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Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap


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Many corporations recognize their future depends on digital transformation. Earley Information Science outlines the 4 step process for building a roadmap to transformation.

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Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap

  1. 1. I I III II I ‘ ‘ I 1. I E15 I I I I II II II I E I II I I III r; IE III I I I I " . u I II I II I I LII ‘gal I I I I w . I -I I II I _JL I I , ‘ I, r I. ‘’' r—— 1r II I I I II , ; I; ',l''‘’! :7 ll ': “ m ‘ ’ . - I I a * I I " I " HI -II“ II-I . ‘I-1“-' V, I‘ I
  2. 2. comprehensive current ’: state assessment Clearly define a future . vision for your digital business sane» ‘ I Identify gaps between x current state and future Technology E Build a roadmap to the future along these four tracks: People, Process, Technology 8. Content Conteni
  3. 3. Customer Centric culture You may need to bnoge organizational gaps to create a truly CUSIOFTIEPCSNITFC Culture Superior Customer Expenence Partner Enablement Programs Supply chain and sates cliarineis must be enabled to participate in your digital vision. Personalized Buyer Engagement Personalized buyer engagement will require oontextiialized process, technology and content L eoele A superior customer experience will translate to loyal buyers and higher customer value. Cross-Functional collaboration Every organizational liinction must be liilly involved and integrated into your systems,
  4. 4. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ROADMAP °“““E""' pn ess GAPS sm: | °° ) ggggge ASSESSMENT Advanced Business Intelligence m U m “*5 , ' Utilize all relevant structured and unstructured data to drive I: _ _ . l I . ‘ r: iis. omi= .r-lociiseo intiatives - Efficiency Total Operational Integration Strearriliiie orgariizalional W0lk"i0WS and data lions 6 and integrate with marketing campaigns Digital Marketing Campaigns Create "IU‘I! CI‘IalI(’QIi contcxtualizcd. data driven. and irieasuiaule digital iriarketing cariipaigiis Digital transformation will customer Lifecycle Analysis make V°"' °'93"izafi°" 3 Perloim ii thorough anatysis ol the ci. i:sloriier‘s more scalable and oigital journey for all 6 stages ol the l: lecycle. profitable business e are‘ 1‘ EARLEY at lN>0RMIlI()N slum II < E
  5. 5. Predictive Data Analytics The nail use at analytics is to uie(1i: :! customer pieieceiwces var piiicriasiiig products and st-; -rvrces Integration of IM Platforms integrating piatiorms iS esseritiai ins accelerariiig me dock speed 0! your organization Integration of Data silos Integrating (Kala silos is C7iil(. €ii to aCWE‘i¥Vj SN) (‘Ieqme views oi y0Ui customers and mew ioiimey Contextual Information Architecture An iniorrnation arrhiieclure ilA) is the inundation (or a successfui risgiiar trarisiormaiion iffliialive , , ., Integrated Information Infrastructure gm ‘f '_"3cl*moiogy An integrated information infrastructure will be an engine to drive growth for your digital business.
  6. 6. Digital Asset Management Large. unstructured digital assets must be tagged and organized tor instant access try users Product Information Management Hugh volume product data must be easily on-boarded, maintained and presented to customers. Enterprise 8. Site Search Optimization Internal and external sites shouid be optimized ior easy. last and reievanl search operations Data Quality & Governance All entergnse information shouid be cteanm, contextuatized and coritrolied by quaiity standards I I I I II I I II II fliil II III IIII II II IIIII II IIII II’ , , ._ w_. ,'. ,._», ~.. »_. ... __. ._. .~. _r_, ..__, ._.4.. —-. q.. ._, _.. =g. .-_ , Optimized Content Management Cement All internal & customer-facing content should be accurate, easily accessed and . user-personalized.
  7. 7. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ROADMAP °”“sF: _i¥‘E’ SYSTEMIC GAPS > FUTURE ASSESSMENT ‘"5'°" Buyer Engagement People Superior Customer Experience Process Maximum Organizational Efliciency Integration 7 ‘ Integration ' ‘ Contextual i ot IM ol Data Inlorrnation , ‘ Platforms Silos 1‘ Architecture Technology ‘ Integrated Information Infrastructure Product Enterprise 8- D313 lniorrnation I Site Search ‘ QuaIi¢Y 5 Management ‘ Optimization Governance ET Optimized Content Management O $'a': eARLEY It . ... mm. u.oN SCiFN(. (>