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LED Lighting


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SunGET LED Lighting Co.,Limited is professional in LED lighting,led tube,led buld,led circle light,led panle light,led flood light,led spot light etc manufacturer.

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LED Lighting

  1. 1. Design | Manufacture | Deliver
  2. 2. SunGET ApproachSunGET LED Lighting Co.,Ltd has specializedin LED Lighting for 6 years.It is a high-tech green Partnering with SunGET means working with aillumination enterprise specialized in LED relationship centered, expert team dedicated to fullyindoor/outdoor lighting with equipments value understanding your expectations, goals, andmore than Usd3Million,occupying area of 50, 000 budgetary needs.square meters. SunGET LED has introducedmany advanced equipments and machines for Our best resources are committed to Design,production, R&D and inspection from home and Manufacture and Deliver products and systems thatabroad.With veteran engineers and their allow you achieve your goals.professional technology and continuingresearch,SunGET products already haveCE,TUV,ETL and ROHS Certification.we As a result,SunGET has earned a solid reputation withmanufacture a wide range of LED lighting our customers and are valued for our commitment toproducts and deliver them to markets in more than quality, responsiveness to our customers, our30 countries and area around the world.We offer manufacturing flexibility, and superior on-time delivery.LED bay light,LED flood light,LED tunnellight,LED circle tube light,LED tube light,LED Our goal :Cabinet light,LED panel 100% environmental friendly;light,bulbs,downlights,modules and so on. 100% customer’s satisfaction;SunGET products are widely and successfully 100% high quality warranty;used in Public locations,Commercial 100% of the time;advertisements,Shopping mall,Airport,Bus 100% technology support with well after sales service.station,Harbor,Sports Stadium,Bank Stockexchanging center,Governmentinstitutions,school.Post office,Entertainmentcenter,Traffic facilities,Hospital,Custom house Design | Manufacture | Delivertraffic and lighting decorations etc.Welcome warmly the friends of various circles to http://www.sungetled.comour company for visit, guiding and negotiation!
  3. 3. Functional Chief Executive OfficerOrganization Chart President SuMing Lin Chief Operating Officer Executive Vice President Henry Gu Engineering Department ShiKui Liang Sales Department SunGET Overseas EngineeringQuality Department Program Management Materials Management PMC Department Services GuangHui Liu ZhenDe Liu, Dir Yang Zhao, Mgr Chunming Liu, Dir -Document Control -Document Customer Sales Generation -New Acct SalesCompliance Program -Prospecting Materials Production -Drafting Services-ISO 9001:2000 Management -Acct-Environmental Management -LED chip SMT. -Operations -Account Qualification -Purchasing -LED Driving Reporting Management -ProposalsInternal Auditing -Material Control power. -Existing Cust -Capture -Inventory -LED Frame Engineering Sales -ForecastingStatistical -Planning -LED assemble SupportProcess -Customer Support -Rep -Shipping / -LED burn-in -Design SupportMonitoring -Technical Management Receiving test ….Etc. -Test Fixture Interface -Cost Estimating DesignCustomer Quality -Pricing Marketing Test & Inspection -Assembly AidsInterface -Forecasting -Advertising Process Engineering
  4. 4. The Certification of LED Lighting
  5. 5. LED LightingTechnology/Testing/Research Center :SunGET LED LightingTechnology/Testing/Research Center(Lab):Our factory set up theprofessional LED Lightingtechnology/Testing/Research center support thefull service for our clients.The Lab center includingthe Materials testingLAB,The lumens/colortemperature/lightingeffect/Color-renderingindex/illuminance/Electric quantity/powerfator/power LAB,SaftyTesting LAB,EMC TestingLAB,High-LowTemperature LAB,ShockShake Testing LAB,Salt-Fog Apray Testing LAB Design | Manufacture | Deliverand so on.
  6. 6. LAB Tour1 :
  7. 7. LAB Tour2 :
  8. 8. Factory Tour:WorkShop 1 SMT SMT patch processing
  9. 9. Factory Tour:WorkShop 2 Reflow Soldering pulg-in production line LED Assemble Line
  10. 10. Factory Tour:WorkShop 3 LED Light Testing Line LED Bulb Lighting aging line LED Tube Lighting aging line Outdoor/Big Power LED Light aging line
  11. 11. Factory Tour:WorkShop 4 LED Lighting End-product QC Line LED Bulb Lighting aging line
  12. 12. Successfully CaseShenZhen LongChengSquare lightreplacement project isthe major supplier whouse LED light do theoverall replacement inLED lighting industry,it isa very importantmilestone to the LEDlighting application.Mainproducts are the 30WattLED flood light,LED Spotlight,LED decoration lightEtc.
  13. 13. Market ApplicationsSunGET LED Lighting arewidely and successfully used Public place Warehouse in Public locations,Commercial advertisements,Home Lighting,Shopping mall,Airport,Bus station,Harbor,Sports Stadium,Bank Stock exchanging Shop Lighting Office Lighting center,Government institutions,school.Post office,Entertainment center,Traffic facilities,Hospital,Custom house traffic and lighting decorations etc. Commercial Lighting Home Lighting
  14. 14. Decoration Other LEDRevenue by lighting lightingMarket 5% 10% Public Project 12% Home Lighting Commerce 52% Lighting 21%
  15. 15. Why Partner • Integrated Solutions for Our Customers Diverse LED Lighting Expertisewith SunGET ? OEM/ODM Service Single Resource from Design through Production Simplified Supply Chain Management SunGET LED Lighting Proven Record of Quality, Reliability, and Co.,Ltd conduct strict ServiceQC procedures to ensure Lowest Total Cost Solution with High Quality Warranty each unit is up to your quality standard.Every month.we sell our 10 • Recognized Performance ISO-9001:2008 Registered million LED CE/ROHS/TUVlamps,9million LED spot ROHS Compliant Processes light and down lights,50000 LED tubes,8000 High Power LEDs Etc.Usually,We can complete yourorders in about one week. Design | Manufacture | Deliver
  16. 16. SunGET LED Lighting Co.,LtdShenZhen Factory:Address:No.5,2nd IndustryZone,Dayang 3 Road,YuLuVillage,GongMingTown,GuangMing NewDstrict,ShenZhen City 518106,GuangDong Province,China.Phone: +86-755-8883 3813Fax: +86-755-3327 7572Email:info@sungetled.comURL: www.sungetled.comEurope Office:Bailly Romainvilliers FranceTel : +33 954969168Fax : +33 959969168 Design | Manufacture | Deliver