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New product developments - Jennifer Lin - London LIVE 2017


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Presentation by Jennifer Lin at Crossref's London LIVE event, 26th September 2017.

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New product developments - Jennifer Lin - London LIVE 2017

  1. 1. Rethinking Metadata Jennifer Lin Crossref LIVE London 2017
  2. 2. What is metadata?
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  5. 5. Infrastructure for scholarly discussion • Readers can see provenance and get context of a work • Links to this content persist over time • The metadata is useful, freely available, human & machine accessible • Reviews are connected to the full history of the published results • Contributors are given credit for their work (we will ask for ORCID iDs) • The citation record is clear and up-to-date
  6. 6. I. New content type: Reviews • Assets across peer review history for any and all review rounds: referee reports, decision letters, and author responses • Pre & post publication • Dedicated metadata • characterizes peer review asset: recommendation, type, license, contributor info, competing interests • makes the review process transparent: pre/post- publication, revision round, review date
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  8. 8. • Community provisioning & preservation of event metadata • Consistent aggregation of metadata and transparency measures is basis of data reliability and integrity • Data standardization for downstream users • Evidence trail to establish trust in the source data across platforms (scholarly & non-scholarly) II. Event Data Beta
  9. 9. III. Data & software citations • Proper research practice (DataCite-STM Joint Statement, FORCE11 Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles) • Formal referencing of related resources • Critical for validation & reproducibility of results • Provide credit to data & software contributors • Facilitate reuse of scholarly outputs
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  11. 11. Metadata enable connections DO DO DODO DO
  12. 12. Activities surrounding it ffff Metadata: Literature Associated research outputs Associated research entities
  13. 13. Rethinking metadata • Contributors • Funding information • Publication history • Peer review • Access indicators • Clinical trial & study information • Resources & associated research artifacts • Activity surrounding the publication
  14. 14. Open data Your interpretation Multiple uses
  15. 15. Thank you Noun Project contributors: BlueTip Design, Jose Moya, Gira Park, Jérôme Poslednik, Adame Dahmani, Simple Icons, Mani Amini, Viktor Vorobyev,, Ashwin Dinesh Jennifer Lin, PhD @jenniferlin15
  16. 16. By National Security Agency - original image | source, Public Domain,
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  18. 18. Event Data - some use cases Crossref Event Data Publishers Analytics providers Hosting platforms Bibliometricians Funders Enhance author services Collect real-time data Analyze publication growth Track DOI-related activity Measure research impact Sample use cases