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How To Join GlobalGiving Slides 2017


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Learn about the Accelerator and all the benefits of becoming a GlobalGiving partner!

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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How To Join GlobalGiving Slides 2017

  1. 1. How to Join GlobalGiving
  2. 2. T H E G L O B A L G I V I N G A C C E L E R AT O R
  3. 3. The Accelerator is a time-bound fundraising campaign that will lead an organization to become a full-time partner on GlobalGiving once they have raised $5,000 from 40 donors! It’s designed to support organizations to succeed in crowdfunding through 1-on-1 support, online trainings, and great tools! So what is the GlobalGiving Accelerator?
  4. 4. For the three weeks prior to the Accelerator, GlobalGiving provides online trainings sessions, calls, and email support to help you succeed. GlobalGiving support
  5. 5. Our Accelerator Facebook community of participants, GlobalGiving staff, and past graduates work hard to help others succeed. Community Support
  6. 6. Go to the GlobalGiving website and start your application. We’ll ask you for some organization documents. Submit your Application After your application has been approved by our vetting team, post a project to get ready to fundraise. Post a Project Join one of GlobalGiving’s Accelerator fundraising campaigns to raise $5,000 from 40 donors to become a full time partner! Participate in the Accelerator
  7. 7. Training Crowdfunding Rewards
  8. 8. Sample Training Schedule Module 1 - SMART goals Module 2 - Storytelling + Calendar planning Module 3 - Network Mapping + Advocates Module 4 - Social Media + Email Marketing
  9. 9. After training, start crowdfunding!
  10. 10. $5,000+ Dollars 40+ Donors
  11. 11. We’ll provide matching funds and bonus prizes This will help motivate you and your donors!
  12. 12. W H AT H A P P E N S A F T E R ?
  13. 13. You become a full-time community member on GlobalGiving!
  14. 14. Press release about your success Promotional Toolkit Featured in a GlobalGiving newsletter Featured on GlobalGiving social media Certificate of completion Access to GlobalGiving’s whole platform!
  15. 15. • Donor management + communication tools • Academies + trainings • Fundraising campaigns • Corporate partnerships • Reputation building and visibility Full Partner Benefits
  16. 16. The deadline for the next Accelerator is October 20th