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The 4Fs Partnership                            “Developing fairer, more sustainable land-use                            de...
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The forest dialogue poster


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Supporting sustainable livelihoods and food security through renewable biomass. Ideas Marketplace presentation from INBAR - The International Network for Bamboo and Rattan. Presented at Agriculture, Landscapes and Livelihoods Day 5 in Doha Qatar, 3 December 2012.

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The forest dialogue poster

  1. 1. The 4Fs Partnership “Developing fairer, more sustainable land-use decision-making for all”4FS PARTNERNSHIP 4FS CHALLENGE The pressurized intersection of food, fuel, fiber and forests (4Fs) lies at the heart of the 21st Century challenge to balance local and global social, environmental and economic priorities. How can we produce more food, fuel and fiber with less land, water, pollution and habitat loss? How can we meet food, fuel and fiber needs of the poor while eliminating waste and over-consumption by the affluent? How can we encourage more inclusive land-use decision-making that respects the rights of Indigenous People, local community, women and other marginalized groups? ADDRESSING THE 4FS CHALLENGE The 4Fs partnership seeks to: Define best practices and provide models to inform public policy and land-use decision making at international, national and local levels; Build evidence-based cross-sector stakeholder engagement platforms at national and international levels; Engage stakeholders and catalyze actions along supply chains towards fairer and more sustainable land-use. The 4Fs Partnership has convened meetings in the United States and Brazil and plans to explore 4Fs issues in Africa, Asia and Europe in the future . Scan to learn more The Forests Dialogue • 360 Prospect Street • New Haven, Connecticut 06511 USA • • • +1 203 432 5966