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Employee Advocacy Success at Scale

With over 110,000 employees in 180 countries, Ericsson is a leader in the networking and telecommunications industries. Much of the brand’s success is due to their legacy of hiring and retaining top talent around the world. Their communications and HR teams wanted to find an easy but impactful way to help their employees build their own personal brands on social media to highlight their industry expertise and leadership.

Across Ericsson, there were already a few different types of employee advocacy and social media programs in place. They knew they needed to aggregate the many different programs into one place where employees could more easily access company news, announcements, and job listings from a singular destination. This would keep their employees more informed and engaged, a top priority for the company.

Sonia Boije and Lisa Smith-Strother from Ericsson explore topics such as:

• How to launch and scale an employee advocacy program
• How to aggregate multiple channels & create a single employee advocacy destination
• How to educate and train a diverse workforce on social media and thought leadership
• How to sustain engagement as well as recognize and reward employee advocates

Employee Advocacy Success at Scale

  1. 1. #DySiWebinar 2@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Have A Question For Us? Use ReadyTalk Ask On Twitter Use #DySiWebinar
  2. 2. #DySiWebinar 3@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 A Quick Question For You: What aspect of scaling an employee advocacy program do you want to know the most about?
  3. 3. #DySiWebinar 4@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Why Company Communications And Employee Advocacy Matter Now More Than Ever
  4. 4. #DySiWebinar 5@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 The Problem Facing Today’s Global Enterprises Technology has changed the way we communicate, internally and externally When companies communicate with employees in a way that mirrors how we all interact in our everyday lives, employees will do the same when they engage with customers. MOBILE SOCIAL LOCAL VIDEO
  5. 5. #DySiWebinar 6@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Why Companies Must Evolve Companies that transform the way they communicate will have more connected and informed employees. Those that fail to adapt to a modern method of communications face a disconnected workforce, struggling to engage consumers. This costs the company time and money. 74% of employees feel that they're missing out on company information and news. (Gallup)
  6. 6. #DySiWebinar 7@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Why did Ericsson decide to launch and scale an employee advocacy program?
  7. 7. #DySiWebinar 8@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Why Launch #TeamEricsson INCREASE Ericsson’s brand reach on social media GENERATE meaningful conversations between customers and employees IMPROVE employee engagement across the company and attract top talent ENHANCE social media marketing through lead generation and social selling
  8. 8. #DySiWebinar 9@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Attractiveness of Social Advocacy 90%Approx. of employees’ network are new to Ericsson – resulting new potential candidates New Awareness Employees have 10X more followers that corporate social accounts — Cisco Research 90% of their social audience is new the to brand. — Dell Study New Engagement Socially engaged companies are 58% more likely to attract top talent — LinkedIn & Altimeter Study Employees are 20% more likely to stay at their companies. — LinkedIn & Altimeter Study 10X 90% 58% 20%
  9. 9. #DySiWebinar 10@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Amplifying our Employer Brand with Social Advocacy •  Improves awareness among critical skill sets – Look a likes •  Improves participation among employees to share the Ericsson story to critical talent targets advancing thought leadership •  Increases pipeline depth, candidates, and qualified hires among key talent targets with value added content •  Promotes diverse story telling to engage and attract diverse audiences
  10. 10. #DySiWebinar 11@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 What are some of the successes that you’ve seen so far?
  11. 11. #DySiWebinar 12@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Hundreds of Employees Driving Marketing Goals Goal: Surface discussions around ICT and the Networked Society Currently driving 10.2M impressions per month Over 20K audience reactions per month Average of 14K employee shares per month Currently over 6K Ericsson employees Involved in the #TeamEricsson program
  12. 12. #DySiWebinar 13@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Maximize Event Awareness and Engagement with Social Advocacy ›  Amplify messaging and thought leadership ›  Expand social footprint ›  Enhance event activations ›  Employee engagement ›  Increase visibility ›  Social influence and networking ›  Conversions and Earned Media Value ›  Recognition *Benefits impact internal and external audiences. Totaling 1.7m Impressions Over 2.8K Shares
  13. 13. #DySiWebinar 14@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Events Outreach Event Name Reac,ons Shares Clicks Impressions Grace Hopper 345 113 263 75,376 One Young World 286 75 143 37,992 Watermark 298 235 253 149,014 Consumer Electronic Services 2,410 1,336 2,460 716,160 Mobile World Congress 950 1,057 2,227 733,886 Total 4289 2816 5346 1,712,428 Local, regional and global events are promoted across #TeamEricsson
  14. 14. #DySiWebinar 15@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 A Quick Question For You: What employee advocacy metrics does your team use to define success?
  15. 15. #DySiWebinar 16@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 How did you achieve those results — at scale — for Ericsson?
  16. 16. #DySiWebinar 17@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 5 Steps to Launching & Scaling Employee Advocacy Train employees to advocate Recognize and reward advocates Select the right platform Promote the program internally Jim Simpson Integrate Employer Branding
  17. 17. #DySiWebinar 18@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Why is employee advocacy training essential for success?
  18. 18. #DySiWebinar 19@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Train Employees to Represent the Brand o  To mitigate risk, avoid embarrassments, or pitfalls o  Ensure employees have right talking points o  Strengthen employees’ ability to: o  Listen for opportunities o  Engage to create relevant connections o  Encourage membership and involvement in the program o  Provide parameters, such as not disclosing proprietary information or citing clients/partners without permission
  19. 19. #DySiWebinar 20@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 How did you structure your employee advocacy training program?
  20. 20. #DySiWebinar 21@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Distribute & Scale Employee Advocate Training o  Online training with video to educated employees on social media policy and best practices o  Group workshop training session to fostered shared learning o  Training is held quarterly to make sure new hires are included
  21. 21. #DySiWebinar 22@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Employee Advocacy Training Phases Basic Social Media Training for All Employees Executive and Line Manager Training Detailed Training for Individual Departments, BUs and Regions Subject Matter Expert Training Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4
  22. 22. #DySiWebinar 23@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 A Quick Question For You: Once employees are trained, how do you keep them engaged with the program overtime?
  23. 23. #DySiWebinar 24@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 How does Ericsson keep employees motivated to advocate for the brand?
  24. 24. #DySiWebinar 25@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Recognize and Reward Employees Who Advocate o  Rewarding most active and influential advocates provides an incentive and allows employees to feel taken care of and rewarded for their good work. o  Rewards include: o  Getting highlighted on our advocate leaderboard o  Awarding points used to claim small prizes o  Employee recognition on digital screens across Ericsson campuses o  Recognition in Global articles or letters from senior executives
  25. 25. #DySiWebinar 26@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 How did Ericsson inspire hundreds of employees to join?
  26. 26. #DySiWebinar 27@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Market Your Employee Advocacy Program Internally LAUNCH as Employee Advocacy Task Force (e.g. line managers) Task force can play role in promoting and nurturing employees advocates PROMOTE on a regular basis – through Task Force or employee advocacy board. ENSURE all new and existing employees are aware of employee advocacy program ENCOURAGE senior executives to get involved: Weekly activity by Senior Executives on social media outlets sends shows the team that employee advocacy is encouraged and celebrated.
  27. 27. #DySiWebinar 28@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Social Advocacy Quiz Gamification You’ve posted original content on a social platform in the last _____. •  Hour [Social Media Maven] •  Day [Content Critic] •  Week [Social Spectator] •  Month [Network Newbie] You are most likely to _____ a friend’s post. •  Comment on [Content Critic] •  Like [Social Spectator] •  Share [Social Media Maven] •  Do nothing to [Network Newbie] You use your social accounts to _____. •  Share industry insights and updates. [Content Critic] •  Skim the latest news and happenings. [Network Newbie] •  Read posts from friends and companies that matter to you. [Social Spectator] •  All of the above. [Social Media Maven] Quiz to allow Team Ericsson users to identify which type of social media persona they relate to. Posted on Team Ericsson to drive users to the quiz.
  28. 28. #DySiWebinar 29@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Our Goals: 2017 and Beyond •  Increase the number of new users and the percentage of active existing users •  Implement a comprehensive content strategy to increase reach and engagements •  Improve user-experience by reorganizing the current content divisions and tags •  Continuously keep users engaged by rolling-out various interactive, and potentially rewarding, social media campaigns throughout the year •  Conduct employee social media trainings so that they are aligned with the importance of employee advocacy •  Increase Sr. Leader awareness and engagement of #TeamEricsson •  Align performance and growth to Employer Brand metrics and indexes
  29. 29. #DySiWebinar 30@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 How does an employee advocacy platform help companies, like Ericsson, scale their program?
  30. 30. #DySiWebinar 31@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Make it Easy & Fun for Employees to Advocate o  An employee advocacy platform makes it easy for employees to discover, publish, share and amplify brand content across websites, blogs, and social networks o  The ideal solution will merge content sharing, publishing, monitoring, gamification, and analytics in one platform o  An employee advocacy platform should also provide analytics about the effectiveness and reach of your brand’s social media activity o  An employee advocacy platform provides employer brand and recruitment marketing opportunities
  31. 31. #DySiWebinar 32@lisasmithstroth@SoniaBoije @DaveHawley33 Dynamic Signal Works With The World’s Leading Companies
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