Leru 2011


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Presentation at the LERU meeting, October 2011, in Leuven, BE
League of European Research Universities (LERU)

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Leru 2011

  1. 1. Promoting learning experiences with multimediaLund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  2. 2. Promoting learning experiences withmultimedia• How can video (communication) enrich the learning experience of students in LERU universities?• How can we support teachers in setting up challenging learning activities for their students across borders of LERU universities?• How can we share good practices and eventually collaborate on common video (communication) projects?Lund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  3. 3. Future of learning in 2020-2030 Learning objectives will focus on competences rather than knowledge Learning will be more tailored to the needs of individualsLearning will be more active and Technologies will be an integral part ofconnected to real life. learning and lifeTeachers will become lifelong learnersthemselves Education needs to change to respond to the needs of the economy and societyICT are creating and impacting changein learning, but more knowledge isneeded. Teachers need to be encouraged to be part of implementing the changeOrganizational change is required to Ala-Mutka, Redecker, Punie, Ferrari, Cachia and Centenoallow and encourage innovation in (2011). IPTS.education. http://ipts.jrc.ec.europa.eu/publications/pub.cfm?id=3679 Lund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  4. 4. Key competences 2025/2030• The present eight Key competences 2006 to be reached 2010.…and the future• Environment; nature, sustainability• Problem-solving; analysing, critizing, KISS• Identity; self confindence, self-esteem, keep independece• Flexibility to change, openess to change, adapting to change, stress management (IPTS, 2010)Lund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  5. 5. Wikimedia Commons iTunes ULund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  6. 6. Lund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  7. 7. Personalised learning means ensuring that individual differences are acknowledged Steve Wheeler, University of Plymouth, 2011Lund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  8. 8. The future of learning is augmented Steve Wheeler, University of Plymouth, 2011Lund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  9. 9. AugmentedReality(AR) is whentechnology Steve Wheeler, University of Plymouth, 2011recogniseswhat you aredoing and thenenhances it.AR apps addinformation tothe worldaround us. Source: www.geeks.co.ukLund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  10. 10. The future of learning is mobile Steve Wheeler, University of Plymouth, 2011 Lund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND http://learningputty.com
  11. 11. Learn anything, anywhere … if you know howSome rights reserved by Spree2010 Lund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  12. 12. Communicative Productive media media facilitate Allow the learner exchanges to produce between people something Student Learning ExperienceAdaptive Media Narrativeare changed by media tell or what the show the learner learner does something Interactive Media respond in a limited way to what the learner does Inspired by Laurillard, 2002 Lund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND and Conole & Fill 2005
  13. 13. CommunicativeProductive media mediaGoogle Adobe Connectdocs, Google Promaps Student Learning Narrative Experience media Podcast production tools (Jing) Interactive Media Quizz tools (Peerwise) Inspired by Laurillard, 2002 and flashcards and Conole & Fill 2005Lund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  14. 14. http://ced2.srv.lu.se/RorligBildLund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  15. 15. Lund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  16. 16. Lund University – a hub for innovation and internationalisationLund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  17. 17. http://www.youtube.com/lunduniverLund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  18. 18. http://itunes.apple.com/se/institution/lund -university/id393848970Lund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  19. 19. Lund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  20. 20. Re-thinking educationLERUCo- operation…Develop course material…Projects…Summer courses…Research… CC Some rights reserved by Shahram Sharif Lund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  21. 21. "The greatest danger in times ofturbulence is not the turbulence. It is to actwith yesterdays logic." - Peter Drucker Steve Wheeler, University of Plymouth, 2011 Lund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND http://pixdaus.com
  22. 22. The International Quality Label forelearning courseware EFQUELLund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND
  23. 23. Ebba Ossiannilsson, Lund University, SE Footprints W:www.lu.se, www.oulu.fi E:Ebba.Ossiannilsson@ced.lu.se E:Ebba.Ossiannilsson@oulu.fi FB:Ebba Ossiannilsson T:@EbbaOssian Phone: +4670995448 S:http://www.slideshare.net/Ebba OssiannLund University/Ossiannilsson /LU_LERU2011/ CC BY-NC-ND