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This presentation was given at the OCMA (Orange County Marketing and Advertising association on 10/16/13. It's filled with fun and insightful information about how your company can improve its content marketing by curating and sharing content that your customers will engage with.

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  • When we’re disconnected, we turn off our audience. We need to figure out how we can ease our way into the crowd. The key is providing good content. Let’s get a good conversation going! But that’s easier said than done…
  • I think Brian Solis, principal from the Altimeter Group, is right on the money. He said this: Understand this opportunity that’s before you.
  • Here’s a clip from Mad Men to illustrate the art of storytelling. Don Draper, the chief creative officer, is going to pitch a campaign to marketing executives from Kodak.
  • Does story telling like this still exist in today’s marketing? IMHO, the first thing that happened to hinder our ability to communicate with our audience happened long before the advent of social media marketing. It started when B2B marketers decided that because they weren’t selling “consumer products”, that they didn’t need to follow the rigors of effective brand messaging.

    They forgot that B2B buyers, whether they’re procurement professionals, engineers, line leads, or CEO’s – have a soul. They’re human beings. And they not only have emotions, they react emotionally. And sometimes irrationally. Never forget that there’s a story to be told in every product.

    Chucky here represents B2B marketers who have stabbed storytelling in the heart, but Gen Yers and abbreviated communications buried the body!
  • SunGard Availability Services asked Bulldog Solutions to create an awareness campaign featuring a first-of-its-kind Zombie infographic and E-book to align with Halloween.
  • Xerox relied on premium content with a targeted “Get Optimistic” campaign. The company partnered with Forbes in a print and iPad publication to offer articles that focused on opportunity, change and business tips.
  • Can we resurrect the art of storytelling in this day and age? Absolutely! But where do we start? First, we have to stop thinking about ourselves.
  • We start with listening and discovery. We do this by using drones and the NSA to eavesdrop on our audience’s conversations. No, not really! But we can listen in using technology. By tracking our audience’s conversations and relevant content produced by industry thought leaders, we can better understand what topics are of interest to our audience.

    After discovery, we’ll talk about how to share and publish your newly relevant and storytelling messages.

    And that will be followed with an understanding of how we can amplify our message.
  • Let’s start with how we can identify how to obtain content that our audience is interested in.
  • Let’s start with how we can identify how to obtain content that our audience is interested in.
  • To start listening, you’ll need to start with technology tools. There are many that you could choose from, but for the purpose of today’s discussion, we’re going to focus on Hootsuite,Hootsuite syndicator, and Trendspottr. But to help you synthesize the options for your own review, I strongly recommend that you evaluate the following social curation tools:Contently – Connects brands with access to a large pool of newspaper and magazine journalists. Good for distribution.Little Bird – A platform that helps companies find, engage and subscribe to real influencers on any given topic.Bundle Post - Social Content Management System that automates back-office social media content, Curation and scheduling functions, resulting in consistent posting, dependable content and improved engagement. BP adds hashtags to your content to help amplify your message while you engage.Storify – Allows you to Collect media from across the web, publish and embed anywhere, then share and notify sources, go viral.Hootsuite – A social listening and communications management platform with lots of fun plugins and apps to help create a one-stop curation process.RSS Feeds – Users subscribe to feeds either by clicking on the browser's feed icon. The RSS reader checks the user's feeds regularly for new information and can automatically download it.Percolate – sources, curates and schedules content for brands to share on the social web. Also uses insights to suggest new content creation. For bigger companies.LookBook HQ – Similar to Slideshare. Allows you to format content (web pages, files, images and video) that become embeddable and sharable on social networks.Trendspottr - TrendSpottr serves as a predictive early warning system for companies, PR and digital agencies, news and media organizations and helps them to identify emerging news, events and issues that have high viral potential and market impact. Track Maven – shows how each piece of content is performing across paid, owned and earned media in real time. Creates alerts and competitor tracking; provides one feed for every one of your competitor’s content marketing channels.And many more!
  • Hootsuite Pro allows you to manage all of your social media outlets from one dashboard. This way you can see what your followers are posting, easily engage with them, and post information to them. Here you’ll see my Twitter dashboard, showing my home feed, Klear Strat mentions, direct messages received, and sent Tweets.
  • I use the Hootsuite Syndicator app to display updates to websites that I’m following – clients, competitors, influencers. Or use it to track information pushed out by public sites like Yahoo! and The Wall Street Journal.
  • Using the Trendspottr app, I can access posts related to topics I’m interested in – this one shows recent posts on killer content.You can also subscribe to company newsletters, emails and announcements to follow content published by influencers.
  • To start your content sharing and publishing, you’ll need to first create a content calendar. You can populate it by the day, week or month at a time. Be strategic! Don’t wait until the last minute, or your content will be forced and not relevant. Instead, determine what types of content you’ll want to share. An example: I follow this Pattern for weekly content sharing – Mondays = Marketing Strategy/Branding, Tuesdays = Industry Focused Marketing topics (usually mfg), Wednesdays = Sharing expertise and/or tips, usually original content, Thursdays = Social Media topics, Fridays = Fun Facts or something humorous (but relevant). Use your calendar to keep track of content (articles, white papers, infographics, presentations, etc.) and the links to the content. You’ll need this to organize your publishing tools.
  • Hootsuite Pro the allows you to bulk publish your messages in advance. You can publish to any or all of your social media outlets – do it in bulk and it will do the posting for you automatically! Simply upload a spreadsheet containing your content links (use or the function in Hootsuite to shrink your URL) and commentary, schedule content for distribution, and select the social media outlets you want to distribute to.
  • Make sure your content serves stakeholders with answers to problems, entertains them and/or improves their lives. Look for a bigger picture story, a new wrinkle about a current hot topic, or a breaking trend that’s changing the sector. Remember, this formula is exponential, not incremental!
  • Does your content answer these questions:Does your content help customers enjoy your product or service more?Will your content answer your customers’ questions?If you are in a B2B marketing role, does it make them better professionals?If they are consumers, does it improve their lives?When building your audience, think of yourself as offering “content as a service” – think content eco system, not content campaign.Your content should be intellectually divorced from your product, but emotionally wed to itBuild expertise, then you will build your audience.And ultimately, is it content that your audience will later thank you for?
  • My promise is this: as you follow these tips, your engagement with your audience will increase significantly. And if it doesn’t come back here next month and lunch will be on me.
  • Questions?
  • Develop killer content that will resonate with your audience

    1. 1. Develop killer content that will resonate with your audience! They’re not cyborgs, vampires or zombies. Treat your audience as human beings, and they’ll thank you for it.
    2. 2. A “Killer” Video Click to Play
    3. 3. The Process The conversation is happening. Are you part of it? Or are you the lone voice crying in the wilderness?
    4. 4. A Series of Unfortunate Events •Too often we’re pushing out content, but our audience is not engaging with us. •Our message appears to be falling on deaf ears. •We’re unable to build a network of followers.
    5. 5. The Future of Marketing Has Little to Do with Marketing While technology is certainly part of the story, it’s not the story. This isn’t about the new tools that are before you. This isn’t about social media or popular social networks. This isn’t about bloggers and blogging. Nor is this about tablets, smartphones, and the app economy. This is about putting the public back in public relations and social in social media and that has nothing to do with tools or technology we overly celebrate today. – Brian Solis
    6. 6. Unearthing The Problem We’re told to engage. We’re told that “Content is King.” But from where do we get good content? How do we go about obtaining good content? And how do we know what content will be valued and engaging for our customers?
    7. 7. How Do We Create Killer Content? •Resurrecting The Art of Storytelling •Evolving to Relationship Marketing •The Magic of Content Curation •Using Content Curation Tools •Organizing and Sharing Your Message •Monitor Your Conversations
    8. 8. Storytelling: The Kodak Pitch Click to Play
    9. 9. Who Killed Storytelling? B2B Marketers who don’t think it’s relevant? Gen Y’ers and 144 character communications? MTV and quick-edit cuts? Social Media marketers focused solely on uni- directional messages?
    10. 10. Let’s Bring Sexy (Storytelling) Back From the 2013 Killer Content Awards: Goals: 1.Create a unique “killer” awareness campaign featuring a Zombie theme 2.Execute by Halloween to cash in on design strategy 3.Boost awareness of Sun Gard Cloud offerings among IT professionals; inform and educate prospects Results: 1.150% higher click through rate 2.200% higher click to open rate 3.Delivered 24 leads Sun Gard Cloud – Best Theme
    11. 11. Let’s Bring Sexy (Storytelling) Back From the 2013 Killer Content Awards: Goals: 1.Connect with 30 top Managed Print Services Accounts with a targeted ‘Get Optimistic’ campaign 2.Partner with Forbes in Print/iPad publication to offer content that focused on opportunity, change and business tips. Results: 1.70% of the companies interacted with the microsite 2.Added 20,000 new contacts 3.Generated over 1k scheduled appts 4.Yielded $1.3 billion in pipeline revenue Xerox – Best Brand Building Campaign
    12. 12. Product Marketing Is Now Relationship Marketing How do we tell our story in an age of abbreviated messages and image sharing? We need to experience a shift in our thinking. When conducting inbound marketing, we cannot think in terms of how we market our products. Instead, we have to think about how we can engage our customers in dialogue. The product is secondary.
    13. 13. Content Marketing Is Not a Factory We can’t produce content the same way we manufacture products. Efficiency is not the goal! Listening & Discovery Sharing & Publishing Amplify Your Message
    14. 14. Content Curation Defined Content curation is the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.
    15. 15. Listening & Discovery Content Curation Tools
    16. 16. Listening to Your Followers Hootsuite Twitter Feed
    17. 17. Listening to Clients, Competitors and Influencers Hootsuite Syndicator Feed
    18. 18. Curating with User Defined Topics Hootsuite Trendspottr Feed
    19. 19. Creating a Killer Content Calendar
    20. 20. Publishing Using Hootsuite Pro Hootsuite Bulk Schedule Updates
    21. 21. Six Tips for Amplifying Engaging Content From Hootsuite’s Ashley Jane Brooks, Sr. Brand Marketing Manager: 1.Don’t be a repeating station – add relevant context 2.Use handpicked content 3.Align content with your brand 4.Align content with your messaging 5.Don’t spray and pray 6.Don’t forget – your audience is human!
    22. 22. A Formula for Epic Content Marketing Author and Blogger Ann Handley defines the formula for creating amplified epic content: Useful x Enjoyable x Inspired = Effective
    23. 23. 3 Keys for Relevance Ann provides 3 additional keys for content relevance: 1.Put the “Why” before the “What” 2.Build Your Audience 3.Create Content That’s Worth Sharing (What will they thank you for?)
    24. 24. In Memoriam •Tell Your Story Creatively •Evolve to Relationship Marketing •Curate Your Content •Use Curation Tools •Organize and Share Your Message •Monitor Your Conversations
    25. 25. Stay in Touch! Chris Marocchi President, Klear Strat, LLC @klearstrat