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How Vodafone Activates & Inspires Their Employees as Advocates

Vodafone is a multinational telecommunications company, headquartered in the UK, with thousands of employees and millions of customers across the globe. As they sought to activate advocates around the business, they began looking for ways to empower their employees to share company content on social media. After conducting an internal survey, they discovered that the majority of employees wanted to share more about the company on social media, but were uncertain about what content they could share and what was acceptable to broadcast on social media.

The External Communications team at Vodafone UK needed a solution that would allow them to provide employees with a single destination where they could access and share company news and content. In 18 months, their program has expanded to almost 2,000 employees, who have shared over 50,000 pieces of content, driving over 30,000,000 impressions for the company.

Kimberley Harcombe and Emma Cook from Vodafone explore topics such as:

• What you need to know to launch an employee advocacy program
• How to identify, activate and mentor employee advocates
• What it takes to sustain program engagement to ensure long-term growth
• How to measure success and evolve your program over time

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How Vodafone Activates & Inspires Their Employees as Advocates

  1. 1. #DySiWebinar 2@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK Have A Question For Us? Use ReadyTalk Ask On Twitter Use #DySiWebinar
  2. 2. #DySiWebinar 3@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK A QUICK QUESTION FOR YOU: How many of your employees do you estimate are aware of your company’s social media policy?
  3. 3. #DySiWebinar 4@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK Why Company Communications And Employee Advocacy Matter Now More Than Ever
  4. 4. #DySiWebinar 5@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK The Problem Facing Today’s Global Enterprises Technology has changed the way we communicate, internally and externally When companies communicate with employees in a way that mirrors how we all interact in our everyday lives, employees will do the same when they engage with customers. MOBILE SOCIAL LOCAL VIDEO
  5. 5. #DySiWebinar 6@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK Why Companies Must Evolve Companies that transform the way they communicate will have more connected and informed employees. Those that fail to adapt to a modern method of communications face a disconnected workforce, struggling to engage consumers. This costs the company time and money. 74% of employees feel that they're missing out on company information and news. (Gallup)
  6. 6. #DySiWebinar 7@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK What inspired Vodafone to create and launch an employee advocacy program?
  7. 7. #DySiWebinar 8@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK Empower Employees to Advocate for the Brand Vodafone’s social team surveyed employees to discover: • How many employees were familiar with the social media policy • How employees felt about sharing about the brand on social media The social media survey results showed that: • Employees weren’t sure what information they could & couldn’t share online • Employees were willing to share Vodafone-related content, if it was easy to do so
  8. 8. #DySiWebinar 9@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK What are some of the successes that you’ve seen so far?
  9. 9. #DySiWebinar 10@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK Vodafone Employees Driving Thousands of Social Shares In Just 18 Months Since Launch: Has generated over 34M IMPRESSIONS Audiences have responded with over 33K REACTIONS Employees have shared over 50K PIECES OF CONTENT Program has expanded to 1,600+ EMPLOYEES Equivalent value driven equals over £340,000 IN MEDIA SPEND in the last 10 months
  10. 10. #DySiWebinar 11@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK A QUICK QUESTION FOR YOU: How often do you personally share branded company content on social media?
  11. 11. #DySiWebinar 12@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK How did you design your program to achieve these results?
  12. 12. #DySiWebinar 13@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK Start By Outlining Employee Advocacy Goals & Objectives IDENTIFY & NURTURE our own employee advocates Vodafone’s initial objectives were to: REDUCE UNCERTAINTY around expected social media behaviors MAKE IT EASIER for employees to share brand content on social INCREASE Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS)
  13. 13. #DySiWebinar 14@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK How did Vodafone find and activate their employee advocates?
  14. 14. #DySiWebinar 15@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK Activating Thousands of Employees to Share on Social o Promote the programme internally via email, the intranet, company all hands, face to face meetings o Recruit programme ambassadors in each area of the business to drive awareness across the company o Include programme info in social media new employee induction session for all new office based employees o Introduce Single Sign On to make signing up an easy and seamless experience
  15. 15. #DySiWebinar 16@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK How did you structure your employee advocacy program?
  16. 16. #DySiWebinar 17@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK Collaborate Across Teams to Ensure Success TACTICS STRATEGY COLLABORATION Identify who will manage and lead the program’s day-to-day activities Prioritize strategies & tasks that support the program objectives Designate responsibilities across the team, such as: • Managing content • Recruiting & training employees • Sharing data analytics & insights • Driving program awareness internally • Communication with employees
  17. 17. #DySiWebinar 18@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK How have you driven programme engagement over time?
  18. 18. #DySiWebinar 19@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK Inspiring Employees to Participate in Employee Advocacy RECOGNIZE AND REWARD employees with monthly prizes to motivate them to share ENGAGE EMPLOYEES within the community so they know their voice matters EMPOWER program ambassadors to help drive engagement on their teams CREATE FOCUS GROUPS across all areas of the business to get regular feedback SURVEY your users regularly to stay up-to-date on their experience
  19. 19. #DySiWebinar 20@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK Inspiring Employees to Engage with the Programme o Deliver relevant content employees will enjoy o Make it easy for them to read and share stories on desktop and mobile o Provide clear guidelines to ensure employees feel safe sharing content o Incentivize employees to share content on social media through monthly prize giveaways where anyone who engages has a chance to win o Encourage engagement through recognizing high achievers with leaderboards o Encourage employees to download the app and update them about new features o Send monthly updates to all users letting them know how they’ve been doing o Encourage employees to submit interesting content for their coworkers to discover o Survey users to determine health of programme and listen to feedback
  20. 20. #DySiWebinar 21@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK What feedback have employees given about the program?
  21. 21. #DySiWebinar 22@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK Vodafone’s Employees Weigh in on Employee Advocacy 8.1 8.0 8.4 Likelihood they would recommend Go Social! to a colleague How they would rate the onboarding experience How many employees use the mobile app 54% How they would rate the communications they received How employees rated the program on a scale of 1-10
  22. 22. #DySiWebinar 23@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK What Employees Say About Go Social! “I think the concept is great and it really does work well for people who use social media a lot” “The app makes it easy to post business focused stories on LinkedIn and people focused stories on Facebook. It is brilliant!” “It makes my daily social media content out to my contacts and customers simple and quick - this is excellent!” “Go Social! has such a great app which enables me to know the up to date news about Vodafone and share it with my friends”
  23. 23. #DySiWebinar 24@KHarcombe @gisanders@VodafoneUK Learn more at Explore other webinars on demand, ebooks and videos THANKS!