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Help and support from Crossref


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Showing how to get support from Crossref in different ways. Presented at Crossref LIVE Yogyakarta in Nov 2017

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Help and support from Crossref

  1. 1. How to get help
  2. 2. Working with Sponsoring Affiliates • Crossref works with around 30 Sponsoring Affiliates based all around the world representing over 3,000 publishers • One new Sponsor in Indonesia: Relawan Journal Indonesia • We also have Sponsoring Publishers, Service Providers
  3. 3. Working with Sponsors • These organisations help Crossref manage the growing number of members in terms of: • Local language support • Technical support • Billing and payments (local currency) • It gives Crossref one point of contact and helps feed back local knowledge to us
  4. 4. Working with members • We’d like to do more: • Local LIVE events (hi!) • Webinars • Better language support • Community forum • We’d love your ideas
  5. 5. Crossref Community Ambassador program • To gain a deeper understanding of certain audiences or countries • Outbound education - existing members and new audiences • Improve communication with and between non-
  6. 6. • To launch January 2018 will small number of Ambassadors • Interested? Fill out an interest form at • Questions? Crossref Community Ambassador program
  7. 7. Support Center • comprehensive technical documentation • create and review support tickets
  8. 8. Where to find help
  9. 9. Product Support • help members register and maintain their metadata records • help everyone else discover and use metadata records • 1/3 of all support tickets are related to metadata quality concerns
  10. 10. Where to find help • Help documentation: • Crossref technical support: email • Webinars: • Other questions:
  11. 11. Staying up-to-date Twitter: @crossrefOrg and @crossrefsupport What are we thinking about: What are we playing with: - new and experimental tools and initiatives
  12. 12. Thank you!