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How To Power A Team Of Storytellers, with Michael Brito

LEWIS Global Communications is a global marketing and communications agency that specializes in helping businesses overcome the four top challenges brands face today: awareness, demand, adoption and advocacy. With over 600 employees across 27 global offices, they pride themselves on having a highly connected team of brand storytellers who can speak to the strategic goals of the company, showcase its values and live its mission.

The brand took storytelling to the next level when they launched Employee Activate, to assist clients with developing employee advocacy programs that motivate employees to share the brand’s story. Employee Activate also gave LEWIS a way to strengthen their own team’s storytelling abilities and highlight their own, internal voices.

"From a content perspective it's critical to train your employees to be storytellers and build a content plan for them that is more human, yet aligned to the larger brand narrative," says Michael Brito, Head of US Digital Marketing at LEWIS.

• How to establish employee advocacy policies and workflows
• How to manage employee-driven content
• How to integrate stories across paid, earned and owned media
• How to define key performance indicators and measure success

Michael Brito is the Head of US Digital Marketing for LEWIS Global Communications. He is a published author, TEDx speaker, and an Adjunct Professor at San Jose State University. His latest book, “Participation Marketing: Unleashing Employees to Participate and be Brand Storytellers” is set to release in 2017.

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How To Power A Team Of Storytellers, with Michael Brito

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  2. 2. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 3 A Quick Question For You: How would you characterize your employees participation on social media?
  3. 3. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 4 Why Company Communications And Employee Advocacy Matter Now More Than Ever
  4. 4. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 5 The Problem Facing Today’s Global Enterprises Technology has changed the way we communicate, internally and externally When companies communicate with employees in a way that mirrors how we all interact in our everyday lives, employees will do the same when they engage with customers.
  5. 5. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 6 Why Companies Must Evolve Companies that transform the way they communicate will have more connected and informed employees. Those that fail to adapt to a modern method of communications face a disconnected workforce, struggling to engage consumers. This costs the company time and money. Informed employees are more productive, engaged, and more likely to become advocates for your brand.
  6. 6. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 7 Why Should Organizations Prioritize Employee Advocacy and Storytelling Today?
  7. 7. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 8 The Market Opportunity For Employee Advocacy 92%of consumers say peer recommendations are their most credible source of brand information SOURCE: Acquity Group, Boston Consulting Group, SNCR of B2B business decision makers do research before buying, seeking colleagues POVs and making purchase decisions 94% EMPLOYEES (EXECS, SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS, AMBASSADORS) AWARENESS PURCHASE New business requirements are forcing change
  8. 8. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 9 Employee Advocacy Helps Brands o Engage in a multi-stakeholder conversation o Use new mediums to innovate at faster speeds o Humanize your brand and communicate with empathy o Empower employees with the right content at the right time
  9. 9. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 10 How Can Employee Advocacy Programs Promote Brand Storytelling?
  10. 10. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 Where Does Employee Advocacy Fit Into Brand Storytelling? Community Engagement & Measurement Build a social governance model to ensure all content / ads are within brand / FTC guidelines, listen and respond; Monitor, track, report and escalate all conversations as needed. Narrative Development or Campaign Strategy Deliver an editorial and creative framework to reach the right audience using content best practices and community engagement. Audience Intelligence Stakeholder Engagement Empower, train and mobilize employees, customers and channel partners to participate and tell the brand story. Channel Strategy Build a channel and media strategy based on audience segmentation, native social platform capabilities and user functionality. Paid Media Use analytics to determine the best targeting on social channels based on audience behaviors and conversations – where they spend their time and what media outlets the “like”, “follow” and “talk about.”
  11. 11. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 12 How Should Companies Get Started With Brand Storytelling?
  12. 12. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 Delivering an amazing employee experience should be the focal point of all programs and activations. Making that experience memorable, and more importantly, convenient for employees to share content, is critical. The content itself must not only tell a good story but also be relevant to the brand, product or business priority. It should resonate with what employees care about and align with their passions. In order to determine success of employee programs, there must be a framework establishing what to measure and how to measure it. Defining The Guiding Principles
  13. 13. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 The Operations Of Employee Advocacy GOALS & OBJECTIVES What exactly do we want to achieve with our program? Does it align to our marketing and business goals? PROGRAM LOGISTICS How long will the program last? What do we call our program? SELECTION CRITERIA Who do we want as our advocates? How do they join the program? Is there a criteria? SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY Do we have a policy in place that protects the brand and empowers our employees? BRANDED CONTENT What do we want our advocates to say and does it align with our content strategy? TECHNOLOGY SELECTION Do you have the right technology for our program? Can it scale long term as the program grows? STAKEHOLDER COLLABORATION Are all of our internal stakeholders involved – legal, brand, IT, etc.?
  14. 14. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 15 What’s the Best Way to Motivate Different Teams and Departments to Advocate For the Brand?
  15. 15. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 Identify Employee Segments, Desired Behavior And Channels EXECUTIVES SALES CHAMPIONS SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS (SME) CONTENT TYPES Industry & Thought Leadership Brand product and other IT related topics Industry & Thought Leadership Pre-created content from brand and marketing, thought leadership, cultural, job openings CHANNELS Executive branded Twitter handle, branded blogs, LinkedIn (blogs & influencers) engagement in industry forums, bylines SME branded Twitter handle, community, engagement in industry forums Branded LinkedIn profile and/or personal social channels Personal social channels ACTION Content Creation Content Creation Shares Shares
  16. 16. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 17 What’s the Most Effective Way to Train Employees to Advocate for the Brand and Share Brand Stories?
  17. 17. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 CONTENT CREATORS CONTENT CREATORS CONTENT CREATORS CONTENT CREATORS CONVERSATIONALIST LISTENERS Low Participation High Participation Create a training curriculum with a focus on thought leadership, long-form content, blogging, videos, podcasting, webinars and events. Create a training curriculum with a focus on best practices of community engagement and provide value-add content for maximum participation. Create a training curriculum with a focus on how to use tools to listen to brand and industry related conversations. Build Training Curriculum Addressing Levels Of Participation 5 min 15 min 30 min QUICK GUIDES What can you do in social if you only had:
  18. 18. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 19 What’s the Best Way to Create Brand Content for Employees to Share?
  19. 19. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 Ensure that employee content aligns (either directly or indirectly) with the broader brand story, industry topic discussion, event or initiative. Build editorial calendar so that content can be planned in advance and aligned with other initiatives in market. Content should be anchored in one or more of the following core values – utility, education, entertainment, access, emotion, exclusivity, information and promotions. Enable participation through smart technology deployments (make it EASY for employees to participate). Mobile integration is critical for adoption and growth. Activate Employees With Strategic Calls To Action
  20. 20. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 21 How Can Employees Tell Their Own, Unique Stories Using Brand Content?
  21. 21. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 Align Employee Narrative With Brand Story Insights from audience analysis Determine “winnable moment” – what’s the core idea? Employees are the hero of the story Employees are a character in a broader story Employees comment on a story Data and insights extracted from the analytics will be used to inform a strategic framework and social narrative. The strategic framework will inform all content creation and creative assets. An editorial and creative framework that categorizes content based on guidelines and the brand criteria. Content categories
  22. 22. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 23 What Types of Brand Stories and Content Are the Most Successful?
  23. 23. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 Ensure Content Adds Value UTILITY Helps me “do” something or solves a problem EDUCATION Makes me smarter about a topic or subject ENTERTAINMENT Makes me laugh and inspires me to be happy ACCESS Connects me to others that share the same passions EMOTION Elicits a passionate reaction that empowers me EXCLUSIVITY Makes me feel special and emotionally vested INFORMATION Current news, views and insider information PROMOTIONS Give me rebates and product related promotions
  24. 24. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 Dynamic Signal Works With The World’s Leading Companies
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  27. 27. #DySiWebinar @britopian @DaveHawley33 Coming Soon! The New Book By Michael Brito PARTICIPATION MARKETING Visit to get notified when it’s avail