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Strengthening Community Engagement and Resilience Efforts in Climate Change: Public Program Strategies


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In this presentation, Dr. Chris Hagar of the San Jose State University School of Information and Dr. Karen Brown of the Dominican University School of Information Studies discuss the Public Libraries Advancing Community Engagement (PLACE) project. More information at

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Strengthening Community Engagement and Resilience Efforts in Climate Change: Public Program Strategies

  1. 1. STRENGTHENING COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AND RESILIENCE EFFORTS IN CLIMATE CHANGE: PUBLIC PROGRAM STRATEGIES Chris Hagar, School of Information, San Jose State University Co-presenter Dr. Karen Brown, School of Information Studies, Dominican University, IL
  2. 2. Public Libraries Advancing Community Engagement (PLACE) Key Components • Partnership: • U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) • Califa • Goal: • Help communities build resilience by increasing environmental literacy specific to their region’s geography and the associated climate vulnerabilities and threats. • Target populations: • Rural and under-resourced communities • Process: • Discussion-based programs for adults • Co-facilitated by librarian and a NOAA scientist • Combines readings, videos, and discussions about resiliency and adaptation in the face of climate change
  3. 3. 44 Public Libraries and NOAA Scientists
  5. 5. • Understanding of crisis informatics and role of libraries
  6. 6. Crisis Informatics Module… • What are the key information challenges in a disaster? • What are the information needs of citizens in disasters? • What roles can public libraries play in disaster preparedness and response? 7
  7. 7. • Heating /cooling center • Safe haven • Space for emergency responders, volunteers, and volunteer agencies to convene and coordinate efforts. • FEMA Disaster Recovery Center • Distribution center e.g. food, water, blankets 8
  8. 8. Partnerships Getting seat at the table Building partnerships 9