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Finding newspaper articles in anz newstand


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La Trobe University Library, Introduction to using ANZ Newstand to find Articles

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Finding newspaper articles in anz newstand

  1. 1. 1La Trobe University Finding Newspaper Articles Use these slides to learn how to:  Find newspaper articles  Use ANZ Newsstand Database  Search for a particular article  Search for articles by topic  Find more information Photo: by ThinkStock newspapers-industry/story-fndgp8b1-1226533279765 CC BY 3.0 AU
  2. 2. 2La Trobe University How to find newspaper articles 1. From the Library homepage click on Databases 2. Select ‘A’ for ANZ Newsstand 3. Find the name of the database in the list Login with your University username and password Use the database ANZ Newsstand through the Library website to search for newspaper articles.
  3. 3. 3La Trobe University Using ANZ Newsstand 1. The default search field is Anywhere except full text – ALL. It is best to leave this as the default for your initial searching. 2. Ticking the full text limit will retrieve results with a full text document. 3. The default date range is All dates. You can change this if you need only recent articles.
  4. 4. 4La Trobe University Search for a particular article 1. Type the title of the article into the search box. 2. Use the drop-down arrow to open the search field menu and select Document title – TI. This tells the database to search for your keywords in the title of a document. 3. Click Search 4. On the results page you will see the citation for your article 5. To see the whole article, click on the Full text link
  5. 5. 5La Trobe University Search for any article 1. Type in your search terms, with a keyword or concept or phrase per search box 2. Leave AND in between search boxes to ensure your search terms are combined together 3. In the example “first home buyers grant” is in parentheses so the database will search for a phrase 4. In the example australia* has an asterisk next to it so the database will retrieve alternate endings of the word, e.g. Australia, Australian, Australia’s 5. Click Search 6. This search retrieved 36 results 7. To view an article, click on Full text
  6. 6. 6La Trobe University Need more information?  Online videos for this slide: • Finding Newspaper Articles Using the ANZ Newsstand Database  How to search – see the Business and Management Library Skills Module  Other Australian news sources – see the online Library Guide about Newspaper Articles  Referencing – see the Academic Referencing Tool for examples of how to reference your sources using the Harvard Referencing Style