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Japan GlobalGiving Partner Workshop 2018


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Shreya covers our best tips and tricks to maximizing your GlobalGiving account

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Japan GlobalGiving Partner Workshop 2018

  1. 1. welcome
  2. 2. ACTIVITY 1. What is your organization + what is your name? 2. What is your role in your organization? 3. What is your biggest fundraising challenge in 2018? はじめまして!
  3. 3. Agenda About GlobalGiving What’s New Break GlobalGiving Driven Funds GG Rewards Break Setting SMART Goals Network Mapping Donor Relationship Building
  4. 4. About GlobalGiving
  5. 5. GlobalGiving is the first and largest global crowdfunding community that connects nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country around the world. We make it possible for local organizations to access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to become more effective and make our world a better place.
  6. 6. GlobalGiving Reach 19K projects 750K donors 246 corporate partners
  8. 8. One-on-one Support Donor Tools Training + Resources Campaigns GlobalGiving Time New Networks
  9. 9. What’s New
  10. 10. 2 0 1 7 Y E A R I N R E V I E W
  11. 11. 230k Donors gave in 2017
  12. 12. $66m Raised in 2017 for 3,100 orgs
  13. 13. $22m Raised for disaster relief in 2017 via GlobalGiving
  14. 14. $15 m In extra funds were driven by GlobalGiving to our partners
  15. 15. N E W T H I N G S W E ’ R E D O I N G
  16. 16. Launch Redesigned Dashboard + Tools
  17. 17. Improve Fundraiser Tool
  18. 18. Multi-Currency Donation Presentment ($, £, €)
  19. 19. GlobalGiving is connecting our nonprofits to more ideas + information with our newly launched Learn Section Learn Section
  20. 20. Mentorship + Leadership Council
  21. 21. Saved Credit Cards
  22. 22. New Fee 7% + 3% (10%) on donations
  23. 23. Facebook Crisis Donate Button
  24. 24. T H E Y E A R A H E A D
  25. 25. 4 Matching Days 2 Contests – video + photo 3 Disaster Matching Campaigns 3 Cause focused days + campaigns 2 Online Academies
  26. 26. Donations $50 and less are matched Designed to activate + motivate donors who give smaller donations Little by Little April
  27. 27. A matching campaign + learning campaign designed to support girls projects Global Girl Fund March
  28. 28. Matching day for Syrian Refugee + Rohingya Refugee projects World Refugee Day June
  29. 29. A matching day where the percentage match is determined by the GG Rewards status GG Rewards Bonus Days July
  30. 30. A matching campaign for youth related projects Youth Week August
  31. 31. Matching days for each of the disaster that struck in the fall of 2017 Disaster Matching August/September
  32. 32. All donations are matched! The matching percentage is determined by the percentage the organization raises of the total from the day Pro-rated Bonus Day September
  33. 33. Matching campaign! Giving Tuesday November
  34. 34. Month long fundraising campaign designed to support end of year push. There are bonus prizes, non-financial prizes, and lots of support from the team! Year-End Campaign December
  35. 35. A two-month, online course focused on topics like developing an online fundraising strategy and harnessing social media for fundraising Online Fundraising Academy
  36. 36. Online course exploring theories of impact measurement, practical tools that you can use to increase your organization’s effectiveness Social Impact Academy
  37. 37. Join our monthly Peer Learning Network webinars to hear ideas, learn best practices, and gain new skills from other nonprofit leaders Peer Learning Networks
  38. 38. Compete in GlobalGiving’s Annual Video Contest for a chance to be featured in our donor email and on our social media. Video Contest
  39. 39. Submit photos for a chance to win a $1,000 award and social media promotion. Photo Contest
  40. 40. A C T I V I T Y Pick one of these campaigns, or one you’re already planning on and discuss why this campaign fits your needs Pick a Campaign!
  41. 41. Break
  42. 42. GlobalGiving Driven Funds
  43. 43. W H A T A R E G G D R I V E N F U N D S ?
  44. 44. Through marketing, matching + bonus campaigns, corporate partnerships, disaster response, and gift card redemptions, GlobalGiving drives additional money to nonprofits in our community It’s that extra money
  45. 45. Last year GlobalGiving drove an additional $15 million to our partners!
  46. 46. 7% + 3% (10%) fee on donations to international organizations
  47. 47. 0% With this extra money, the typical GlobalGiving partner had a zero percent net fee in 2015
  48. 48. For every $15 generated from the GlobalGiving fee, we drive, on average, an additional $20 to the nonprofit!
  49. 49. W H E R E D O I F I N D T H I S I N F O R M A T I O N ?
  50. 50. Head to your disbursement manager
  51. 51. H O W D O I I N C R E A S E T H E S E F U N D S ?
  52. 52. GG Rewards
  53. 53. GG Rewards is a system that rewards and recognizes our nonprofits partners for activities around engagement with the platform and efforts to increase their effectiveness.
  54. 54. Partner Leader Superstar
  55. 55. Why become a Superstar? • Boost in search rankings • More likely to be recommended to a corporate partner • Access to more tools + benefits
  56. 56. S O H O W D O E S T H A T W O R K ?
  57. 57. GG nonprofit partners earn points every time they complete a GG Rewards activity
  58. 58. Engagement points are from engaging with your GlobalGiving community
  59. 59. Thank you notes Participate in Campaigns Add another Project Leader Stay active with project reports Donations Recurring Donors
  60. 60. Effectiveness points are gained through Learning Cycles
  61. 61. We continually experiment. We fail quickly and productively. We use data and feedback to guide our course. Core Value: Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat.
  62. 62. There are lots of Learning Cycles you can complete • Watch a GlobalGiving webinar • Use the “charting impact” tool • Do a SWOT analysis • Use GlobalGiving’s storytelling tool • Explore and use tools in the DIY toolkit • Explore and use the tools in the Feedback toolkit • Create your own!
  63. 63. Increasing your GG Rewards status is the best way to gain visibility + more GG Driven Funds.
  64. 64. A C T I V I T Y Take a look at your GG Rewards Dashboard 1. Where are most of your points coming from? 2. Are there any quick wins to boost your points, and maybe your GG Rewards status? 3. What learning cycle looks the most interesting to you? What are 3 ways your organization can gain points towards becoming a Superstar?
  65. 65. Break
  66. 66. How did Creamos raise $17,887 from 226 donors in 14 days? • Mission: Help women in Guatemala City break the cycle of poverty through economic training and emotional support programs • Founded: 2014 • Staff: 6 • Volunteers: 2 • Location: Guatemala City
  67. 67. Setting SMART Fundraising Goals
  68. 68. W H A T I S A S M A R T G O A L ?
  69. 69. Specific Measurable Action-Oriented Realistic Time-Bound SMART is an acronym
  70. 70. “S” Your goal should be Specific
  71. 71. NOT SPECIFIC • Raise $10,000 • Have 100 donors • Increase “followers” to 35,000 SPECIFIC • Raise more funds • Engage more donors • Have more “followers”
  72. 72. “M” Your goal should be Measurable
  73. 73. NOT MEASURABLE • Increase subscribers by 50% • Raise $50,000 • Acquire 25 new recurring donors MEASURABLE • Have more email subscribers • Raise a part of our budget • Increase recurring donors
  74. 74. “A” Your goal should be Action-Oriented
  75. 75. NOT ACTION-ORIENTED • 3% of newsletter subscribers open our email • 35 Facebook followers share our fundraising campaign post • Accrue an NPS score of 25 for donor satisfaction ACTION-ORIENTED • Increase newsletter readership • Create a viral Facebook post • Make donors happy
  76. 76. “R” Your goal should be Realistic
  77. 77. NOT REALISTIC • Raise $10,000 • 44% of our subscribers open our emails • Get 25 new donors REALISTIC • Raise $10,000,000 • Have 100% of our subscribers open our emails • Get one new donor
  78. 78. “T” Your goal should be Time-Bound
  79. 79. NOT TIME-BOUND • Raise $15,000 by Dec 31 • Get 25 new donors during the Year-End Campaign • Acquire 600 new Facebook fans by end of Q3 TIME-BOUND • Raise $15,000 asap • Get 25 new donors soon • Get to 600 Facebook fans some day
  80. 80. Benefits of SMART Goals: • Provide focus, direction, and accountability • Allow for milestone checks and strategic pivots • Make for better calls-to- action to donors
  81. 81. A C T I V I T Y 1. Draft 2-3 SMART online fundraising goals 2. Share your goals with a partner; verify your goals meet the SMART guidelines. 3. What challenges did you have in creating your SMART goals? Develop SMART goals.
  82. 82. Network Mapping
  83. 83. “Get to know your network… This is a critical component to running a successful campaign. Make long lists of your team’s network – this includes people that can make donations but also people who have access to larger networks.” C R E A M O S GlobalGiving Accelerator Graduate
  84. 84. W H O I S I N Y O U R N E T W O R K ?
  85. 85. Family Friends Colleagues Neighbors Community Leaders Previous Donors
  86. 86. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!
  87. 87. Your network is bigger than you think! • Board members • Diaspora • Local business owners • Leaders in the industry • Religious institutions • Community Foundations • Alumni • Volunteers
  88. 88. W H A T C A N T H E Y P R O V I D E ?
  89. 89. Are they able to provide financial support for your organization? Cash Can they volunteer? Offer time to help your team complete goals? Time Do they have a large network? Can they reach out to them for your organization? Contacts
  90. 90. Do they care deeply for your cause or your organization? Do they want to be involved? Passion Are they well respected in your sector? Do they have well regarded contacts? Influence Do they have important skills they can provide your organization? Expertise
  91. 91. A C T I V I T Y 1. Map your current network. 2. Map your potential network. 3. With a partner, brainstorm ideas to reach your potential network. 4. Share a learning with the group. Network Mapping
  92. 92. Donor Relationship building
  93. 93. Show your impact One of the top reasons donors stop giving is because they forgot what they gave to. Remind them of your work!
  94. 94. Use simple, clear, and engaging stories to keep your supported involved. Upgrade with photos + videos! Email Updates
  95. 95. Engaging on Social Media
  96. 96. Use your stories to remind your donors of the impact they’ve helped your organization create. This can inspire them to give again, making new donors into repeat donors! Don’t let donors forget about you. Keep them updated on how they’ve helped.
  97. 97. Show Gratitude Why do donors stop giving? Because they don’t feel appreciated! Always remember to thank your donors.
  98. 98. Be sure to thank your supporters – new and old – for their gifts. Thank you notes
  99. 99. Versus speed when they are being thanked by the organization to which they gave. Pay attention to what they gave to, if they’ve given before, and ask them why they give! Engage with your new and old networks of supporters. 50% of donors prefer personalization …
  100. 100. • Learn Library for NPOs like you: • Getting Started - Crowdfundamentals: crowdfunding-success/ • 7 Steps to Crowdfunding Success: steps/ • Next Peer Learning Session - Data Protection May 16th: U S E F U L R E S O U R C E S
  101. 101. Need assistance? We’re always here to help! WASHINGTON DC OFFICE +1 202 232 5784 1110 Vermont Ave. NW Suite 550 Washington DC 20005 USA US Toll Free: 877 605 2314 Or send us a message through:
  102. 102. 質問
  103. 103. ありがとうございます!