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GlobalGiving Partner Workshop - Quito 2017


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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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GlobalGiving Partner Workshop - Quito 2017

  1. 1. welcome
  2. 2. Announcements Blissful Experience 2 min Weekly Update Nicola 15 min Other Update Kevin 10 min Presentation Courtney 20 min Other Update Donna 10 min Presentation Phil 20 min Calling in? 202.330.4040 or Agenda Introductions GlobalGiving: Updates & Calendar Planning your 2017 GlobalGiving crowdfunding strategy + Activities Introduction to Green Crowds- Alejandro Ibarra Break Discussion: What is effectiveness? GlobalGiving Rewards + Activities Questions & Networking
  4. 4. Emma Donnachie GlobalGiving Field Traveller, Ecuador Visiting our existing partners across Ecuador to provide them with support and conduct outreach
  5. 5. A C T I V I T Y 1. What is your name? 2. Who is your organisation? 3. Tell us a highlight from your organisation from 2016? 4. What is your online fundraising goal for 2017? Introductions
  6. 6. GlobalGiving Updates + Calendar
  7. 7. 2016 YEAR IN REVIEW
  8. 8. $40M Raised in 2016 for 2369 orgs
  9. 9. We moved to one-page check out!
  10. 10. Total raised on Giving Tuesday in 2016 In GlobalGiving’s biggest day in history, 1477 projects benefitted from $500,000 in matching funds from the Gates Foundation $2.4M
  11. 11. GlobalGiving is connecting our nonprofits to more ideas + information with our newly launched Learn Section Learn Section
  12. 12. THE YEAR AHEAD
  13. 13. 4 Matching Days 2 Contests – video + photo 5 Days of activities during Giving Week 3 Cause focused days + campaigns 2 Online Academies
  14. 14. Donations to Ecuador Earthquake Relief Projects are still 100% Matched until 30th April 2016, or until funds run out- $18,500 remaining!
  15. 15. 3rd-7th April 2017 Up to $50 matched at 50% $50,000 matching funds available, and $5000 bonus prizes Start planning your communications to donors that give less, but perhaps more often! Little by Little matching day
  16. 16. GG Rewards Bonus Day 12th July 2017 $110,000 available in matching funds, plus bonus prizes 30% matching for Partners 40% matching for Leaders 50% matching for Superstars Start boosting your GG Rewards status to prepare!
  17. 17. Giving Week 2017 2nd-6th October 2017 GlobalGiving is trying something new! For five days at the beginning of October we’ll be activating our community and their donors. This will also be the week of our Pro-Rated Bonus Day! Stay tuned for more details
  18. 18. Giving Tuesday 28th November 2017 In 2016, we had the Gates Foundation support our Giving Tuesday matching day, leading to our biggest day in history! Stay tuned for more details! Start planning outreach to all your donors for this incentivised day of giving!
  19. 19. Year-End Campaign Begins 28th November 2017 with Giving Tuesday! We’ll be hosting our year-end fundraising campaign again this year! Here are some key features: • Bonus prizes for dollars raised • Bonus prizes for donors activated • Media + Social Sharing package
  20. 20. Theme Campaigns 2017 March Girl Fund June World Refugee Day August Youth Week
  21. 21. A two-month, online course focused on topics like developing an online fundraising strategy and harnessing social media for fundraising. Applications due 3/16 Online Fundraising Academy
  22. 22. Two-month, online course exploring different theories of impact measurement and to learn about practical tools that you can use to increase your organization’s effectiveness Social Impact Academy
  23. 23. Join our monthly Peer Learning Network webinars to hear ideas, learn best practices, and gain new skills from other nonprofit leaders Peer Learning Networks
  24. 24. Submissions are due Thursday, May 4. Up to three photos can be submitted for a chance to win a $1,000 award and social media promotion. Voting for GlobalGiving’s Photo Contest begins on May 22. Photo Contest
  25. 25. Planning your 2017 GlobalGiving fundraising strategy
  26. 26. Set SMART goals and decide how online fundraising + crowdfunding best fits into your work. Strategize Pick a platform, check out your and their calendar, and get started. Plan Reach out to your networks, cultivate your relationships, create content, and develop stories. Network + Create Create a content calendar, send emails, thank your donors, and act on all the hard work you’ve done. Share + Act
  27. 27. A C T I V I T Y 1. In pairs, each person tell their mission in 30 secs 2. Switch partners! 3. Now tell your original partner’s story to this new person 4. Repeat for one more round 5. Volunteers tell the last mission they heard – discuss as a group how it has changed! Mission Telephone
  28. 28. SMART is… Specific Measurable Action-Oriented Realistic Time-Bound
  29. 29. NOT SPECIFIC • Raise $10,000 • Have 100 donors • Increase “followers” to 35,000 SPECIFIC • Raise more funds • Engage more donors • Have more “followers”
  30. 30. NOT MEASURABLE • Increase subscribers by 50% • Raise $50,000 • Acquire 25 new recurring donors MEASURABLE • Have more email subscribers • Raise a part of our budget • Increase recurring donors
  31. 31. NOT ACTION-ORIENTED • 3% of newsletter subscribers open our email • 35 Facebook followers share our fundraising campaign post • Accrue an NPS score of 25 for donor satisfaction ACTION-ORIENTED • Increase newsletter readership • Create a viral Facebook post • Make donors happy
  32. 32. NOT REALISTIC • Raise $10,000 • 44% of our subscribers open our emails • Get 25 new donors REALISTIC • Raise $10,000,000 • Have 100% of our subscribers open our emails • Get one new donor
  33. 33. NOT TIME-BOUND • Raise $15,000 by Dec 31 • Get 25 new donors during the Year-End Campaign • Acquire 600 new Facebook fans by end of Q3 TIME-BOUND • Raise $15,000 ASAP • Get 25 new donors • Get to 600 Facebook fans
  34. 34. A C T I V I T Y 1. Draft 2-3 SMART online fundraising goals for 2017 2. Share with the group! Develop SMART goals.
  35. 35. Specific Measurable Action- Oriented Realistic Time-Bound What do you want to achieve? How will you know when you have achieved your goal? What actions need to take place to achieve your goal? Are you going to be able to achieve your goal? What is the time limit to achieve your goal?
  36. 36. A C T I V I T Y 1. Choose which campaigns you would like to be a part of this year. Which best suit your SMART goals and mission? 2. Plan how you are going to prepare for these campaigns. When do you need to do your outreach to mobilise your donors? 3. What will be the SMART goals for these emails and reports? Planning your 2017 GG campaigns
  37. 37. Network Mapping
  38. 38. Who is giving to your organization? Note their patterns and why they give. Your best advocates and supporters are the ones that already exist. Who Supports You Now?
  39. 39. Family Friends Colleagues Neighbours Community Leaders Previous Donors
  40. 40. Do you have people you don’t know giving to your organization? Are there first-time donors? These individuals represent opportunities to grow your network, but first you need to engage them! Who Could Support You?
  41. 41. Your network is bigger than you think! • Board members • Diaspora • Local Business owners • Leaders in the industry • Religious Institutions • Community Foundations • Alumni • Volunteers
  42. 42. They build trust in your organization from their networks, bring in new supporters, and act as your brand ambassadors. Fundraising Advocates are part of your fundraising team and help you to expand your network and reach your goals! Fundraising Advocates are individuals who become part of your fundraising team
  43. 43. Expand your network of donors by identifying these individuals that can serve as strong brand ambassadors for your organization and have large networks of their own.
  44. 44. 1 They have a large network of friends, family, etc. 2 They are passionate and positive about your cause and interested in your work. 3 They know your story and can act as brand ambassadors. 4 You are comfortable asking them to help. 5 They have the time and willingness to work.
  45. 45. 1. Map your current + potential network of supporters 2. Engage a few key supporters to become Fundraising Advocates 3. Give them the tools to succeed 4. Show appreciation! Steps to developing Fundraising Advocates
  46. 46. Who supports you? Who do those supporters know? Who else do you know? What groups could support your work? Step One: Map your Network
  47. 47. 1. Cater your ask based on the individual 2. Have a specific ask for the individual to get them engaged 3. Let them know about how they will be supported 4. Show impact! Step Two: Engage + Ask
  48. 48. Step Three: Give Them Tools • Email templates • One-on-one check-ins • Talking points • Individual goals • Sample social media posts and outreach • Talking points + calls to action!
  49. 49. GlobalGiving also has tools to help give your fundraising advocates more access.
  50. 50. How GlobalGiving Fundraiser Pages can help: • Set + track goals • Tell their own story • Share their own photo • Easily sharing tools • Visibility into their network supporters
  51. 51. Give them a new user role with your organization! • Can track their own donors’ gifts • Help with admin tasks for your organization • Write project reports • Send personal thank you notes • Help increase rewards
  52. 52. Step Four: Make them feel appreciated–always thank and acknowledge your fundraising advocates!
  53. 53. A C T I V I T Y 1. Think about who is in your current network? 2. Think about people that you would like to reach? 3. Brainstorm ideas of how to reach your potential network? 4. Identify a couple of advocates? Network Mapping
  54. 54. You Friends, Family, Stakeholders Local Community National Groups International Groups FA FA FA Network Mapping & Fundraising Advocates
  55. 55. A C T I V I T Y Develop a calendar for your outreach to the advocates you just identified. How you will keep them engaged throughout the campaign? You may ask yourself: 1. What tools + templates do you have currently? 2. What are some unique ways you can show appreciation? 3. What are the goals you want to set in terms of advocates that feed into your SMART goals? Activating your Advocates
  56. 56. Activating your Fundraising Advocates
  57. 57. Create your content
  58. 58. The Nonprofit Storyteller’s Triple Bottom Line
  59. 59. How do our stories empower the people we intend to help? Will you let them speak for themselves?
  60. 60. How do our stories create a healthier social sector? Do they make people feel hopeful and powerful?
  61. 61. Do our stories move people to give? Do they help us build long- term relationships with supporters?
  62. 62. Our images, words, and stories have a lasting effect on the people we intend to help. Stories are powerful.
  63. 63. Your emails, your social media, how you talk to a stranger, how to convey your work to a funder or board member. Your story shows and shares your organization’s impact. Stories can be used everywhere
  64. 64. A C T I V I T Y 1. Break into groups of two. 2. Have one partner tell a story about a constituent impacted by your organisation. (2 min) 3. Share feedback on what you found most compelling about the story, and what could have strengthened the story. (2 min) 4. Switch roles. What makes an effective story?
  65. 65. Sharing your stories
  66. 66. Project Reports Emails Thank you notes Social Media
  67. 67. Writing
  68. 68. What has GlobalGiving learned about sending effective emails?
  70. 70. PICTURE > WORDS
  71. 71. We are constantly learning too!
  73. 73. Audience = Donors! Make your donors feel a part of the team, and a part of the work by including their name or a personal note Personalize!
  74. 74. Ever donor is different, so treat them differently! You can do this on geography, giving history, or connection to your work. Segmentation
  75. 75. CALL-TO-ACTION
  76. 76. Help donors what to do next by giving them a Call-to-Action
  78. 78. Keep it short Less text – Large Images It’s about everyone else! Clear Call-to-Action Personalize + Segment Mobile-Friendly
  79. 79. Building a Community on Facebook
  80. 80. Facebook is an excellent tool for engaging with your audience.
  81. 81. Set a Strategy Content Creation Implementation • Quality over quantity. • A picture tells a thousand words. • Don’t use Facebook strictly to ask for donations. • What time is best for you to post? • What is your call- to-action? • How often should you post?
  82. 82. WHAT TO POST
  83. 83. 1. Photos (engaging, thoughtful, curious) 2. Videos (short + sweet) 3. Third Party news about your cause 4. Relevant events + milestones 5. Facts, infographics, + quotes Facebook Content: 5 Key Types
  84. 84. HOW TO POST
  85. 85. Implementation of Content The timing The purpose The pace • Post during off-peak hours. • Draft and schedule in advance. • Get “applause” from your audience. • Keep your cause and organization in their mind. • Engage. • Once per day. • Variety of content. • More during campaign times – but DO NOT spam your audience.
  86. 86. Remember that Facebook —like most social outlets— is about relationship building. Don’t forget to engage with your audience!
  87. 87. 15 Minute Break
  88. 88. Effectiveness Brainstorm • What does effectiveness mean to you? • Why does effectiveness matter to your organization? • How does your organization measure effectiveness?
  89. 89. GG Rewards
  90. 90. THE BIG IDEA
  91. 91. GG Rewards is a system that rewards and recognizes our nonprofits partners for activities around engagement with the platform and efforts to increase their effectiveness.
  92. 92. Partner Leader Superstar
  93. 93. Superstar organizations get a boost in search rankings, are the most likely to be recommended, and have access to more tools + benefits.
  95. 95. GG nonprofit partners earn points every time they complete a GG Rewards activity. The more points, the higher your rewards status!
  96. 96. Based on the GG value, Listen, Act, Learn, and Repeat, nonprofit partners begin by completing an activity (i.e., watching a webinar) and then reflect on their learnings in a “LALR” cycle for points. Effectiveness points are for learning
  97. 97. Engagement points are for being active in our community. Points are earned by actively engaging with the GG platform. For example: reaching your fundraising goals or thanking donors.
  99. 99. Engagement points: Engage with the GlobalGiving community
  100. 100. Thank you notes Participate in Campaigns Add another Project Leader Stay active with project reports Donations Acquire Recurring Donors
  101. 101. Effectiveness Points: Complete GG Rewards learning cycles
  102. 102. Collect feedback about your work, or acquire new information that could improve your work. Listen
  103. 103. Based on what you read, watched, listened to, or were told take an action to try and improve! Act
  104. 104. After you’ve tried this new action, evaluate the results and decide to try something new again, or keep doing this new thing! Learn
  105. 105. There are lots of learning cycles you can complete in your account! • Watch a GlobalGiving webinar • Use the “charting impact” tool • Do a SWOT analysis • Use GlobalGiving’s storytelling tool • Explore and use tools in the DIY toolkit • Explore and use the tools in the Feedback toolkit • Create your own cycle: tell us how you listened, acted, and learned to improve your programs!
  106. 106. Increasing your GG Rewards status is the best way to gain visibility + earn more GG-Driven Funds.
  107. 107. A C T I V I T Y Take a look at your GG Rewards Dashboard 1. Where are most of your points coming from? 2. Are there any quick wins to boost your points, and maybe your GG Rewards status? What are 3 ways your organization can gain points towards becoming or remaining a Superstar?
  108. 108. A C T I V I T Y Listen: What new information did you gain during today’s workshop? Act: How did you act on the feedback or information that you received? Learn: What will you do going forward as a result of the new information or feedback that you received? Complete A “Create-Your-Own-Cycle”
  109. 109. Step 1: Listen Step 2: Act Step 3: Learn What is a need, challenge, or obstacle that your organisation has faced? How did your organisation identify it? What actions did your organisation take to address this issue? What did you learn from your experiment? What will you do next based on these results? Create-Your-Own Cycle
  110. 110. Questions?
  111. 111. thank you
  112. 112. | 877.605.2314 |