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Finding company reports


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How to search for company reports using IBISWorld, Passport and Marketline for students at La Trobe University

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Finding company reports

  1. 1. 1La Trobe University Finding Company Reports Use these slides to learn how to:  Identify a company report  Use IBISWorld Database  Use Passport Database  Use Marketline Database  Find more information Photo: by elminium CC BY 3.0 AU
  2. 2. 2La Trobe University What are company reports? Different types of company information include:  Profiles  Annual reports  Announcements  Financials  People  SWOT/Strategic Moves  Reported Information  Mergers and Acquisitions Company reports typically include:  Business summary  Directors and key personnel  Key competitors  Annual revenue  Market announcements  Employee numbers  Contact details
  3. 3. 3La Trobe University Search using the IBISWorld Database IBISWorld is recommended when searching for reports on all 500 Australian industries as categorised by ANZSIC. 1. Type in the name of the company 2. Click the search button 3. Select the right company 4. If the company is not listed, click on More Results 5. Click on the tabs to see report sections
  4. 4. 4La Trobe University Search using the Passport Database 1. Type the company name into the search box in the top right corner. Use the suggested name if one pops up. Click search. 2. From the Filter Results on the left of screen, select Company Profiles. 3. Click on the title to go into the record and see available reports. Passport is recommended when searching for international business information on countries, markets and companies.
  5. 5. 5La Trobe University Search using the Marketline Advantage Database 1. Type the company name into the search box, and change the drop down box from All Research to Companies. Click search. 2. Click on the title to view or download the report. 3. If you need to refine your search, you can do so from the menu on the right hand side. Tip: first refine by Geography. Marketline is recommended when searching for international business information on industries and companies.
  6. 6. 6La Trobe University Need more information?  Online videos for this slide (linking to YouTube): • Finding Company Reports – Using the IBISWorld Database  Companies – see the online Library Guide on Company Information  Introduction to using databases – see the online Library Skills module  Improving your search results – see the Business and Management Library Skills Module  Referencing – see the Academic Referencing Tool for examples of how to reference your sources using the Harvard Referencing Style