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Reference linking and Cited-by


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Information on how to deposit and link your references with Crossref and participate in our Cited-by service. Presented at Crossref LIVE Yogyakarta, November 2017.

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Reference linking and Cited-by

  1. 1. Reference linking & Cited-by
  2. 2. ` linking out your references is the opposite of Cited By linking
  3. 3. • Members MUST add outbound Crossref DOI links to their references – This is a membership rule Reference Linking
  4. 4. `
  5. 5. Getting back your matched references…
  6. 6. Crossref Simple Text Query Slides reproduced courtesy of INASP
  7. 7. ` Cited-by (what other journals reference or ‘cite’ your journal)
  8. 8. Title of Presentation Presenter Presenter position @twittername Meeting/Conference title, Location, Date
  9. 9. Participation 1. Email to sign-up 2. Deposit to Crossref reference lists each article’s metadata 3. Query Crossref for a list of all DOIs citing a document 4. Display Cited-by results on your website No fee - Cited-by is an optional service
  10. 10. Question • Why do different services show different numbers/citations? • A: they are looking at different sets of journals, articles and data • Crossref will include things that other databases do not (and vice-versa
  11. 11. Title of Presentation Presenter Presenter position @twittername Meeting/Conference title, Location, Date An XML deposit file Depositing your references
  12. 12. ` Depositing your references Three ways to include a reference in your XML 3) As text reference <citation key="2697_CR10"> <unstructured_citation>British Standard. Chemical methods- Extraction of trace elements soluble in aqua-regia. BS 7755-3.9: 1995 ISO 11466 1995</unstructured_citation> </citation> 1) As structured data <citation key="459_CR8"> <journal_title>Mon Weather Rev</journal_title> <author>GJ Holland</author> <volume>108</volume> <first_page>1212</first_page> <cYear>1980</cYear> </citation> 2) As a DOI <citation key="ref10"> <doi>10.1037/13484-000</doi> </citation>
  13. 13. Deposit with Simple Text Query Slides reproduced courtesy of INASP
  14. 14. Enter email Paste references in here Hit ‘submit’ to finish Crossref Simple Text Query
  15. 15. Other? • OJS are working with Crossref on a tool to help deposit references • We hope it will be available from OJS v3.2 • At the moment, you would need to use one of the methods above or export from OJS and add your references into the XML • A full Cited-by plug in was available for earlier versions of OJS. We hope to revive it soon.
  16. 16. `Three strategies for retrieving cited-by data 1) Periodically come and get the latest data, then update your pages 3) Come and get the data on the fly when a user has asked to see it • In all cases you make HTTP requests to get the data • In #1 and #2 you have to store the results 2) For each DOI come and get the data once, and enable alerts
  17. 17. ` Periodically get the data<username> &pwd=<password>&doi=<doi> &startDate=<startDate>&endDate=<endDate>&date=<single day> • The DOI would be just a prefix, in which case ‘date’ must be provided • These requests can return VERY large responses Example: Usr=***&pwd=***&doi=10.1067&date=2011-05-10
  18. 18. `
  19. 19. ` Periodically get the data<usernam e>&pwd=<password> &set=J:<prefix>:<journalID> &from=YYYY-MM-DD&until=YYYY-MM-DD &metadataPrefix=cr_citedby • These requests can return VERY large responses Example:**** &set=J:10.2981:60810&metadataPrefix=cr_citedby
  20. 20. `
  21. 21. ` Get the data once, and enable alerts <?xml version = "1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> … <body> <fl_query alert="true"> <doi>10.1053/sonc.2002.35642</doi> </fl_query> </body> </query_batch>
  22. 22. `Get the data on the fly =<username>&pwd=<password>&doi=<doi> Usr=***&pwd=***&doi=10.1067/mcp.2001.115446 Example:
  23. 23. `
  24. 24. Figuring out who has cited your content can be difficult; Cited-by provides a way to find these citations and display the results.
  25. 25. Questions?