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Maggie Morrison, Dan McGovern et al. (Columbia TC) GPS+Camera Pilot Project Barbuda West Indies


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Published in: Education
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Maggie Morrison, Dan McGovern et al. (Columbia TC) GPS+Camera Pilot Project Barbuda West Indies

  1. 1. Sir McChesney George Secondary School Sir McChesney George Secondary School…read moreMorrison, M.; McGovern, D.; Cornel, M.; Doane, K.; Locussol, Y.; Walz, R. J.; Richardson, E.Teachers College, Columbia University, New York
  2. 2. Education for Sustainability• Mitigation: addressing the source• Adaptation: addressing the consequencesWhat can education do to reducevulnerability, support resilience andstrengthen adaptive capacity?
  3. 3. Strong broad social networksAccess to resources and informationEvidence-based decision makingBuilding on strengths (including TEK)Understand place-based change overtime in SES
  4. 4. Education for Sustainability• Vulnerability• Resilience• Adaptive CapacityPlace-Based EducationExperiential learningCommunity-based ParticipatoryResearch
  5. 5. Opposes the banking model of educationLearning as a social endeavorEncourages student peer interactionEncourages student interaction with theobject of study
  6. 6. Local context as foundation for thecurriculumInherently interdisciplinaryInherently experientialBroader objectives than economicdevelopmentConnects place with self andcommunity
  7. 7. Co-learningShared decision-making authorityMutual ownership of the products ofresearch
  8. 8. Original youth researchMultiple subjectsOne themeStaggered throughout the year
  9. 9. Publishing student researchInternational youth dialogue
  10. 10. •64 square kilometers•1500 people•3 meters above sea level•600 millimeters of rain
  11. 11. Ecological• Low elevation• Storms• Arid• Thin soil• Saline groundwaterSocial• Undiversified food, water, livelihoods• Isolated
  12. 12. I. Needs Assessment IV.Monitoring II. Design andEvaluation III. Implementation
  13. 13. Needs Assessment• Heritage and sustainabilityParticipatory Design• Education professionals• Sustainability scholars• Barbudan stakeholders
  14. 14. •Biology •Mangrove ecosystem services•Geography •Primary Sources and site visits•Social Studies •Oral history•Participatory M&E •Student surveys and focus groups
  15. 15. Vulnerability Place-Based Education•Social •Resilience •Undiversified food, •Communication water, livelihoods networks •Isolated •Social capital•Ecological •Strengthen TEK •Low elevation •Adaptive Capacity •Storms •Access to information •Arid •Understanding •Thin soil change •Saline groundwater •Social learning
  16. 16. Thanks to…HERCDr. Sophia PerdikarisBarbudaPrincipal John MussingtonCalvin Gore (Barbuda Council)All our students and fellow teachersFundingNational Science Foundation