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Question 3


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Question 3

  1. 1. Question 3 : What Kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why Danny Carr
  2. 2. The Production Process• When making a media product such as mine it goes through production and then a publication phase, these are the five steps of these.• Thinking and creating ideas, Things such as how the magazine will look, the genre of the magazine as well as the audience and the content of the magazine.• Research into opposition products and the similarities and differences they have to my product and how successful they are and why. Also who their target audience is, the layout and design and how it appeals to the audience.• Then produce flat plans to show what the product could potentially look like which is a helpful aid in the production process.• Constructing the product on an industrial size.• Distributing the final product to a large or niche audience and decide whether the target audience for my product is commercial or independent.
  3. 3. Publishing• My magazines target audience was for DIYers who are interested in dubstep and grime style music. Although this music in recent time is starting to become more mainstream it still doesn’t get as much recognition and publication within printed media. It does get fleeting mentions in mainstream magazines such as Q and NME but doesn’t really have its own magazine like rock music does with Kerrang. As this type of music has made massive strides within the music industry I would look to be publishing my magazine mainstream. So companies such as Bauer media may be interested in publishing my magazine. As bauer media tend to publish mainstream magazines and I feel my magazine could have the same effect on the Dubstep and grime scene as Kerrang has had on the rock scene.Mainstream audiences go out to a larger section of the community and are more likely to be bought by more people. This sterotype is usually to a younger audience but older people still may have interest dependant on location as this genre may be of interest to people in south or north London in particular. Larger mainstream target audiences are distributed at larger stores such as WHsmith, HMV, supermarkets and many leading convenience shops and newsagents.
  4. 4. Who would distribute• Bauer media group currently distribute a range of different music magazines from Q to Kerrang and others. What this shows is that they are willing to try and appeal to different types of audiences as they have a general mainstream magazine in Q and a more specialised mainstream magazine in Kerrang which mainly caters for rock music. So I feel that Bauer media would be interested to publish my magazine which is more for the dubstep style of music as it could also have positive effects for them. This is because they would be gaining the money and exposure form other sections in the market in which they haven’t previously really catered forso they would be gaining more interest in their other products potentially but it would also give Bauer media more control on the whole printed music media magazine market.• My product is very unlike anything that Bauer media currently sell but I feel with their experience they could help to use their past experience of succesful other magazines and rub that off onto my product. Also I feel as it would be the first magazine of this sort on the market they would benefit from taking the initative and adding a new fresh scene onto the market, they would be filling a void in the market which would have very goood financial affects on the company. As they would gain a whole new audience.• I also feel that with the companies current success it would have positive effects on mine as people who like their current products may also be interest in this one so then this style of music would be given more exposure and also the style of muisic would have more listeners and followers so could expand and become more mainstream. With bauer medias experience they would know how to make my magazine a success.
  5. 5. Advertising my product• My product is a lesser know mainstream style of music so it can prove harder to advertise. But there are cheap ways of doing this, they can use social networking sites such as facebook and twitter to advertise these would be successful as they are widely used by over millions of people worldwide. This is a simple and free way of engaging a larger target audience and also gives them more opportunities to engage directly with the people who would potentially buy the product and how to improve so this is another positive. My product could also take a more expensive way of advertising and use TV or radio advertisement they would look to advertise on the grime music channels but others would be appropriate to try and engage other audiences. Using TV and radio it would reach a larger varied type of audience so could engage different people into becoming into the magazine/ I could also use things such as posters and small advertisements in other magazines which cater for mainstream magazines which people who might follow DIYer and dubstep music who read these magazines for the small section of Dubstep will then read this magazine. The magazine could also try and advertise small music gigs which are related to their genre so it gets more recognition. They could also try and get people like Example who are big name players within their part of the industry to be pictured with the magazine and highlight it on their twitter, facebook and in interviews.
  6. 6. Distributing My Product• As my product is to be for a mainstream audience it will be more appropriate and suitable to distribute my magazine to stores which sell a variety of different magazine. Places such as supermarkets like Morrisons,Tesco,Asda,Sainsburys and more and other retailers like HMV and Whsmith and also local convenience stores and newsagents. Doing this I could offer a subscription service in which people would get deals on introductory offers so they would be persuaded to buy the magazine. They could order offline and get it delivered to their house and get special offers and freebies for being a member. Postage would cost extra but this would be covered by the additional extras they would receive.• The emergence of web 2.0 will make things a lot simpler to advertise and sell online and they would reach a larger audience and more websites would give more oppurtunities of advertising