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Fractl: Getting Crafty with Content – Event Presentation by Amanda Milligan 10.26.16


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Guest speaker and Fractl's Branded Content Manager, Amanda Milligan, spoke at the "South Florida Digital Marketing Innovators: Getting Crafty with Content" event, presented by Fractl. She spoke on the topic of viral marketing and content marketing campaigns, revealing the secrets behind successful content.

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Fractl: Getting Crafty with Content – Event Presentation by Amanda Milligan 10.26.16

  1. 1. The Secrets Behind Successful Content
  2. 2. MEET FRACTL We specialize in content marketing campaigns that get massive exposure • Proprietary research on viral marketing, content marketing, and digital PR • Data-driven approach to content creation and publisher outreach • Our clients’ content has received thousands of press mentions and millions of social shares and impressions
  3. 3. Asked 2k Americans about: ● Which lies are the worst ● Which lies they hear most ● Which lies they tell most ● Who they lie to
  4. 4. Total coverage … ?
  5. 5. AND a segment on The TODAY Show!
  6. 6. ?Why do content campaigns like this get so much attention ?
  7. 7. Industry Research In order for people to truly care about content, it must be:
  8. 8. Industry Research Top 10 Emotions Found in Viral Content
  9. 9. Industry Research
  10. 10. No matter how great your content is... IT CAN’T DO ITS JOB IF NO ONE SEES IT
  11. 11. Promotional Success There are several qualities an outreach strategy must have to succeed:
  12. 12. Hi Alec, My fiance works in IT, so let’s just say he identified with your piece almost too well. His go-to response of course is always: “Did you try turning it off and on again?” No matter our professions or backgrounds, people from all walks of life share one thing in common: We all tell white lies. But are there white lies that we consider more taboo than others? And which lies are we guilty of telling the most? My team at DIRECTV asked 2,000 people to spill the beans on their fibs, and we made some hilarious discoveries: • The lie we can all agree is probably OK to tell: “ Your baby is cute.” • Ever told someone, “I love this present!” but were secretly displeased?You’re not alone • We lie to our co-workers more than anyone else • Single people tell slightly more lies than those in a relationship You may review the full project here: White Lies: Where’s the Line? Would you like to be the first to cover this original study for your Elite Daily readers? Promotional Success
  13. 13. Garnering Results
  14. 14. So let’s get back to the lies... ● Reveals truths via survey ● Everyone has either told or been told one of these lies ● Some lies touch on emotional topics
  15. 15. Example: Airport Rankings ● 330 media stories and over 13k social shares ● Placements on: ○ Yahoo! ○ MSN ○ The Huffington Post ○ Thrillist ○ Gothamist ○ Dozens of local news networks
  16. 16. Example: Airport Rankings ● We created our own algorithm based on available data ● Created a report with authority ● The project’s topic is relatable and has elements of geo-bait From :
  17. 17. Example: Tolerance in America ● 620 media stories and over 67k social shares ● Placements on: ○ CNET ○ Slate ○ Adweek ○ Business Insider ○ Salon ○ The Daily Beast ○ Alternet ○ Mic
  18. 18. Example: Tolerance in America ● Completely new data ● Relates to current news topics ● Capitalizes on geo-bait
  19. 19. What We Do - Our Mission To produce the most engaging and impactful human experiences on the web – one client, campaign, and domain (or app) at a time. Questions?
  20. 20. Resources / Additional Reading ● The Emotional Combinations That Make Stories Go Viral [Harvard Business Review] ● 3 Surprising Lessons From Building 26,000 Links [Moz] ● The Roadmap for Creating Share-Worthy Content with Massive Distribution [Moz] ● Travelmath 10-Month Engagement Case Study [Fractl] ● Content Marketing Research [Fract]