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How to Streamline the Content Creation Process


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Creating solid, high-quality content is the cornerstone of any successful marketing strategy. From actually sitting down to write a post to making sure it gets shared on social, there are a lot of moving parts – which is why as much as 40% of brands end up failing. In this presentaion, Danielle gives tips and tricks to streamline the content creation process so you can do more with less.

Published in: Marketing
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How to Streamline the Content Creation Process

  1. 1. @dantosz
  2. 2. @dantosz • Writer/Editor • Specialize in Content Marketing • Recently Relocated to Chicago
  3. 3. The Key to Creating High Quality Content Consistently: Organization & Automation @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  4. 4. Three stages of the content creation process: Generate Ideas Do the Work Share It! @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  5. 5. Poll 1 Are you (or your brand) successful at creating high-quality content? 1. Always, I just came here to gloat. 2. Does that blog post from ‘08 count? 3. We’re doing okay, but could be better. 4. We’re too cool for content marketing
  6. 6. Where Do Ideas Come From?
  7. 7. The Ideas aren't the hard bit. They're a small component of the whole. The hardest by far is the process of simply sitting down and putting one word after another to construct whatever it is you're trying to build. -Neil Gamin @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  8. 8. 3 Tricks for Ideation 1. Keep a journal & jot down ideas when they strike 2. Have a weekly/monthly brainstorming session 3. What information are people asking for? @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  9. 9. Tools for Generating More Ideas 1. Buzzsumo 2. Portently Idea Generator 3. Answer the Public @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  10. 10. Buzzsumo @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  11. 11. Poll 2 What best describes your current ideation process? 1. I am always scrambling 2. Does staring at a blank screen count? 3. We have a process, but it is a struggle everytime.
  12. 12. Doing the Work @dantosz
  13. 13. 3 Tips for Consistently Creating Good Content 1. Develop a User Persona 2. Avoid the Passive Voice 3. Always, Always Copyedit @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  14. 14. 3 Tools for Writing Consistently Good Content 1.Grammarly 2.Hemmingway App 3.Co-Schedule’s Headline Analyzer @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  15. 15. Grammarly @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  16. 16. @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  17. 17. Co-Schedule’s Headline Analyzer @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  18. 18. You Hit Publish, Now What? @dantosz
  19. 19. 3 Tips for Getting More People to Read Your Content 1.Automate Social Sharing 2.Consider Syndication 3.Use That Email List! @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  20. 20. 3 Tools for Getting More People to Read Your Content 1.IFTTT 2.Meet Edgar 3.Mail Chimp @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  21. 21. IFTTT @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  22. 22. @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  23. 23. Outsourcing is Not a Dirty Word! @dantosz
  24. 24. 5 Areas to Consider Outsourcing in the Content Creation Process: 1. Research 2. First Draft 3. Social Sharing 4. Editing 5. Infographic Creation @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  25. 25. 3 Takeaways For Streamlining Your Content Creation Process 1. Automation is your friend 2. Work in bulk 3. Outsourcing is not a dirty word! @dantosz #SEJThinkTank
  26. 26. Danielle Antosz Features Editor, Search Engine Journal @dantosz @dantosz #SEJThinkTank