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Corp placements


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Leading Executive Search Firm based in Bangalore, India - Build your Resume

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Corp placements

  1. 1. - Build your Resume
  2. 2. Structure of The Presentation • Introduction - Corp Placements 1 • Snapshot of Few Work Samples 2 3 • Current Status • Process of recruitment 4 • Clients 5
  3. 3. Introduction1) Started in 2003. Why Corp Placements B) Good Industry Experience.2) Based in Bangalore. A) Assessment of candidate includes: C) Speedy Delivery3) Service clients across the country. 1) Cultural Fitment Analysis D) Valuable Database4) Focus on Permanent placements 2) Technical Fitment Analysis E) Lesser Attritionandrecruitments, contracting, Executive 3) Leadership and Behavioural F) Good understanding ofSearch and Resume Writing. Fitment requirements and Technologies. Choose a Job you like and you will never have to work a day in your life.
  4. 4. Introduction- Functional and Industry Practices • Sales and Business Development • Brand/Product management • Training • KeyFinancial • Recruitment accounts/InstitutionalServices • Generalist SalesWealth Services Consumer • Market Researchmanagement • Payroll Industry • Advertising/Insurance FMCG Information • Industrial Hospitality Durables Retail relations MarketingRetail Financial Technology Communicationsservices Real Estate MediaPrivate Equity Logistics Hospitality HR Marketing tsCapitalMarkets Administration /Security Senior Industrial Management Healthcare •Developers – IT Finance Java, Dot Automotive Research and Hospitals Net, Mainfram Construction Development/ Pharmaceutica e, Testing Chemical Quality ls profiles. Engineering Biotechnology •Embedded, Tel Engineering ecom, Wireless Consulting/Str , VLSI, Chip • Risk/Credit ategy Design Accounts/Audit/Tax •Niche Skill sets Content/Creati Chartered •Analytics/Data ve/Research warehousing/B Accountants/Cost usiness Accountants/Compa Legal Intelligence ny Teaching • Data Base Secretary/Chartered Professionals Analysts Travel • Systems Commercial/L Programming ogistics/Supply • Networking Chain • ERP/E Commerce.
  5. 5. Snapshot Of Few Work Samples India CEO Search for a MNC Bulk Hiring for a Campus large Indian Recruitment for a Corporate MNC Recruitment of Interviews for entire manpower Clients team for FMCG Corporate
  6. 6. CEO - India Operations Empowered by a CA based MNC to recruit Short listing Selection the India CEO• CORP PLACEMENTS did • Identified, contacted • Organised a thorough research on and interviewed a few VCs, Telephonic the Industry, Company and shortlisted five discussions before a business candidates to present final round of personal verticals, competitors. to the board. meeting.• To figure out prospects • Conducted a reference • Negotiated basis for this position. check on the shortlists standard international benchmark rates for this position Head hunted the Shortlisted by Selected from role from a California based Ten Vendors Competitor MNC Company
  7. 7. Snapshot Campus Placement ofBulk Hiring – Top Recruitment – IT entire sales force IT Client MNC - FMCG Client Objective – To hire 200 South East Asian MNC Undertook a campus testing Engineers in 3-4 entering the Indian recruitment drive for a months from tier 2 Snack food and new-entrant IT MNC cities. Beverages Market Mandated to recruit the With the assistance of a entire sales force Sourced profiles in senior HR professional. starting from selected 7 cities and Started from NIT GM, Brand, Sales scheduled 50 -75 Suratkal along the coast Managers, Sales interviews in each city. to end at IIT Chennai. Executives, TSI etc across Indian states.
  8. 8. Current Status Database Corp Placements database built over the last ten years CP Software Resumes’ receives parses the are more than CV’s and searchable Portals Referral/Head 1000 uploads in depending Others resumes’ the cloud on criteriaAdvertisements Hunting per day database specified Clients- around 140 clients • Based in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Word of • Liaison office in Cochin Reference Mouth Infrastructure MNC Background check, partn Indian ers, No • Engineers, MBA – HR and Marketing, C Start-up old Calls Graduates- all based in Bangalore Client Consultants Others Acquisition
  9. 9. Recruitment Process Understand client requirements Benchmark competition, salary Assess if CP can handle levels, exp levels etc Candidate Identification Database, Portals, References, HH, Ad’s Validation and ScreeningInterviewing, Short listing Selection, Offer, Follow up
  10. 10. Resume Writing Services Recently introduced - Build your Resume - CV Writing Services • Portal with inbuilt 100 plus CV formats Currently rated by in the top charts for traffic in employment vertical • World’s most economical Professional Resume Writing Services
  11. 11. Few Clients
  12. 12. Thank You. – Build your Resume