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Dynamic Signal 2014 Year in Review

It’s always fun to look back and reminisce, especially when you’ve got a lot to cheer about! 2014 was undoubtedly a breakthrough year for Employee Advocacy and Dynamic Signal. We’re proud to be paving the way for so many of the companies innovating within the category. In this new infographic we take a look back at the past year, our accomplishments with clients, our own team, and of course our industry leading technology platform, VoiceStorm. A huge thanks goes out to our awesome clients, investors, and our entire staff for collaborating on the final piece, we couldn’t be more excited for the year to come!

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Dynamic Signal 2014 Year in Review

  1. 1. F *'. -mmIt-~: Iiiei»~mL XII? ‘ 'J:1-‘. ”‘l-‘i<‘? «2'il: '-' Employee Advocacy Platform We dominated the space with 70°/ o market share and are THE leading Employee Advocacy solution Dynamic Signal's market share was larger than the next 31 vendors combined Top High-Tech Employee Advocacy customers run on Dynamic Signal
  2. 2. DYNAMICSIGNAL B THE 5 largest global Employee Advocacy programs run on Dynamic Signal Our customer base ranges We became the only global solution from companies with 100 with customers on 6 continents employees to over 1 million and programs running inside employees offices in 15 regions 6 of the top 8 PR agencies partner with Dynamic Signal u
  3. 3. DYNAMICSIGNAL CLIENTS WON IN 2014 USING OUR PLATFORM Q R Salesforce saw an engagement increase of ~780% when employees shared a piece of content versus the company Hitachi Data Systems saw the highest share of voice (53%), more than all four competitors combined Illllll IBM - the largest employee advocacy program in existence - increased website traffic by 5X; earned paid media equivalent of $2MM through employees Year over Year Growth in Employee Advocacy Revenue
  4. 4. Integrated with: /0 IBM Connections .4i_', i: iv , : 1,4; - - ~, §;. ,.. ,. gimp. - . i: ‘l1.m<t< - 0 " § _; .‘7~’. »‘; ,I’ bttlg, Q2) 5.: :!, :.': ..; : Largest engineering team in our industry Launched on Android: - Google play . :4.-vx. Mobile Market Share I ‘ii. I‘ '31 F4 ‘Ann 'I1“f‘lN1!<3'llQ'. ‘ Launched enterprise-wide adoption through Divisions capability Our product roadmap is 18 months ahead of the industry: - First on mobile ~
  5. 5. DYNAMICSIGNAL LEADERSHIP Brought on best in class leaders for CFO, CMO, GM Mid-Market ACQUISITION Acquired Papershare allowing content marketing efforts to tie to lead gen FUNDING Raised $12MM Series C ($33MM total)
  6. 6. Thanks for checking out our 2014 Year in Review Want more information on Dynamic Signal? Visit us at dynamicsignal. com or email us directly at info@dynamicsignal. com DYNAMICSIGNAL