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How To Make Business Social


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The social web requires companies to rethink how they approach content across the customer journey. We have evolved beyond the community manager and social strategist... A Social Bizologist leads the integration of social across business functions.

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How To Make Business Social

  1. 1. Connie Bensen @cbensen ReThink Conference Oslo, Norway March 19, 2014
  2. 2. The internet has disrupted business as we knew it. Brands have the opportunity to create experiences and build relationships directly.
  3. 3. Defined Community Manager Role across business functions (2006) Pioneered big data by recognizing that insights from social data apply across business functions (2008) Joined Dell, the world’s largest social business, working globally across all business functions (2011) rethink Social Bizologist 2014
  4. 4. • Business functions, regions and business units operate in silos • Vertical management structure • Brand-centric • Customers are expected to connect via channels provided • Advertising and marketing are separate efforts • The Brand is in control.
  5. 5. Visibility Focus How What Documentation vs Ambiguity Skillsets Technical Cultural Political
  6. 6. Reliance on opinion and recommendations of peers and friends • Research before purchasing • Ability to share experiences on social channels • The customer journey is complex • Alignment with and support of brands that are humanized • Expectation to communicate in the channel of their choice • Assumption that feedback will be integrated into products/services • Customers are in control. review
  7. 7. [noun] definition: the person responsible for guiding the integration of social into the business functions of an organization react
  8. 8. Emerging Media Traditional Media Owned PaidEarned TheProduct Social
  9. 9. Customer-centric Conversion SEO Optimized Integrated Marketing Compelling and shareable Brand promise rethink
  10. 10. Inbound Marketing • Ebooks • Infographics • Influencer relations • Customer videos • Thought leadership webinars • Organic keywords Traditional • Tv, print and radio • Pay per click • Retargeting • Banner ads • Direct mail • Cold calling Off line • Brick and mortar Digital (Emerging) • Social channels • Paid social • Digital magazine • Corporate blog • Website • Community • Ecommerce site • Landing pages • White papers rethink $$$
  11. 11. Traditional Roles Marketing Digital marketing* Product marketing Media buyer Journalist Tech Writer Analyst Relations Public relations New Roles Community Manager Social media marketing Social marketing Social strategist ‘Product’ evangelist Content strategist Bloggers Influencer relations Emerging media Social Bizologist
  12. 12. Traditional Roles Consultants Agencies Partners Retargeting Traditional media - tv ads New Roles Social Platforms Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Ability to - target audiences - custom audiences YouTube (Google)
  13. 13. Journalist Marketer
  14. 14. David Armano Source: Sprinklr’s Social@Scale ebook
  15. 15. PR Influencers Brand & Marcom Communications Marketing Product Marketing Sales Customer Support Advocacy Loyalty Pre-Awareness Awareness Consideration Trial Conversion Sharing
  16. 16. North America Emerging Asia Pacific Europe CustomerCare TalentAcqusition IT MarketingLegal Sales Communications Action: Create an org chart listing early adopters. Meet with them individually and talk about how social can help meet their business objectives. Marketing
  17. 17. ? ? ? Action: Gather stakeholders in a weekly, cross-functional core team. Brainstorm, share strategies, celebrate wins and build on them.
  18. 18. Big data What you don’t know Industry info: - search trends - Influencers - Trending topics Trends in social: - communities - actions Customer data What you do know Gather data from: - Demand gen vehicles - Marketing campaigns - Inbound marketing - Search data - Social footprint Action: Create a social insights team to support business needs. Personalization requires a database that melds customer information with social profile data and actions.
  19. 19. Digital asset manager Extranet Sales Enablement Platform (Sharepoint) Blog or Digital magazine Corporate CMS(s) Marketing automation Community Platform Social Channels Action: Audit your digital presence and content workflows. Meet with all content creators and learn their business op’s. Content Tool
  20. 20. Owned PaidEarned Social Value Proposition Differentiators Community adoption Consider and/or Purchase Share info Brand uplifted Bonus! Coin a phrase
  21. 21. Current trends Identify through: • Social insights • Search Leaders Competitors Influencers: • Advocates • Neutrals • Detractors Content “Sweet Spot” Focus content on topics that satisfy BOTH market trends AND internal priorities Influence Requires: • Strategic presence • Engagement • Community Brand Market Point-of-view Value proposition Differentiators Internal priorities Focus on which • Products • Solutions • Services
  22. 22. • 1. Social Governance  Policies and training (On demand virtual training) Bonus: Social Center of Excellence • 2. Content Governance  Standardized organic keywords  Style guides & processes for infographics, ebooks, blogs, etc  Integrated planning based on data • 3. Social Roadmap  Global content calendar  Cross-functional visibility  Asset inventory  Repurpose  Localization Tool simplification  Platform integration
  23. 23. Action: Gently help people move out of their comfort zones. Innovation can’t happen unless people move out of their comfort zones 1. Stakeholder refuses to collaborate • Pitfall: Failure sometimes happens 2. Lack of horizontal alignment • Pitfall: Teams remain in silos 3. Lack of vertical alignment • Pitfall: Parallel efforts at grassroots and executive level
  24. 24. There is an opportunity to …
  25. 25. Optimize by Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing Revenue Engine by Steven Woods, CTO Eloqua The End of Business as Usual by Brian Solis Your Brand, the Next Media Company by Michael Brito Logic+Emotion, David Armano’s blog It’s Not About The Tights by Chris Brogan
  26. 26. Image Courtesy of Alexander Wregge