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How Humana Mobilized Employees to Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

Humana wanted to get the attention of their consumers and promote their brand goal in a more effective way. They strive for people to be healthier and to live a lifestyle focused on well-being. By empowering Humana employees to share stories, they have built more trust with consumers and opened up conversations on these topics.

They were able to do so while working within a regulated industry and meeting all federal requirements. By focusing on content which is centered on health and well-being and industry-related stories, they have empowered employees to establish themselves as influencers and thought leaders within the healthcare industry.

Join Jason Spencer, Social Media Community Manager at Humana, alongside Robyn Hannah from to discuss:

• How to build trust with consumers and create conversations with them
• How to work within FTC regulations to ensure compliance
• How to mitigate any risks employees may encounter while using social media
• The impressive results Humana has produced in the year since launching their program

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How Humana Mobilized Employees to Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

  1. 1. #DySiWebinar 2@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Have A Question For Us? Use GoToWebinar Ask On Twitter Use #DySiWebinar
  2. 2. #DySiWebinar 3@robynhannah@jasonwspencer A Quick Question For You: Does your company make it easy for employees to discover and share approved content?
  3. 3. #DySiWebinar 4@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Why Company Communications And Employee Advocacy Matter Now More Than Ever
  4. 4. #DySiWebinar 5@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Why Employee Communications And Advocacy Matter Reaching a New Audience Is Harder Than Ever o  Organic social media is dying o  Content creation is costly & time consuming o  Consumers are overwhelmed with content
  5. 5. #DySiWebinar 6@robynhannah@jasonwspencer What Employees Really Want Employees want to be more informed and engaged, and have the ability to share their work experiences with family and friends. o  They want approved content that can easily be shared on social media. o  They want a way to talk about the their company & its brands and products.
  6. 6. #DySiWebinar 7@robynhannah@jasonwspencer What business challenges was Humana facing?
  7. 7. #DySiWebinar 8@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Challenges Humana Needed To Overcome It is becoming increasingly challenging to gain the attention of our consumers and ensure they are hearing our brand story.
  8. 8. #DySiWebinar 9@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Challenges Humana Needed To Overcome We needed to build trust with our consumers in order to be given the chance to have a conversation
  9. 9. #DySiWebinar 10@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Challenges Humana Needed To Overcome Lacked a way to empower employees to tell the brand story in an authentic way
  10. 10. #DySiWebinar 11@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Challenges Humana Needed To Overcome Critical that we work within FTC regulations to meet compliance risks of employees sharing brand messaging
  11. 11. #DySiWebinar 12@robynhannah@jasonwspencer What Were The Goals For The Program?
  12. 12. #DySiWebinar 13@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Goals Of The Humana Advocates Program Benefits to Employees: o  Improve employee’s social media skill sets and social influence o  Increase sense of belonging o  Gain better understanding of company initiatives
  13. 13. #DySiWebinar 14@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Goals Of The Humana Advocates Program Benefits to Humana: o  Execute a solid business strategy o  Preserve a vibrant and relevant brand o  Retain talent and purpose-driven culture
  14. 14. #DySiWebinar 15@robynhannah@jasonwspencer How Did You Solve These Problems In Order To Accomplish Your Goals?
  15. 15. #DySiWebinar 16@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Launching The Humana Advocates Program o  Started with small group of employees who were excited about working for Humana and wanted to start sharing content o  Chose initial advocates based on how active they were on both external social media and on their internal enterprise social network o  Held 1-hour training sessions to ensure employees understood Humana’s social media policy
  16. 16. #DySiWebinar 17@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Scaling The Humana Advocates Program o  Promotion on our Enterprise Social Network (ESN), which is used by 90% of the associate population o  Engagement in internal groups whose purposes are to support the company values o  Exposure within intranet, email and newsletters to help spread the word about the program
  17. 17. #DySiWebinar 18@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Growing The Humana Advocates Program o  Give employees the ability to share via mobile, when it is convenient for them o  Track and measure the activity from the program in order to understand what was working o  Choose a solution that would enable the program to scale and give us the best ROI
  18. 18. #DySiWebinar 19@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Delivering The Right Content At The Right Time o  Focus is on health and well-being content that doesn’t drive people to buy or use our products/services o  Allows employees to grow followers and become influencers in the space o  Naturally develops an audience that is more qualified to appreciate our content 60% 40% Health & Well Being Humana Branded Content Mix
  19. 19. #DySiWebinar 20@robynhannah@jasonwspencer What Humana Employees Have To Say “The Humana Advocates program is really valuable to me. It gives me great content to build my personal brand, and gives me a way to support Humana's goals.” “Overall, it is a great program. It is easy to use, not too distracting from my every day work, but extremely beneficial to our overall goals. Awesome program to be a part of.” “This program is a great way for 'real' folks to get Humana's name out into the social media world and that we are sharing useful information that people want.“
  20. 20. #DySiWebinar 21@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Results Of The Humana Advocates Program 2K employees 235K Shares 131K Reactions 90M Impressions 302K Clicks Results Since Launch – May 2015
  21. 21. #DySiWebinar 22@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Value Of The Humana Advocates Program Value of Each Employee Advocate: $450 Based on industry value of social media shares/reactions and 30 day average activity of employees Estimated Program Value: $475,000 Based on member value times projected growth, minus cost of technology license and rewards Estimated ROI of Program: 6X Calculated based on the estimated program value divided by the cost of technology
  22. 22. #DySiWebinar 23@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Dynamic Signal Works With The World’s Leading Companies
  23. 23. #DySiWebinar 24@robynhannah@jasonwspencer Learn more at Explore other webinars on demand, ebooks and videos THANKS!