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Digital PR: Toolkits, Reputation, and Search Matter More than Ever Before


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A brand is defined by the summation of conversations taking place about it—online and offline. Although, this statement has always been true, the online component has never been easier of the two to measure. That is why, having the right narrative in play has never been more important. During this session, we will explore real world examples of proactive and reactive narratives, and the must-knows of leveraging digital PR to grow, position, protect and propagate brands.

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Digital PR: Toolkits, Reputation, and Search Matter More than Ever Before

  1. 1. Digital PR: Toolkits, Reputation, andSearch Matter More than Ever Before Presented by Casey Knox Director, Communications at AREA203 @caseymaeknox Southeast PRSA District Conference 2012 - #sePRSA12
  2. 2. DEFINITION DIGITAL PR: The use of online technologies to: 1.  Build relationships 2.  Communicate and exchange messages 3.  Protect and build brand positioning #sePRSA12
  3. 3. STATISTICS 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results com Score8 of 10 US internet users say negative info they read online, made them change their mind about a purchase decision eMarketer 83% of consumers say that online reviews influence their perception about companies eMarketer #sePRSA12
  4. 4. Digital PR: Toolkits
  5. 5. Digital PR Toolkit: MS Office Think beyond writing press releases using Word & creating PowerPoint presentations for monthly reporting... Think of ways to use these tools. ‹ #sePRSA12
  6. 6. Digital PR Toolkit: MS Office Use Excel to synthesize and pivot your data and create custom dashboards. #sePRSA12
  7. 7. Digital PR Toolkit: MS Office Master PowerPoint and create/populate a SlideShare account to facilitate lead generation for B2B. #sePRSA12
  8. 8. SlideShare Stats & Facts •  Largest social content network •  60 million visits a month •  Top 200 web sites •  LinkedIn acquired SlideShare in 2012 •  400,000 new presentations uploaded monthly #sePRSA12
  9. 9. Digital PR Toolkit: MS Office Leverage a simple Word document for an employee-generated content strategy. (credit: Southwest Airlines) Information to capture: Even jot it •  Idea: storyline •  Multimedia: links, photos, videos down on a •  Timeline: when to expect it Post-it not e… •  Misc.: what else is needed #sePRSA12
  10. 10. Digital PR Toolkit: Content Generation Look at content distribution in the context of paid, owned, and earned media. › PAID that drives audiences to › › Paying to leverage the power of a channel to deliver a message another type of media is almost always scalable by performance. OWNED Creating content within a controlled environment and setting a repeatable, value-added experience is (dare I say) key to all content strategies. EARNED Built through engagement, conversation and content sharing, the customer is the channel here. #sePRSA12
  11. 11. Digital PR Toolkit: Content Generation •  Employee-generated content •  User-generated content •  Branded content •  Promotional content #sePRSA12
  12. 12. Digital PR Toolkit: Content Generation •  Repurposing content •  Multiple executions of content •  Refined v. unrefined content #sePRSA12
  13. 13. Unrefined or refined video content? #sePRSA12
  14. 14. Digital PR Toolkit: Social MediaFive pillars of social media management 1 LISTENING 2 CONTENT 3 ENGAGEMENT 4 INTEGRATION 5 MEASUREMENT #sePRSA12
  15. 15. Digital PR Toolkit: Social Media Categories and Audience Types #sePRSA12
  16. 16. Digital PR & Social Intelligence
  17. 17. Digital PR & Social Media IntelligenceTop digital pr uses from social intelligence:1.  PR audit (i.e., earned media volume, trend analysis, sentiment analysis, etc…)2.  Crisis identification3.  Respond to real-time pr opportunities #sePRSA12
  18. 18. Digital PR & Social Media IntelligenceSocial Intelligence - thelistening and collection ofdata from social mediasources for business value. #sePRSA12
  19. 19. Crisis identification case study Objective: Correct a viral travel advisory from US Embassy to avoid travel to Lake Atitlán Alternate Route Map to Lake Atitlán (identified through social intelligence) Target Audience: U.S. travelers with plans to visit Guatemala Solution: Disseminate corrective media statement, collect alternate route footage to post on social properties and share digitally through media and travel influencers Media: Public relations; social media Result: Positive buzz outnumbered negative buzz 57% to 43%; crisis ended within 3 weeks #sePRSA12
  20. 20. Crisis identification case study takeaways •  Use a mix of tools (organic, free and paid tools) •  Conducting pro-active internet-wide listening is paramount (listen beyond your property line) •  Optimize keyword sets and subsets weekly/monthly and as needed •  Open communication lines between Marketing, Corporate Communications, Advertising and PR (sign NDAs and share intelligence) •  Have a crisis plan in place (scenario planning, escalation ladders, response flow charts, contact lists, etc…) #sePRSA12
  21. 21. Digital PR & Optimization
  22. 22. Digital PR optimization: Outbrain •  Content discovery platform •  Helps users discover your content based on what they are currently reading •  Placement among world renowned premium publishers • • • • #sePRSA12
  23. 23. Digital PR optimization case studyObjective: Increase awareness and positive search results for LeadPile’s 3rd consecutiveInc. Magazine nomination—Fastest Growing Companies in AmericaTarget Audience: Potential customers and Industry peersSolution: Launch an integrated PR and social media campaignMedia: Digital public relations; social mediaResult: Over 21,OOO article clicks; more than 16M impressions; increased Twitter communitysize by 100%; gained two page one organic search results for “LeadPIle” #sePRSA12
  24. 24. Digital PR optimization case study takeaways •  Recommended test campaigns media budget ($5k for 30 days-minimum) •  Create several title options to test •  Outbrain’s comprehensive analytics dashboard; track clicks, impressions, interactions, conversions (i.e., application downloads) •  Outbrain is a pay-for-performance model •  Use Outbrain as part of an overall PR strategy #sePRSA12
  25. 25. Digital PR & Search
  26. 26. Digital PR & Search Engines Rankings ✓Ways to positively impact SERPs• Publish owned media releases ✓• Gain positive earned media coverage ✓ ✓• Build a portfolio of social and ✓ c owned assets
  27. 27. Digital PR & Search Engines • Quality content is key • Use relevant links (but not too many) • Integrate social sharing and traction around content • Use plain/natural language—don’t create cryptic headlines
  28. 28. Digital PR & Search Audiences75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results com ScorePress releases headlines with less than 130 characters get moreclicks PR NewswireMake every aspect of a press releases ”tweetable” PR Newswire • Headline • Sub-headline • Every sentence • The multi-media (images or videos)
  29. 29. Suggested Reference Materials
  30. 30. Thank You!