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Storytelling Workshop - Karachi 2017


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Learn more about telling great stories

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Storytelling Workshop - Karachi 2017

  1. 1. How to tell great Stories for change
  2. 2. Stories are powerful.
  3. 3. 56%of individuals who respond to a nonprofit call to action cite being motivated by compelling storytelling
  4. 4. B U I L D I N G B L O C K S O F A S T O R Y
  5. 5. Stories should contain a single, compelling character that is relatable to the audience and who is comfortable relaying specific details, memories and experiences. An Effective Character
  6. 6. Authenticity Stories should show—rather than tell—the audience about the character’s transformation, using rich details and featuring the character’s own voice, without jargon.
  7. 7. Stories should chronicle something that happens— an experience, a journey, a transformation, a discovery. Trajectory
  8. 8. Stories should convey emotions that move people to act, and marry these with clear, easy-to-find pathways to get them to those desired actions. Action-Oriented Emotions
  9. 9. A Hook Stories should capture the audience’s attention as quickly as possible, giving them a sense of whose story it is and what’s at stake.
  10. 10. T H E T R I P L E B O T T O M L I N E
  11. 11. The Nonprofit Storyteller’s Triple Bottom Line
  12. 12. How do our stories empower the people we intend to help? Will you let them speak for themselves?
  13. 13. How do our stories create a healthier social sector? Do they make people feel hopeful and powerful?
  14. 14. Do our stories move people to give? Do they help us build long- term relationships with supporters?
  15. 15. H O W T O Y O U U S E Y O U R S T O R Y
  16. 16. Your emails, your social media, how you talk to a stranger, how to convey your work to a funder or board member. Your story shows and shares your organization’s impact. Stories can be used everywhere
  17. 17. H O M E W O R K 1. Pick a story from your life you know well 2. In pairs, each person tells their story in 3 min 3. Now tell that same story in 1min 4. Repeat at 30secs and 15secs 5. Discuss with your partner which lengths were the hardest + easiest Story Speed Game