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22 Execs Who Get Content Marketing


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Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology
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22 Execs Who Get Content Marketing

  2. 2. David Newberry CMO AT PITNEY BOWES SOFTWARE “ Sometimes when people talk about the science of marketing, they forget that there is this whole EMOTIONAL SIDE. That is the true essence of a brand – how it conveys emotional value and creates emotional connections with an individual. ”
  3. 3. Christa Carone CMO AT XEROX CORPORATION “ Branded content showcases thought leadership. our brands in an increasingly commoditized world? By demonstrating our expertise and engaging our audience in a way that is accessible and brand-authentic.­‐marketing-­‐a-­‐playbook/ ”
  4. 4. Daryl Travis CEO AT BRANDTRUST “ The critical question to ask about your content is, How does it make them feel? When it makes your customers feel smarter, more capable, more valued, or just better about themselves, your content will be valued. And so will your brand. ”
  5. 5. Ron Faris CMO AT VIRGIN MOBILE “ I'm a big believer that every brand marketer has the capacity to publish branded content. The trick is to create or curate in a manner that's authentic to the brand's voice. A brand with no content is a brand with nothing to say. ”­‐interviews/questions-­‐virgin-­‐mobile-­‐cmo-­‐ron-­‐faris/235416/
  6. 6. Dietrich Mateschitz CEO AT RED BULL “ What one also has to take into account primary goal is to produce and distribute HIGH QUALITY AND UNIQUE CONTENT for our own channels as well as for our partners. is that we create EDITORIAL MEDIA VALUE FOR OUR BRAND, investments. In the long term, we expect that Red Bull Media House to be ”­‐bull-­‐ceo-­‐dietrich-­‐mateschitz-­‐on-­‐brand-­‐as-­‐media-­‐company
  7. 7. Julie Fleischer DIRECTOR OF MEDIA & CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT AT KRAFT FOODS GROUP “ The key in content marketing is in understanding what consumers really truly want/need providing it to them in the method, time and place of their choice. You can’t only be good at one or the other – you have to nail both. ”­‐foods-­‐dishes-­‐out-­‐their-­‐recipe-­‐on-­‐successful-­‐content-­‐marketing/
  8. 8. Alison Lewis CMO AT COCA-COLA COMPANY “ I think that as a marketing industry, we are starting to see the recognition that in order to tell a story about a brand, it truly must be multimedia in a way more than it has ever been before, and marketers are starting to crack the code on how to do this. ”
  9. 9. Anna Hill VICE PRESIDENT AND CMO AT THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY UK “ Digital media, particularly blogs and social media, allow us to connect with our audience on a daily basis enabling us to say more extensive about our brand, and allowing us to build a relationship with our consumers.­‐and-­‐tactics/content-­‐culture/4007734.article ”
  10. 10. Susan Helstab EXECUTIVE VP OF MARKETING AT FOUR SEASONS HOTELS AND RESORTS “ We also recognize[d] ...that And the way that we could not only participate, it was really, in the future, but the way that we could facilitate and also the consumer that was authentic content and combining our content with the content that was being generated by lovely 360-degree view of THE BRAND THAT DOESN’T FEEL COMMERCIAL. ”­‐four-­‐seasons-­‐is-­‐staying-­‐ahead-­‐of-­‐the-­‐game-­‐in-­‐luxury-­‐hotels/
  11. 11. Jeff Jones EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT AND CMO AT TARGET CORPORATION We’re really deliberately “about contentthinkingof campaigns. instead In the past, marketers would make campaigns, they would put them in the world, and they would wait to see what happened. I think in today’s world, it happens hourly. It happens daily. And this is a brand that has such rich, deep content that our guests want to hear from us on. So if we can create content and share content and allow our guests to speak on our it helps us amplify our message as well. ” d
  12. 12. Fernando Machado GLOBAL BRAND DEVELOPMENT VP DOVE SKIN AT UNILEVER Referring to the Dove “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign: “ EVERYTHING, AS YOU PROBABLY KNOW, STARTS WITH GREAT CREATIVE. And the key here was that the creative was based on a very powerful and universal human truth that was completely linked to the purpose of the brand. ”­‐machadounilevers-­‐viral-­‐marketing-­‐success-­‐dove-­‐real-­‐beauty-­‐sketches
  13. 13. Mark Addicks CMO AT GENERAL MILLS “ We always ask ourselves, what are the apertures where our brand should appear in content form? Where will she or he be searching for an idea or thinking about an idea, and where should the brand be?­‐zero-­‐moment.html ”
  14. 14. Seth Farbman CMO AT GAP, INC. “ Everyone is a publisher. Everyone is a journalist in a sense. So we need to obviously change the way that we create advertising from simply the top down. From simply, ‘This is what we believe; you should believe it too,’ to instead engaging in ways that people want — where they have problems that need to be solved, where they have information that needs to be understood. And it’s just storytelling. That’s really all it is. ”
  15. 15. Andy Fennell PRESIDENT AND CMO OF AFRICA AT DIAGEO “ long-form content that we own, that we can share through TV shows or YouTube, but can also spin out on traditional TV advertising or mobile devices. Big ideas these days need to be flexible enough to work in all of those different formats.­‐accounts/25-­‐03-­‐13/diageo-­‐cmo-­‐andy-­‐fennell-­‐all-­‐marketing-­‐is-­‐digi.aspx ”
  16. 16. Michael Senackerib CMO AT CAMPBELL SOUP COMPANY “ WE HAVE TO GO WHERE CONSUMERS ARE, AND WE HAVE TO ENGAGE THEM WHERE THEY WANT TO ENGAGE. If the people who are interested in our food and beverage products are on Facebook and Twitter and engaging in social media sites, and that’s where they’re looking for content and information, we want to be there and make sure we’re personally relevant.­‐eu/home/articles/2013/5/20/Campbell_CMO.html ”
  17. 17. Tony Pace CMO AT SUBWAY “ There are sometimes when we’re doing content, and some of the folks who are working on it are telling us, ‘We want to make your brand more prominent here,’ and we actually have the crazy conversation saying, ‘no, I think that’s a little bit too far.’ We’d rather you pull back because we want brand to be there in an appropriate way. ”
  18. 18. Richelle Parham CMO AT EBAY “ Stories are the foundation of what we do channels to actually tell the stories. So what’s important to me is understanding the customer and understanding where they are on their journey, and starting to understand what is their path to purchase and how I might present the things that they need to help them to get there... ”
  19. 19. Marty St. George SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING AND COMMERCIAL AT JETBLUE AIRWAYS CORPORATION “ if you think about what marketing has been like for the last 30 years, it has been 90 percent a one-way endeavor – brands would talk to customers but you didn’t have that direct connection. Look at a 30-second or 60-second TV commercial: Sometimes it’s hard to get ideas across. But on our YouTube channel, we can put out a two-minute video and have customers watch it to the very end. If you have engaging content, you’re providing real value.­‐insight-­‐marty-­‐st-­‐george.html ”
  20. 20. Geoff Cottrill CMO AT CONVERSE “ Remember that your consumers are part of the equation when it comes to storytelling. Engage with them and put them in charge sometimes and let them take your brand into places you may not have thought of before. Act as a welcomed party guest. Be interesting, think creatively, think globally. Believe in what you are saying, and take a step back to listen and watch.­‐is-­‐an-­‐all-­‐star-­‐on-­‐facebook/ ”
  21. 21. Michael Brenner VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING AND CONTENT STRATEGY AT SAP “ In order to increase ROI, brands creation, curation & syndication and build a team of people who really understand how to think and act like a publisher. Once that is in place and working like a machine, it’s time to build the kind of platform that can scale and sustain growth into the future. 2014 will see brand content marketing teams that take on the look and feel of real newsrooms including the technical platforms to support that.­‐marketing/9-­‐questions-­‐on-­‐content-­‐marketing?utm_source=feed burner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+B2BMarketingInsider+%28B2B+Marketing+Insider%29 ”
  22. 22. John Wallis CMO AT HYATT HOTELS CORPORATION “ [In M ay 20 13:] We’re not quite ready yet to have a media room, but I do see us within the next six months having a media department that sits down in the morning just like a newsroom and says what’s the news, what (sic) are we breaking it, to which audience, through what channel. And, like I said, we’ll get there. Everything’s going that way. ”
  23. 23. Marc Speichert CMO AT L’OREAL USA “ Digital is a great opportunity for beauty because the consumer is The challenge it poses is that we need to change and adopt the way we actually create content. raising its hand and asking us to The consumer is asking for more and provide more education, more more content, and we need to deliver advice on how to actually use a lot of our products. In beauty, creating content versus what we used consumer is really, really to do when we were creating a 30-second TV spot. ”