance progressive political change in their communities. The Fellowship is designed to fit the schedules of working professionals through five main components: Five Weekend Workshops Regular One-on-one and Small Group Coaching Project-based Learning Mentorship Political Networking Director of Social Media GiveClicks is an online shopping program designed to help you support your favorite charity while doing your every day shopping on the Internet. The nonprofit of your choice will receive a small donation with each purchase you make online within the GiveClick's merchant network. While there I developed the corporate social media strategy and built out, populated and maintained campaigns on Twitter and Facebook as well as initiated and maintained the corporate blog on Wordpress. I reported to the CEO directly as well as interfaced with channel partners, IT department and various political and community leaders. As Social Media Director I was responsible for overseeing the Company’s Social Media Strategy and Social Media team across all internal brands and platforms . The role coordinated with the internal PR, Editorial, Marketing, Legal and Production Directors and Board Members to support the Company’s mission. The position involved ensuring our social boradcasting was fully integrated with all other efforts across the Company’s portfolio, as well as managing the Central Social Media budget. Committee Chairman Worked within the State of Arizona to initiate a draft referendum to elect Al Gore for President of The United States of America in the 2008 Presidential elections. In 2002-03 Draft Gore mounted a large-scale effort to draft Al Gore for the Democratic nomination in 2004. Thousands of people in every state worked actively in support of that campaign, which received considerable attention from the media. At the end of 2003, out of respect for Vice President Gore's wishes when he endorsed Howard Dean, we brought our effort to an end. Since then, the crises facing our country and the world have only worsened. Democrats, both at the grassroots level and in elected office, told us that Al Gore's voice and vision offer us the best chance to reclaim our country and to fight
  7. 7. Vintage Bass Trading Co. & The Dudepit Forum 12 / 1998 - 01 / 2007 Sable Ridge Vineyards 1996 - 2001 American Residential Appraisers 04 / 1991 - 11 / 1997 Citibank again for the values our party has historically stood for. That's why we restarted the campaign in early 2006 and mounted a historic effort to try to draft Gore for 2008. Owner & Community Manager Owner of VBTC, an online retail outlet for bass guitars and related accessories and host of The Dude Pit online bass guitar discussion forum and social network. Retailer for fifteen musical instrument manufacturers. Co-designer of three limited edition bass guitars manufactured by Lakland Basses. Importer and exclusive US Distributor of the J-Retro onboard preamplifiers. As Founder and Community Manager of "The Dudepit" online forum for bass players worldwide I managed an early example of a "Proprietary" as well as a "Niche" social network that at it's peak was averaging an average of 3 million visits per month in a threaded forum style format. The forum became quite popular and I successfully "branded" myself as "The Dude" and became a noted "thought leader" within the demographic with an international following. Operations Manager General manager of this family owned, boutique vineyard and winery in Sonoma County, CA. Managed all day to day operations including vineyard and cellar labor, facilities and equipment. Participated in final tasting, blending and bottling of all wines which have received multiple gold, silver & bronze medals in international competition. One of the founding vineyards of The Bennett Valley AVA, an American Viticultural Area located in Sonoma County, California. The boundaries of this appellation lie completely within the North Coast AVA, almost completely within the Sonoma Valley AVA and overlaps into some areas of the Sonoma Coast AVA and Sonoma Mountain AVA. The region was granted AVA status on December 23, 2003 following the petition of Matanzas Creek Winery. The AVA is surrounded to the south, east and west by the Sonoma Mountains and to the north by the city of Santa Rosa, California. The region receives a moderating effect on its climate from Pacific Ocean through the cool coastal fogs and breeze that creep into the area from the southwest through Crane Canyon between Sonoma Mountain and Taylor Mountain. Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Grenache, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah are the leading grape varieties planted. PRODUCTION Estate Syrah Sonoma Valley Meritage Russian River Valley Viognier Russian River Valley Petite Sirah Russian River Valley Zinfandel Sonoma County Zinfandel Sonoma Valley Syrah and Red Blends Lodi Zinfandel, Syrah and Red Blends President & CEO Founder, President and CEO of this SW regional appraisal & consulting firm with as many as 7 branch locations in CA & NV. Oversees all real estate appraisal administration business operations including day-to-day operational management including ordering and reviewing appraisal reports, vetting and maintaining a panel of approved appraisers and environmental consultants, establishment of bank appraisal and environmental policies and development of department procedures, quality control including USPAP, Federal and state banking regulatory compliance, providing counsel to lenders and underwriters regarding real estate related issues, supervision and guidance of staff, and providing customer service to internal and external clientele. Over 400 hours of courtroom testimony experience with over an 80% win ratio. Golf course design, development and residential subdivision specialist. High end, celebrity owned residential specialist within a 7 county area of Southern CA Certified review appraiser Early tester and adopter of digital photography and data transmission technologies.
  8. 8. Citibank 04 / 1989 - 04 / 1991 Axiel Research Group, Ltd. 11 / 1985 - 10 / 1988 Scott E. Cohen Realty 01 / 1983 - 11 / 1985 USAF 06 / 1976 - 05 / 1979 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2013 - 2014 Harvard University 2012 - 2013 Startup Weekend 2012 - 2012 Center For Progressive Leadership 2009 - 2009 District Appraisal Manager Senior management position at this federally chartered savings bank. Managed desk and fields appraisers with workload adjustments and job performance including, estimating, customer service skills, and time management. Responsibilities: Managed Appraiser dispatch processes. Oversaw quality of appraisal handling Managed internal quality control program including accuracy to detail, tracking results, and ensuring general quality control and USPAP compliance. Ensured proper employee training, use and maintenance of all department computer hardware and software systems, Monitored and reported unit performance against established metrics standards. Worked closely with staff to ensure fair, accurate, and timely appraisals. Keeps current on state/territory regulations and issues as well as industry activity and trends. Provided technical support to appraisal staff as well as completing reviewed an ongoing random sampling of field work.. Participated in the establishment of department goals and for implementing procedures and performance standards to achieve these goals; Responsible for the employment, promotion, associate performance evaluation, training, motivation, counseling, and discipline of assigned associates. President & CEO Founded and served as Pres & CEO of this real estate appraisal and consulting firm with emphasis on developing emerging technology within the field utilizing advanced statistical modeling, digitized forms, time and motion studies and digital photography years before any peer groups. Regional appraisal review and fee panel management services for Norstar Bank & Fleet Financial. Sales Manager Managed a sales force of 6-10 real estate sales people and brokers under Mr.Cohen. Recipient of the 1984 "Sales Master Award" from the Real Estate Board of Rochester for being the top selling Realtor Associate with 164 closed sale transactions. Trained one on one under the mentorship of Mr. Cohen who went on to participating in 4 notable IPOs including LivePerson and 24/7 Real Media. Imagery Interpreter Specialist AFSC 20650 Graduated US Millitary Intelligence School, Lowry AFB, Served with the 548th RTG Hickam AFB, HI, Honorable Discharge. Top Secret Security Clearance (inactive). USAF Tested at the 98th percentile level and scheduled for classified international military intelligence service. Permanant assignment to he Pacific Air Command. +SERVICE RECORD CLASSIFIED+ EDUCATION Certificate , Innovation and Commercialization Certificate , Computer Science
  9. 9. The Appraisal Institute 1984 - 1989 Monroe Community College 1979 - 1981 Armed Forces Air Intelligence Training Center (AFAITC) 1976 - 1977 Cardinal Mooney HS 1972 - 1976 Real Estate Salesperson 05 / 1981 - 10 / 1985 Real Estate Broker Senior Fellow , Political Science and Government *Lead a panel on the use of social media in political campaigns. *Fellowship advocacy project of affordable healthcare and the increasing need to compensate family caregivers. Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser , Real Estate Appraisal The Appraisal Institute is a global association of real estate appraisers, Its mission is to advance professionalism and ethics, global standards, methodologies, and practices through the professional development of property economics worldwide. Organized in 1932, the Appraisal Institute advocates equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in the appraisal profession and conducts its activities in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws. AA , Marketing Management Student Association Vice President, Student Member Board of Trustees, Founder & President of Outdoor Activities Unlimited Club. Certificate , Photo Intertretation Diploma , College Prep Chess Team, Varsity Ski Team (NY State Team), Junior Varsity Men's Tennis HONOR S 1984 Sales Master Award, Real Estate Board of Rochester, NY 1989 CitiPride Award Recipient, CitiBank 2012 1st Place Winning Team Member (Bust'DD) at Startup Weekend - Phoenix INTER ESTS Website development, startups, corporate strategic development, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, social networking, search engine optimization, website analytics, philanthropic administration, social activism, local, national and international politics, music, fine arts, viticulture, literature, antiques, writing. ASSOCIATIONS The National CrowdFunding Association, Digital Advertising Professionals, eMarketing Association Network, Association of Strategic Marketing, Email Experience Council, Internet Affiliate Marketers Association (IAMA), Performance Marketing Alliance, Phoenix Advertising and Marketing Professionals, The Center for Progressive Leadership, Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals CER TIFICATIONS NY Department of State
  10. 10. Real Estate Broker 10 / 1985 - 10 / 1990 Realtor Associate 05 / 1981 - 10 / 1985 Broker Associate 10 / 1985 - 10 / 1990 Certified Real Estate Appraiser 10 / 1985 - 12 / 1997 Certified Residential Appraiser 06 / 1992 - 06 / 1998 Top Secret (SCI) Clearance 12 / 1976 - 05 / 1979 The Crowdfunding Times™ 09 / 2012 The Startup Review Journal™ 08 / 2011 The Social Media Marketing Report™ 09 / 2007 Social Media Observer™ 12 / 2010 Niche Social Network Development™ 01 / 2012 NY Department of State National Association of Realtors National Association of Realtors FHA CA OREA NSA PUB LICATIONS SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · Publisher Stephen G. Barr reports on the latest developments in the crowd funding industry. According to the JOBS Act of 2012, the SEC has until approximately Jan 1, 2013 to issue regulations governing investment crowdfunding. It must also register crowdfunding portals and approve self-regulatory organization (SRO) rules governing those portals. SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · A digital publication of SGB Media Group featuring startups from the Startup Hive accelerated incubation program mentored by publisher and veteran entrepreneur and business catalyst Stephen G. Barr of Boardroom Advisory Services in conjunction with, and the Startup America Partnership. SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · SGB Media Group's social media marketing blog on the Posterous network reporting on trends, news and events within the social media marketing industry. It also examines and reviews various trending social networks, mobile applications, blogging platforms as well as social bookmarking sites and niche/proprietary social networks and online forums. Publication suspended on 5/31/2013 SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · A social media and public relations blog on WordPress by problogger and social media expert Stephen G. Barr, CEO & Group Publisher at the Scottsdale, AZ based SGB Media Group covering news, trends and events within the social media marketing industry including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  11. 11. The Affiliate Marketing Publisher's Report™ 11 / 2007 Social Views™ 09 / 2007 An Inimitable Style™ 10 / 2010 The Software Solution Network™ 11 / 2010 The Hard Drive Journal™ 08 / 2007 The Southwest Real Estate Report™ 07 / 2011 The Solitudinal Extrovert™ 07 / 2009 The Transpartisan Times™ 09 / 2007 SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · A niche social network is a social network comprised of members of a particular niche market. The development, population, and administration of such a social, while possessing properties of a global social network does require different skills and special treatment by the developer. This blog is for the discussion of those differences. SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · SGB Media Group's Publisher Stephen G. Barr reports on the Affiliate Marketing Industry from the viewpoint of the affiliate publisher. The full spectrum of affiliate marketing applications and 3rd party affiliate networks are discussed, evaluated and reviewed. Publication suspended on 5/31/13 SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · SGB Media Group is a social media marketing firm specializing in niche social network development, performance marketing, strategic alliance management, public relations and developing social network aggregation applications. Social Views is a digital publication reporting on trends, events and emerging technologies and platforms used for social media marketing. SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · Publisher Stephen G. Barr writes one man's perspective on being single, middle aged, introspective, style conscious and sometimes lost in the technological new millennium society. Barr discusses the latest trends in men's fashion, accessories as well as lifestyle, health, investing, relationships and travel. SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · Providing the best software available at deeply discounted pricing. Product reviews and promotions. SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · SGB Media Group's Steve Barr reports on computer hardware and peripheral devices with news, reviews and buy recommendations. SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · Publisher and retired real estate appraiser Stephen G. Barr tracks and discussed the current real estate market in California, Ariziona & Nevada. Publication suspended on 5/31/13 SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · Steve Barr's Tumblr blog on a range of topics from social media marketing, public relations, social network development & monetization, blogging, vlogging, community and strategic alliance building, website development, computer graphics, content management & aggregation, digital media publishing. branding and identity, site location, event production & promotion, non-profit fund raising and lean startups. SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr ·
  12. 12. Strategic Alliance Management & Social Media™ 04 / 2010 A Caregiver's Silence™ 07 / 2007 The Reverse Mortgage News™ 08 / 2010 The Premium Value Club ™ 07 / 2007 Internet Travel Bargains ™ 08 / 2007 Transpartisanship represents an emerging field in political thought distinct from bipartisanship, which aims to negotiate between “right” and “left,” resulting in a dualistic perspective, and nonpartisanship, which tends to avoid political affiliation altogether. Rather, transpartisanship acknowledges the validity of truths across a range of political perspectives and seeks to synthesize them into an inclusive, pragmatic container beyond typical political dualities. SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · A community and blog dedicated to strategic alliance management within today's social media environment. SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · Steve Barr of SGB Media Group discusses his personal experiences as the full-time caregiver for his elderly & infirm parents and reports on many available resources for caregivers. Syndicated on The Wellsphere Health Network. SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · If you’re 62 or older – and looking for money to finance a home improvement, pay off your current mortgage, supplement your retirement income, or pay for healthcare expenses – you may be considering a reverse mortgage. SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · An affiliate marketing portal site where publisher Stephen G. Barr scours the globe to bring you bargains on products and services from only the the finest online retailers. SGB Media Group · Authors: Stephen G. Barr · An affiliate marketing portal site where publisher Stephen G. Barr posts travel related bargains and destinations around the globe.