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If You Create Great Content and No One Sees It, Does It Really Exist?

Over $118 Billion was spent on content creation alone last year. Whether as individuals or on behalf of the companies we work for, we are all a part of this massive industry, be it writing white papers, publishing international research, releasing quarterly earnings or retweeting on Twitter.

Because of social media and technologies like tablets, mobile phones and smart watches, we are all content producers AND content consumers, with the challenge of content distribution as the bottleneck between the two.

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If You Create Great Content and No One Sees It, Does It Really Exist?

  1. 1. If You Create Great Content, and No One Sees It, Does It Really Exist? #DySiWebinar Julie Hayes Nick Robinson Scott Burke Sr. Brand Communications Manager at Autodesk Digital Strategist at SAP Director of Business Development at Mortar Agency @hartstein_jbh @socialrobinson @ScottKenada
  2. 2. What You Will Learn o Current State of Content Marketing o Why Content Distribution Matters More Now than Ever o Employee Advocacy as a Key Distribution Strategy o Companies Who Have Hacked the Traditional Model o Key Takeaways and Q&A #DySiWebinar@hartstein_jbh @socialrobinson @ScottKenada
  3. 3. Content Consumes Us #DySiWebinar@hartstein_jbh @socialrobinson @ScottKenada Spent on content creation alone last year $118 BILLION 76%76% of B2B marketers will produce more content next year Source: eMarketer Source: CMI of CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing78% Source: Hanley Wood
  4. 4. 27M Source: AOL & Nielsen We Are All Content Consumers & Producers #DySiWebinar@hartstein_jbh @socialrobinson @ScottKenada Exponentially more ways to consume content Pieces of content are shared each day More DEVICES and CHANNELS than ever before
  5. 5. Does Your Content Really Exist? #DySiWebinar@hartstein_jbh @socialrobinson @ScottKenada Since 2013, the output of content per brand increased by 78%, but content engagement decreased by 60% 78% INCREASE 60% DECREASE Content Creation Content Engagement
  6. 6. Your Paid Content is Being Blocked #DySiWebinar@hartstein_jbh @socialrobinson @ScottKenada 41%In the last year Ad-blocking has grown by Source: Pagefair Your Branded Content is Untrusted ONLY 15% of consumers trust social posts by brands or companies Source: Forrester
  7. 7. A Bottleneck of Content #DySiWebinar@hartstein_jbh @socialrobinson @ScottKenada Traditional Model Publishers deliver content to individuals direct from the company via paid media channels Today’s Model Consumers view and share valuable content they enjoy with their peers on social networks
  8. 8. A New Way to Hack Content Distribution #DySiWebinar@hartstein_jbh @socialrobinson @ScottKenada Engage Amplify MeasureInform Employee Advocacy The most effective, scalable, and measurable strategy to ensure your EMPLOYEES and CONSUMERS receive the content you create.
  9. 9. Autodesk’s Bonfire Program #DySiWebinar@hartstein_jbh @socialrobinson @ScottKenada o  Launched Employee Advocacy program in May 2014 o  Spans 32 countries with over 1400+ employees actively sharing o  Launched similar program to our Channel Partners in 2015
  10. 10. A Curated Approach to Content #DySiWebinar@hartstein_jbh @socialrobinson @ScottKenada o  Hub & spoke model o  Content contributors publishing earned & owned media in 6 different languages o  Tagged based on specific industries and themes o  Additional content sourced from industry publications and thought leaders o  Encourage user submissions (300+ per quarter) o  Opportunistic with related trends
  11. 11. SAP’s “Social Matters” Program #DySiWebinar@hartstein_jbh @socialrobinson @ScottKenada o  Corporate social channels have trouble scaling beyond top branding initiatives. o  15% more content being produced YoY with decreasing traffic and engagement o  Launched Employee Advocacy in July 2013 in Europe with 800 employees o  10X engagement on branded content o  Reached scale of paid media programs at half the cost 168K Shares 457K Clicks 78K Reactions 259 Million Impressions
  12. 12. Global Expansion of Employee Advocacy #DySiWebinar@hartstein_jbh @socialrobinson @ScottKenada o  Now expanding globally to multiple regions o  Organizing by Line of Business & Industry o  Global program oversight with regional leads o  Content Strategy aligns to SAP’s Digital Business Framework o  Goal of 10K employees in the next 2 years
  13. 13. Nobody Reads Advertising People read what interests them, and sometimes it's an ad. #DySiWebinar@hartstein_jbh @socialrobinson @ScottKenada §  4 pieces of third party content §  1 piece of branded content. §  1 user submitted. 411the strategy
  14. 14. It All Starts with a Big Idea @hartstein_jbh @socialrobinson @ScottKenada o  Create great content, think inform not sell o  Appoint a select group of early adopters o  Create a culture of pride, and ownership o  Allow employees to create their own social narratives
  15. 15. Key Takeaways #DySiWebinar@hartstein_jbh @socialrobinson @ScottKenada Unblock the content distribution bottleneck by adding employees as a new channel Increase content engagement by 10X by allowing employees to drive peer-to-peer communications Drive higher content ROI and efficacy with great content that employees want to share Measure all of it
  16. 16. #DySiWebinar Julie Hayes Nick Robinson Scott Burke Digital Strategist at SAP Director of Brand Development at Mortar Agency @socialrobinson @ScottKenada THANK YOU! Sr. Brand Communications Manager at Autodesk @hartstein_jbh