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GlobalGiving Puerto Rico Workshop 2018


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Thank you for joining us! Here are the slides from our nonprofit training in San Juan, Puerto Rico in February of 2018

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GlobalGiving Puerto Rico Workshop 2018

  1. 1. welcome
  2. 2. Schedule Welcome 5 min About GlobalGiving 15 min Online Fundraising 30 min SMART Goals 30 min BREAK Network Mapping 30 min Storytelling 30 min Our Approach to Disasters 15 min Grants and Join GlobalGiving 30 min Questions 15 min
  3. 3. Mucho gusto! Britt Lake Chief Program Officer Marlena Hartz Content Marketing Manager
  4. 4. About GlobalGiving Photo: Build a School for 120 Students in Puerto Rico by NuestraEscuela
  5. 5. W H O W E A R E
  6. 6. GlobalGiving is the first and largest crowdfunding community for nonprofits, donors, and companies. We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to transform aid and philanthropy to accelerate community-led change. We make it possible for local organizations to access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to become more effective.
  7. 7. We’re more than a platform. We’re a partner!
  8. 8. Our Founders Mari Kuraishi + Dennis Whittle
  9. 9. Always Open Never Settle Committed to WOW Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat.
  10. 10. $320m Dollars donated through GlobalGiving 15 Years of operation 752k Donors giving through GlobalGiving
  11. 11. 19k Projects funded on GlobalGiving 170 Countries 226 Corporate Partners
  12. 12. F E A T U R E S + B E N E F I T S
  13. 13. We’re here to support our nonprofit partners with whatever they need, from account navigation to online fundraising strategy development to social media tactics. One-on-one Support
  14. 14. GlobalGiving works hard to introduce new donors, new corporate partners, and new organizations to the community. New Networks
  15. 15. Thank you note tools, donation management, project report sends, and much more—GlobalGiving offers numerous ways to develop your donor relationships. Donor Tools
  16. 16. GlobalGiving is here to do more than procecss your donations—we’re here to offer you access to ideas + information! Training + Resources
  17. 17. To help our partners activate their networks we offer a calendar of campaigns every year with matching days, photo contests, and much more! Campaigns
  18. 18. With thousands of nonprofit partners, we’re working to build a community of collaboration and information sharing. Community
  19. 19. Fundraiser Pages Mobile Giving (US donors) Customer Service Mobile friendly website GlobalGiving marketing UK Gift Aid
  20. 20. W H A T I S G L O B A L G I V I N G ?
  21. 21. Basics of Online Fundraising
  22. 22. W H A T I S O N L I N E F U N D R A I S I N G ?
  23. 23. Online fundraising is the act of raising funds using digital tools + communications
  24. 24. Online fundraising and crowdfunding should be used in collaboration with your other fundraising tools. It’s another tool in your toolkit
  25. 25. Q U E S T I O N What has your experience been like? Are you currently fundraising online?
  26. 26. Online Fundraising grew 14% in 2016—with conversion of online visitors up by 8%
  27. 27. Local Offline fundraising is limited to a geographic area, or the cost of have a global physical presence. OFFLINE Global ONLINE Going online opens networks up to a global scale quickly, cheaply, and efficiently.
  28. 28. 1. Access more money 2. Build relationships with your network locally + globally 3. Build trust and credibility 4. Expand your network of supporters 5. Share your impact! Goals: Offline or online are the same
  29. 29. W H Y C R O W D F U N D ?
  30. 30. Crowdfunding is practice of funding a project by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people.
  31. 31. “The power of crowdfundingisn’t in the funding, it’s in the crowd.” M A R I K U R A I S H I
  32. 32. 72% of giving in 2017 came from individual donors
  33. 33. DIVERSE FUNDING SOURCES mitigate risk
  34. 34. H O W D O I S T A R T ?
  35. 35. Set SMART goals and decide how online fundraising + crowdfunding best fits into your work. Strategize Pick a platform, develop a fundraising calendar that makes sense, and get started. Plan Create content and stories to inspire donors. Develop a schedule for sharing your content! Create + Share Reach out to your networks, cultivate relationships, and ask people to give by your deadline. Network + Raise
  36. 36. Setting SMART Fundraising Goals
  37. 37. W H A T I S A S M A R T G O A L ?
  38. 38. Specific Measurable Action-Oriented Realistic Time-Bound SMART is an acronym
  39. 39. “S” Your goal should be Specific
  40. 40. NOT SPECIFIC • Raise $10,000 • Have 100 donors • Increase “followers” to 35,000 SPECIFIC • Raise more funds • Engage more donors • Have more “followers”
  41. 41. “M” Your goal should be Measurable
  42. 42. NOT MEASURABLE • Increase subscribers by 50% • Raise $50,000 • Acquire 25 new recurring donors MEASURABLE • Have more email subscribers • Raise a part of our budget • Increase recurring donors
  43. 43. “A” Your goal should be Action-Oriented
  44. 44. NOT ACTION-ORIENTED • 3% of newsletter subscribers open our email • 35 Facebook followers share our fundraising campaign post • Accrue an NPS score of 25 for donor satisfaction ACTION-ORIENTED • Increase newsletter readership • Create a viral Facebook post • Make donors happy
  45. 45. “R” Your goal should be Realistic
  46. 46. NOT REALISTIC • Raise $10,000 • 44% of our subscribers open our emails • Get 25 new donors REALISTIC • Raise $10,000,000 • Have 100% of our subscribers open our emails • Get one new donor
  47. 47. “T” Your goal should be Time-Bound
  48. 48. NOT TIME-BOUND • Raise $15,000 by Dec. 31 • Get 25 new donors during the Year-End Campaign • Acquire 600 new Facebook fans by end of Q3 TIME-BOUND • Raise $15,000 ASAP • Get 25 new donors soon • Get to 600 Facebook fans some day
  49. 49. SMART is… Specific Measurable Action-Oriented Realistic Time-Bound
  50. 50. W H Y S E T S M A R T G O A L S ?
  51. 51. • Provide focus, direction, and accountability • Allow for milestone checks and strategic pivots • Make for better calls- to-action to donors
  52. 52. A C T I V I T Y 1. Draft 2-3 SMART online fundraising goals 2. Share your goals with a partner; verify your goals meet the SMART guidelines. 3. What challenges did you have in creating your SMART goals? Develop SMART goals.
  53. 53. Break
  54. 54. Network Mapping
  55. 55. “Get to know your network… This is a critical component to running a successful campaign. Make long lists of your team’s network– this includes people that can make donations but also people who have access to larger networks.” C R E A M O S GlobalGiving Accelerator Graduate
  56. 56. W H O I S I N Y O U R N E T W O R K ?
  57. 57. Family Friends Colleagues Neighbors Community Leaders Previous Donors
  58. 58. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!
  59. 59. Your network is bigger than you think! • Board members • Diaspora • Local business owners • Leaders in the industry • Religious institutions • Community foundations • Alumni • Volunteers
  60. 60. W H A T C A N T H E Y P R O V I D E ?
  61. 61. Are they able to provide financial support for your organization? Cash Can they volunteer? Offer time to help your team complete goals? Time Do they have a large network? Can they reach out to them for your organization? Contacts
  62. 62. Do they care deeply for your cause or your organization? Do they want to be involved? Passion Are they well respected in your sector? Do they have well regarded contacts? Influence Do they have important skills they can provide your organization? Expertise
  63. 63. What can they each provide?
  64. 64. A C T I V I T Y 1. Map your current network. 2. Map your potential network. 3. With a partner, brainstorm ideas to reach your potential network. 4. Share a learning with the group. Network Mapping
  65. 65. Knowing your network is the whole organization’s job!
  66. 66. How to tell great stories for change
  67. 67. Stories are powerful.
  68. 68. 56%of individuals who respond to a nonprofit call to action cite being motivated by compelling storytelling
  69. 69. B U I L D I N G B L O C K S O F A S T O R Y
  70. 70. • Character • Hook • Setting • Inciting Incident • Call to Action Story Elements
  71. 71. Stories should contain a single, compellingcharacter that is relatable to the audience. An Effective Character
  72. 72. Q U E S T I O N Tell us about a person you’ve featured in a story on your website or social media.
  73. 73. A Hook Stories should capture the audience’s attention as quickly as possible,giving them a sense of whose story it is and what’s at stake.
  74. 74. Setting Stories should show— rather than tell—the audience about the character, using rich details and featuring the character’s own voice, without jargon.
  75. 75. Stories should chronicle something that happens— an experience, a journey, a transformation, a discovery. Inciting Incident
  76. 76. Stories should convey emotions that move people to act, and include clear, easy-to-find pathways to for the consumer to complete those desired actions. Call to Action
  77. 77. T H E T R I P L E B O T T O M L I N E
  78. 78. The Nonprofit Storyteller’s Triple Bottom Line
  79. 79. How do our stories empower the people we intend to help? Will you let them speak for themselves?
  80. 80. How do our stories create a healthier social sector? Do they make people feel hopeful and powerful?
  81. 81. Do our stories move people to give? Do they help us build long- term relationships with supporters?
  82. 82. H O W T O Y O U U S E Y O U R S T O R Y
  83. 83. Your emails, your social media, how you talk to a stranger, how to convey your work to a funder or board member. Your story shows and shares your organization’s impact. Stories can be used everywhere
  84. 84. A C T I V I T Y 1. Share your mission statement. Does it include the elements of a good story (character, hook, setting, incitingincident, and call to action)? 2. How are you communicating your story? On your website? On social media? What are you doing well? What could you do better? Do your stories meet the triple bottom line? How does your nonprofit tell its story?
  85. 85. GlobalGiving’s Disaster Response
  86. 86. Local Community 1 On-going partnership 2 Trust 3 Speed and Flexibility 4
  87. 87. How does GlobalGiving support our partners after a disaster? ü Grants ü Promoting your work to our network ü Media attention ü Coordination ü Sharing your stories ü Providing a platform for donors to give ü Carrying out admin tasks for your organization (thank you notes, tax receipts, processing checks, etc.) ü Expedited disbursements when needed
  88. 88. Our partners respond, and we support: • 2010 Haiti Earthquake • 2011 Japan Earthquake + Tsunami • 2013 Typhoon Haiyan • 2014 Afghanistan landslides • 2015 Nepal Earthquake • 2017 Hurricane Irma + Maria • 2017 Mexico Earthquake • Ebola Crisis • Syrian Refugee Crisis
  89. 89. $30m Dollars raised for disaster relief in 2017 via GlobalGiving.
  90. 90. Is your organization a good fit?
  91. 91. • Is your nonprofit carrying out relief or recovery work after Hurricanes Irma and Maria? • Is your organization a registered nonprofit in Puerto Rico? • Does your organization have strong ties in the communities where you are carrying out your hurricane recovery work?
  92. 92. H O W D O I A P P L Y F O R A G L O B A L G I V I N G G R A N T ?
  93. 93. Complete the Expression of Interest Form by March 31
  94. 94. What if I’m invited to apply for a grant?
  95. 95. 1 . C O M P L E T E O N L I N E G R A N T A P P L I C A T I O N
  96. 96. 2 . C O M P L E T E Y O U R D U E D I L I G E N C E
  97. 97. Program Materials Letter of Reference Certificate of Government Registration Founding Document Financial Documents Disbursement Information
  98. 98. 3 . P O S T A P R O J E C T
  99. 99. Sample project page:
  100. 100. What if I’m not invited to apply for a grant?
  101. 101. The GlobalGiving Accelerator
  102. 102. The Accelerator is a time-bound fundraising campaign that will lead an organization to become a full-time partner on GlobalGiving once they have raised $5,000 from 40 donors! It’s designed to support organizations to succeed in crowdfunding through 1-on-1 support, online trainings, and great tools! What is the GlobalGivingAccelerator?
  103. 103. Training Crowdfunding Rewards
  104. 104. For the three weeks prior to the Accelerator, GlobalGiving provides online trainings sessions, calls, and email support to help you succeed. GlobalGiving Support
  105. 105. The Accelerator Community The Accelerator community is active and excited! You’ll receive advice, support, and encouragement from hundreds of nonprofits around the globe
  106. 106. Go to the GlobalGiving website and start your application. We’ll ask you for some organization documents. Submit your Application After your application has been approved by our vetting team, post a project to get ready to fundraise. Post a Project Join one of GlobalGiving’s Accelerator fundraising campaigns to raise $5,000 from 40 donors to become a full time partner! Participate in the Accelerator
  107. 107. W H A T H A P P E N S A F T E R ?
  108. 108. You become a full-time community member on GlobalGiving!
  109. 109. Press release about your success Promotional Toolkit Featured in a GlobalGiving newsletter Featured on GlobalGiving social media Certificate of completion Access to GlobalGiving’s whole platform!
  110. 110. • Donor management + communication tools • Academies + trainings • Fundraising campaigns • Corporate partnerships • Reputation building and visibility Full Partner Benefits
  111. 111. No fee to join No fee on grants or matching funds No fee on tools or training 5% + 3% (transaction) fee on online donations directly to your project
  112. 112. • • • RESOURCES:
  113. 113. Questions?
  114. 114. thank you