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ConvergeSouth 2012

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Bringing the conversation home ConvergeSouth2012

  1. 1. Bring theConversation Home How to take control of your online presence
  2. 2. ...anyone in touch with this emotion?
  3. 3. Let’s take control•What’s your mission?•Coordinate the message•Focus your efforts
  4. 4. A story about bees
  5. 5. The hive mentality• Focus all social outposts to draw bees back to your hive• They’ll make honey there
  6. 6. What’s your honey?•Money?•Awareness?•Social good?•Happy customers?
  7. 7. What the hive does•SEO & long-term content equity•Traffic on your own turf•You control; no surprises•Analytics•Monetize opportunity
  8. 8. Choose your tools•Is my audience there?•Is it a “shiny object?”•Do I know how to use it?•Does it support my goals?
  9. 9. Narrowing Down•Is the content time-sensitive?•Consider demographics of your target•Is it easy for audience to take action?•Mobile vs non-mobile•What’s the topic?
  10. 10. Focus your message•Look at your tone, personality•Call to action•Pay attention to the specific social tool
  11. 11. Consistency•Who are you? Mission & personality...•Imagery•Rules of engagement•Set expectations•Many voices, one message
  12. 12. Cross-pollination Badges Link ListsCohesive Branding Embed Codes RSS Feeds Widgets Teaser Content Single Login Social Sharing
  13. 13. Real Example
  14. 14. Homework• List your current social tools• For each, evaluate why you’re using, is it effective• What does your hive look like?• Find best tool to bring it all together on your website You CAN do it!• Look for integration points
  15. 15. Let’s connect!Rosemary O’NeillPresident, Social Stratahttp://socialstrata.comWe make, the ultimate socialcommunityTwitter: @rhogroupeeLinkedIn: /rosemaryoneillImages:Jordan Fischer and Fifth World Art via Flickr.comCreative Commons