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Seminarie om OER och juridik

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  • Ossiannilsson lu lakarprogrammet1301214

    2. 2. Ebba Ossiannilsson, Lunds universitet
    3. 3. Personalization……take the individualsperspective on course design,delivery, learning mode,assessment etc….
    4. 4. Varför inte inom utbildning…http://www.flickr.com/photos/mediaquell/4329902002/
    5. 5. Open Educational Resources are teaching, learning, orresearch materials that are in the public domain or releasedwith an intellectual property license that allows for free use,adaptation, and distribution (Plotkin 2010, UNESCO 2011a).UNESCO defined OER as material used to support educationthat may be freely accessed, reused, modified and shared byanyone (2011/07/14).COL-UNESCO defines OER as: The phenomenon of OER is anempowerment process, facilitated by technology in whichvarious types of stakeholders are able to interact, collaborate,create, and use materials and pedagogic practices, that arefreely available, for enhancing access, reducing costs, andimproving the quality of education and learning at all levels(Kanwar, Balasubramanian & Umar 2010).
    6. 6. Our StudentsFriesen & Murray,2011Our Education OurSupport Content
    7. 7. OER Paris Declaration (2012)a. Foster awareness and use of OERb. Facilitate enabling environments for use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)c. Reinforce the development of strategies and policies on OERd. Promote the understanding and use of open licensing frameworkse. Support capacity building for the sustainable development of quality learning materials
    8. 8. OER Paris Declarationf. Foster strategic alliances for OERg. Encourage the development and adaptation of OER in a variety of languages and cultural contextsh. Encourage research on OERi. Facilitate finding, retrieving and sharing of OERj. Encourage the open licensing of educational materials produced with public funds
    9. 9. Commissionaire Vassilio presented her view fortoday and for tomorrow at the EADTU conference inCyprus 2012" We must engage in a fundamental transformationof our education and training systemsAnd we need to fully exploit the potentioal that openand flexible education offers" (EADTU 120929)
    10. 10. Nordic Strategic Advisory Group OER KUNO Konsthögskolorna i Norden och Baltikum marinensmusikkar.se
    11. 11. LU OPEN…12/12/12uppdrag att utreda såväl vårt eget arbete inom e-lärande somförutsättningarna för en open access-satsning från LU:s sida
    12. 12. Mot openness…University Advisory Board (UAB)
    13. 13. CED
    14. 14. Creative commons
    15. 15. Multimedia resources 80s 93 The Internet and the Webonline.html Learning objects 94 Learning Management Systems 95 Mobile devices 98 Learning Design 99 E-Learning timeline Gaming technologies 00 Open Educational Resources 01 Social and participatory media 04 Virtual worlds 05 07 E-books and smart devices 08 Massive Open Online Courseshttp://scienceoftheinvisible.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/a-ramble-through-history-of-
    16. 16. Tsunamin…disruptive innovations
    17. 17. Ossiannilsson E & Landgren L (2011). Essential areas thatbenchmarking e-learning ought to cover. Reprinted with permissionfrom Wiley-Blackwell.
    18. 18. Kvalitetskultur – ett växelverk Kvalitetskontroll Processmodeller Riktlinjer Kommunikation Regler Tillit Samarbete DelaktighetInnovation/Creativitet Kompetenser Attityder Värderingar Självbedömning CC BY Some rights reserved by SeattleClouds.com
    19. 19. Om att byta kvalitetsperspektivNätverkande DemografiHållbareht Teknisk och digitalGränslös utbildning utvecklingLivslångt lärande IndividualiseringHelhet och konceptuellt Kvalitetsynsätt och “beyond” ”Harnessing newGlobalisation media”Från min/mitt till alla… Frame of references (Ossiannilsson 2012)
    20. 20. Learning Design vs Assessment/Quality(Conole 2012) Shift from belief-based, implicit approaches to design-based, explicit approaches Learning Design A design-based approach to creation and support of courses Encourages reflective, scholarly practices Promotes sharing and discussion
    21. 21. Caring is sharing, sharing is caring Footprints W:www.oulu.fi; www.lu.se/ced E:Ebba.Ossiannilsson@oulu.fi E:Ebba.Ossiannilsson@ced.lu.se FB:Ebba Ossiannilsson T:@EbbaOssian Phone: +4670995448 S:http://www.slideshare.net/Ebba Ossiann