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Digital PR agency credentials


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Digital PR agency credentials January 2014

Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology
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Digital PR agency credentials

  2. 2. DIGITAL PR WHO WHAT HOW  The first internet PR agency in Italy, established in 2000 and part of the Hill + Knowlton Strategies network (WPP Group).  Digital PR provides consultancy on online communication strategies and web reputation management.  Strong experience, creativity, dedicated tools and the belonging of a multinational network allow Digital PR to serve the world’s largest brands with the most targeted and effective local plans. WPP Group H+K Strategies Digital PR sZ F EV
  3. 3. 83 offices in 46 countries OUR GLOBAL PRESENCE H+K Strategies Offices Affiliates EUROPE Almaty Amsterdam Athens Barcelona Belfast Berlin Bratislava Brussels Bucharest Budapest Copenhagen U.S. Austin Boston Chicago Dallas Houston Irvine Los Angeles Miami New York San Francisco Seattle Spokane Tallahassee Tampa Washington D.C. CANADA Calgary Edmonton Halifax Montreal Ottawa Québec City Regina Saskatoon St. John’s Toronto Vancouver Victoria Winnipeg LATIN AMERICA Bogotá Buenos Aires Caracas Guatemala City Lima Mexico City Montevideo Panama City Quito San Jose San Juan Santiago Saõ Paulo Dublin Frankfurt Helsinki Kyiv Lisbon London Ljubljana Madrid Milan Moscow Oslo Paris Prague Reykjavik Riga Rome Sofia Stockholm Stavanger Tallinn The Hague Vienna Vilnius Warsaw Zug AMEASCA Abu Dhabi Algiers Amman Auckland Bengaluru Brisbane Cairo Casablanca Chennai Dar es Salaam Doha Dubai Gurgaon (Delhi) Hobart Istanbul Jeddah Johannesburg Kampala Karachi Kolkata Kuwait City Lagos Lahore Manama Mumbai Nairobi Perth Ramala Riyadh Sydney Tel Aviv Tunis ASIA Bangkok Beijing Chengdu Guangzhou Hanoi Ho Chi Minh City Hong Kong Jakarta Kuala Lumpur Manila Seoul Shanghai Singapore Taipei Tokyo
  4. 4. MAIN CLIENTS Since the foundation, Digital PR has been creating effective communications strategies and solutions for a variety of industries and companies. Among them:
  5. 5. DIGITAL PR SERVICES F TRAINING • Focus on digital communications • Digital PR Academy z WEB DEVELOPMENT • Websites, blogs • Apps, e-newsletter, etc. ONLINE STRATEGY s • • • • Online monitoring Reputation analysis Crisis monitoring Vox Populi tool INFLUENCERS RELATIONS • Selection • Engagement • Information 8 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING • Social media strategy • Content curation • Community management WEB LISTENING DIGITAL PRESS OFFICE h • Online press room • Digital Media News Release
  6. 6. INSIGHT AND STRATEGY ONLINE STRATEGY PROJECT MANAGEMENT   Digital PR provides online communications consultancy, from the definition of guidelines and policies to enter the 2.0 web, to the accurate analysis of most effective online solutions, to the development and implementation of plans for internet communications.  Digital PR follows the implementation of the different phases of the communication plan, implementing the planned activities, measuring and comparing the results with the objectives. In each of these phases Digital PR offers a concrete contribution in terms of strategy, creativity, communication, PR, marketing and technological skills.
  7. 7. LISTENING TO THE WEB Different kind of web listening • • • • Online monitoring and clipping, to quickly track issues Quality-quantity analysis of web reputation Crisis monitoring with daily alerts International monitoring The listening tool Digital PR developed a proprietary web monitoring tool: Vox Populi® is an online application whiche allows to perform analysis and researches among online information sources (websites and social media)
  8. 8. ENGAGE: INTERNET PR INFLUENCERS RELATIONS  Online relations and involvement of online opinion leaders in the online communication plans of the client: online influencers, bloggers and online journalists DIGITAL FORMATS   Sending information using internet-friendly formats (digital media news releases) Construction of press areas on company websites (digital newsrooms)
  9. 9. ENGAGE: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION    Definition of social media strategy and social media plans to manage client's presence in the main social networks. Advice on social media and production of guidelines and process.  Development of editorial plans, with both information and entertainment contents or apps for social media. Definition of metrics and measurement of results. K
  10. 10. ASSET: WEB CONTENT EFFECTIVE ONLINE CONTENT • • The web is a powerful and effective way to convey content and dialogue with stakeholders. Starting from the objectives of the company, the most effective way of communication is defined:  Editorial content for websites, blogs and social media profiles;  Development of corporate blogs, policy definition, platform management, community moderation;  Development of apps for Facebook and mobile;  Etc. 8 6
  11. 11. ASSET: STORYTELLING  Our approach:    Putting people at the center and make it an active part of our history Create the narrative experience Choose the most suitable formats to tell the story
  12. 12. ASSET: WEB DEVELOPMENT WEB DESIGN AND APPS GRAPHICS, DATABASE, E-CRM Production of websites, graphic design, database development, hosting, Facebook or mobile applications.
  13. 13. ONLINE ISSUE MANAGEMENT CRISIS • • • • • • • Crisis preparation through "crisis checkup" application Online risk assessment Monitoring of specific issues Definition of guidelines, processes and procedures for online crisis management Strengthening online reputation through Internet PR, SEO, link building activities Creating websites to support company position (dark sites)
  14. 14. DIGITAL PR ACADEMY    Founded in 2008, Digital PR Academy is dedicated to educate companies and communicators on Internet PR and digital marketing. Different levels of courses: base, intermediate and advanced, on two main themes: Internet PR and Social Media. Possibility of ad-hoc courses for companies on specific sectors / themes.
  15. 15. ALWAYS LEARNING  Digital PR pays special attention to research and study the web:  Research on communication trends  Research on web communities  "Brands & Social Media" research  Agency blog as permanent observatory
  17. 17. STRATEGIC CONSULTANCY  Our experience in online strategic communication consultancy and in the development of social media plans, guidelines and procedures for many leading companies, includes:
  18. 18. ADIDAS PERFORMANCE AND THE BLOGGERS CLIENT: ADIDAS ACTIVITY: INTERNET PR Digital PR has been supporting for years Adidas Performance in online communications, building relations with bloggers, providing online press office support and performing web reputation analysis. Involving selected sports bloggers in special events and sending customized apparel allowed to spread Adidas Performance branded content (thousands of occurrences) and to increase the positive perception of the brand on the web.
  19. 19. A RED CARPET EVENT FOR THE WEB CLIENT: PACIOTTI EYEWEAR ACTIVITY: INTERENT PR #paciottieyewear #redcarpetpaciotti To increase Cesare Paciotti Eyewear brand awareness, raise its visibility and stimulate online WOM on its collections, Digital PR created a dialogue with selected Italian fashion bloggers. To start, 20 of them were involved in a special exclusive event, making them act as models on a Red Carpet, with photo and video shooting. This allowed to obtain extensive coverage and amplification on social media as well as many different branded content (posts, images, videos, tweets, etc.) spread on the net, with thousands of posts and comments and a potential reach of 4 million users.
  20. 20. LAUNCHING A BEAUTY BRAND CLIENT: LIZ EARLE ACTIVITY: INTERNET PR + SOCIAL MEDIA Digital PR is supporting the Liz Earle launch in Italy, aiming to build awareness about the brand and its products as well as to increase internet sales. The strategy was to work on two main aspects: creating a long-lasting relationship with top beauty and makeup bloggers in Italy and building a strong and engaged community on social media (Facebook and Twitter). The first action was to involve 20 top fashion bloggers in the launch event, achieving extensive coverage on Italian blogs and amplification on social media (over 6.000 Facebook likes on the Liz Earle page within 2 months).
  21. 21. LINE: THE ITALIAN LAUNCH CLIENT: LINE ACTIVITY: PR (ONLINE AND OFFLINE) Digital PR supported the launch in Italy of LINE, the multiplatform app leader in the world of messaging and free calls for smartphones and PCs. Beside the tech journalists, the launch got a special involvement of online influencers. The launch event got extensive coverage from main tech media and blogs with 130 articles/posts, 150 live tweets as well as social media amplification with more than 2.000 mentions within a week.
  22. 22. SEAT LEON AND THE ONLINE INFLUENCERS CLIENT: SEAT ACTIVITY: INTERNET PR To support the launch of new Seat Leon, Digital PR built a project for selected online influencers in automotive and lifestyle fields, inviting them to an exclusive experience: a test drive at the Misano circuit, in the presence of Seat official pilots. The involvement of the special online influencers and the diffusion of different content through blogs and Twitter allowed to increase awareness of the new Seat Leon, and to generate word of mouth on the web with thousands of posts, comments, images spread over the web in one week.
  23. 23. FOOD RELATIONS CLIENT:MUTTI ACTIVITY: INTERNET PR AND LISTENING To support Mutti , Digital PR has started a special relationship with food bloggers and online influencers. They receive on regular base information and products for tests. Mutti organizes special cooking events for selected food bloggers in the presence of food experts or endorsers, generating extensive coverage and word of mouth on the net and getting better online reputation.
  24. 24. DANONE VOICE IN THE WEB CLIENT: DANONE ACTIVITY: WEBSITES, INTERNET PR, SOCIAL MEDIA, LISTENING Over the last years Digital PR has been supporting Danone with different activities (analysis of online reputation , web development, social media, online influencers relations). To get awareness and coverage from bloggers Digital PR in particular built a visibility strategy for a CSR project such as "Danone for Haiti", creating a blog and feeding social media channels with true experiences to raise the awareness of the project and to spread the contents (videos, images, stories) over the web.
  25. 25. DIGITAL BEAUTY CLIENT: L’OREAL ACTIVITY: INTERNET PR For L'Oréal, to raise Cosmétique Active awareness among the cosmetics online community, Digital PR have been recruiting dozens of online opinion leaders (beauty bloggers and cosmetics forum heavy users) and involving them in a series of exclusive product tests and meetings in the presence of external endorsers and beauty experts. Nowaday Cosmétique Active has a group of more 50 online influencers regularly posting branded contents and getting thousands of posts and contents spread on the web.
  26. 26. NOVARTIS BIOCAMP GOES SOCIAL CLIENT: NOVARTIS ACTIVITY: SOCIAL MEDIA To recruit students and to increase awareness of the Biocamp project, Digital PR focused its plan on Twitter and Facebook. A Facebook page and a Twitter account were setup to recruit students and the Biocamp workshop was “live-tweeted” using the hashtag #BiocampItalia. Within three weeks there has been more than 7.500 Facebook likes and a thousand of tweets, growing.
  27. 27. EPSON PRINT CLIENT: EPSON ACTIVITY: INTERNET PR + SOCIALMEDIA To improve its online reputation and find out the opinions of online communities, Digital PR helped Epson to start a relation with bloggers, sending trial offers and involving them in special Epson events. Digital PR also supported Epson in the development of its Facebook presence and built an app to print in an innovative and creative photos directly from Facebook. The application has been enhanced with special thematic layouts developed to promote marketing initiatives. Installed by thousand of users, the app has being developed at international level.
  28. 28. EUROSPORT SOCIAL MEDIA CLIENT: EUROSPORT ACTIVITY: SOCIAL MEDIA Digital PR started building Eurosport social media presence in 2009, managing it since then. Among the various activities we established a specific Twitter hashtag that is used by viewers to comment on sport events and interact live with TV commentators. The Facebook page has abut 80000 Italian likers. The main Twitter profile has 20000 followers The secondary Twitter profile has 4000 followers
  29. 29. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. For further information: ADDRESS: WEBSITE: EMAIL: TELEPHONE: Via Lomazzo 19, Milan - Italy +39 02 319141 @digitalpritalia