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Global giving workshop sept 2017


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Kavita's workshop slides

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Global giving workshop sept 2017

  1. 1. GlobalGiving is the first and largest global crowdfunding community that connects nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country around the world. We make it possible for local organizations to access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to become more effective and make our world a better place.
  2. 2. Mari Kuraishi + Dennis Whittle
  3. 3. The GlobalGiving Foundation is a US 501(c)3 registered non-profit. As a 501(c)3 charity, donations are tax- deductible to the full extent of US law. GlobalGiving UK is a registered Charity in the UK and can avail UK Gift Aid. GlobalGiving has a four-star rating from Charity Navigator and is a BBB Accredited Charity.
  4. 4. G L O B A L G I V I N G I N D I A
  5. 5. INDIA 536
  6. 6. 3,446 Indian Donors 13.3M Dollars 200+ Indian Nonprofits
  7. 7. - 500,000.00 1,000,000.00 1,500,000.00 2,000,000.00 2,500,000.00 3,000,000.00 2004-2006 2007-2009 2010-2012 2013 2014 2015 Market Place Managed $
  8. 8. The First online platform to respond to the Chennai Floods C A S E S T U D Y
  9. 9. Years Dollars Raised Donors Projects
  10. 10. F E AT U R E S + B E N E F I T S
  11. 11. International Donor Base Bonus Prizes Tools + Training Reputation + Visibility Safe + Efficient Platform Corporate Partnerships
  12. 12. Fundraiser Pages Mobile Giving Customer Service Mobile friendly website GlobalGiving marketing GlobalGiving USA/UK
  13. 13. Raising a specific amount of money from individuals for a specific project in a specified timeframe
  14. 14. • Digital technology has transformed what it means • Digital tools help you build your supporter base • People now want engagement – involve them • The crowd provides credibility for your work • Data is more easily captured to build a relationship
  15. 15. • Do you have a project you want to raise money for? • Do you have team buy in? • Are you willing to invest the time required? • Would you give your own money to the project? • Willing to ask your friends to give? • What do you want to happen afterwards? • Do you need support or you can do it on your own?
  16. 16. Agenda Who are we? Why online fundraising? How to ‘Crowdfund?’ Using Social Media to crowdfund Features and Benefits of joining GlobalGiving How to support a nonprofit to sign up onto GlobalGiving
  17. 17. What makes a campaign successful? • Sense of urgency – clear goals & deadlines • Programmatic need • Incentives
  18. 18. W H AT I S A S M A R T G O A L ?
  19. 19. Specific Measurable Action-Oriented Realistic Time-Bound
  20. 20. Your goal should be Specific
  21. 21. NOT SPECIFIC • Raise $10,000 • Have 100 donors • Increase “followers” to 35,000 SPECIFIC • Raise more funds • Engage more donors • Have more “followers”
  22. 22. Your goal should be Measurable
  23. 23. NOT MEASURABLE • Increase subscribers by 50% • Raise Rs. 3,50,000 • Acquire 25 new recurring donors MEASURABLE • Have more email subscribers • Raise a part of our budget • Increase recurring donors
  24. 24. Your goal should be Action-Oriented
  25. 25. NOT ACTION-ORIENTED • Increase number of hospital beds by a 100. • 35 Facebook followers share our fundraising campaign post • Accrue an NPS score of 25 for donor satisfaction ACTION-ORIENTED • Increase number of patients treated • Create a viral Facebook post • Make donors happy
  26. 26. Your goal should be Realistic
  27. 27. NOT REALISTIC • Raise $10,000 • 44% of our subscribers open our emails • Get 25 new donors REALISTIC • Raise $10,000,000 • Have 100% of our subscribers open our emails • Get one new donor
  28. 28. Your goal should be Time-Bound
  29. 29. NOT TIME-BOUND • Raise $15,000 by Dec 31 • Get 25 new donors during the Year-End Campaign • Acquire 600 new Facebook fans by end of Q3 TIME-BOUND • Raise $15,000 asap • Get 25 new donors soon • Get to 600 Facebook fans some day
  30. 30. SMART is… Specific Measurable Action-Oriented Realistic Time-Bound
  31. 31. W H Y S E T S M A R T G O A L S ?
  32. 32. • Provide focus, direction, and accountability • Allow for milestone checks and strategic pivots • Make for better calls- to-action to donors
  33. 33. Stories are powerful.
  34. 34. How to tell great Stories for change 45
  35. 35. B U I L D I N G B L O C K S O F A S T O R Y
  36. 36. Stories should contain a single, compelling character that is relatable to the audience and who is comfortable relaying specific details, memories and experiences. An Effective Character
  37. 37. Stories should show—rather than tell—the audience about the character’s transformation, using rich details and featuring the character’s own voice, without jargon.
  38. 38. Stories should chronicle something that happens—an experience, a journey, a transformation, a discovery.
  39. 39. Stories should convey emotions that move people to act, and marry these with clear, easy-to-find pathways to get them to those desired actions. Action-Oriented Emotions
  40. 40. Consider a Video
  41. 41. A C T I V I T Y 1. Goals 2. Timelines – Deadline 3. Your one pager • Your Story • How will the donation be utilized? Use relatability
  42. 42. You have to MAKE your crowd work for you You cannot simply JOIN a crowd
  43. 43. C R E A M O S GlobalGiving Accelerator Graduate
  44. 44. W H O I S I N Y O U R N E T W O R K ?
  45. 45. Family Friends Colleagues Neighbors Community Leaders Previous Donors
  46. 46. • Board members • Diaspora • Local Business owners • Leaders in the industry • Religious Institutions • Community Foundations • Alumni • Volunteers • Far-Flung-Folks
  47. 47. Prospective and current donors Advocates for your project
  48. 48. W H O I S A F U N D R A I S I N G A D V O C AT E ?
  49. 49. They build trust in your organization from their networks, bring in new supporters, and act as your brand ambassadors. Fundraising Advocates are part of your fundraising team and help you to expand your network and reach your goals! are individuals who become part of your fundraising team
  50. 50. Expand your network of donors by identifying these individuals that can serve as strong brand ambassadors for your organization and have large networks of their own.
  51. 51. 1. Map your current + potential network of supporters 2. Engage a few key supporters to become Fundraising Advocates 3. Give them the tools to succeed 4. Show appreciation!
  52. 52. They have a large network of friends, family, etc. They are passionate and positive about your cause and interested in your work. They know your story and can act as brand ambassadors. You are comfortable asking them to help. They have the time and willingness to work.
  53. 53. A C T I V I T Y
  54. 54. Start Strong
  55. 55. 77
  56. 56. 78
  57. 57. 80
  58. 58. Prepare to Share
  59. 59. 84
  60. 60. Don’t make this about you; its about the donor! Don’t forget to do your research Do not use this as an appeal – its about starting a relationship. Follow up right away Tell your donors about the impact of their donation Offer ways for them to stay involved Make it personal
  61. 61. 88 Analyze Your Results
  62. 62. 90
  63. 63. A C T I V I T Y • • •
  64. 64. Agenda Who are we? Why online fundraising? How to ‘Crowdfund?’ Using Facebook to crowdfund Features and Benefits of joining GlobalGiving How to support a nonprofit to sign up onto GlobalGiving
  65. 65. P O S T S + A N A L Y S E S + B O O S T I N G
  66. 66. *Source : Waggener Edstorm
  67. 67. 97
  68. 68. 98
  69. 69. 99
  70. 70. • Lets keep things in perspective • It’s about the Community you serve • Its about the stakeholders who are supporting you
  71. 71. Agenda Who are we? Why online fundraising? How to ‘Crowdfund?’ Using Social Media to crowdfund Features and Benefits of joining GlobalGiving How to join GlobalGiving
  72. 72. How to Join
  73. 73. T H E G L O B A L G I V I N G A C C E L E R AT O R
  74. 74. The Accelerator is a time-bound fundraising campaign that will lead an organization to become a full-time partner on GlobalGiving once they have raised $5,000 from 40 donors! It’s designed to support organizations to succeed in crowdfunding through 1-on-1 support, online trainings, and great tools!
  75. 75. For the three weeks prior to the Accelerator, GlobalGiving provides online trainings sessions, calls, and email support to help you succeed. GlobalGiving support
  76. 76. Our Accelerator Facebook community of participants, GlobalGiving staff, and past graduates work hard to help others succeed. Community Support
  77. 77. Go to the GlobalGiving website and start your application. We’ll ask you for some organization documents. After your application has been approved by our vetting team, post a project to get ready to fundraise. Join one of GlobalGiving’s Accelerator fundraising campaigns to raise $5,000 from 40 donors to become a full time partner!
  78. 78. S U B M I T Y O U R A P P L I C AT I O N
  79. 79. The deadline for the next Accelerator is October 20th 2017
  80. 80. Program Materials Letter of Reference Certificate of Government Registration Founding Document Financial Documents Disbursement Information
  81. 81. P O S T A P R O J E C T
  82. 82. PA R T I C I PAT E I N T H E A C C E L E R AT O R
  83. 83. Module 1 - SMART goals Module 2 - Storytelling + Calendar planning Module 3 - Network Mapping + Advocates Module 4 - Social Media + Email Marketing
  84. 84. $5,000+ Dollars 40+ Donors
  85. 85. We’ll provide matching funds and bonus prizes
  86. 86. W H AT H A P P E N S A F T E R ?
  87. 87. You become a full-time community member on GlobalGiving!
  88. 88. Press release about your success Promotional Toolkit Featured in a GlobalGiving newsletter Featured on GlobalGiving social media Certificate of completion Access to GlobalGiving’s whole platform!
  89. 89. • Donor management + communication tools • Academies + trainings • Fundraising campaigns • Corporate partnerships • Reputation building and visibility Full Partner Benefits
  90. 90. India Partnerships Consultant
  91. 91. Photo: The Divine Light Trust for the Blind, Bangalore thank you