Online Fundraising for Nonprofits Sue Polinsky ConvergeSouth2012


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Sue Polinsky's ConvergeSouth 2012 presentation on Nonprofit Online Fundraising tools

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Online Fundraising for Nonprofits Sue Polinsky ConvergeSouth2012

  1. 1. ONLINE FUNDRAISING ConvergeSouth Oct. 12 2012 FOR NONPROFITS
  2. 2. TIPS FOR RAISING MONEY ONLINE1. Ask for money for special projects or hot items, NOT for general support.2. Set a deadline3. Ask LOTS of people but do not spam (frequency matters)4. Make the “ASK” the main message in your email (“call to action”)5. Make sure recipients KNOW and LIKE the sender of the email (not “info”)6. Use a great subject line: why are you asking?7. Content is king: make the copy short & punchy; GIVE A LINK TO DONATE!8. HTML emails generally get a better response9. Content should be interesting and useful to readers10. Ask everywhere you can (not just email)11. Build a good list and update it12. TEST YOUR EMAIL before sending13. Integrate your email with your sig line, phone & events fundraising
  3. 3. WHO DONATES ONLINE? People under 35 may not have checkbooks Using online donations spreads your reach Even old folks are donating online (well, starting to…) They have to be able to use their own credit cards  Older folks distrust PayPal Try not to use open-ended amounts  Suggest a minimum Donate for specific things, like…
  4. 4. FUNDRAISE FOR EVERY THING! Run / Walk / Bike  Make a personal connection Volunteer  Tell a story, use a video Birthday  Keep supporters engaged Wedding  Update supporters Personal Cause  Be compelling Tribute  Tell them how their money will College Project be used Helping an Individual in Need  Allow comments on FB & Twitter Other ideas?
  5. 5. FIRST, YOUR DECISIONS… Are donations a large or small piece of your mission? Do you want to use a vendor’s merchant account or your own?  Does it integrate with your financial software? Know what size and volume of donations you expect to get?  Be realistic Does the donation form need to look like your website? How easy/hard will it be for you to import donations into your donor database? What critical features do you need?  Memorials, gifts, employer matching, recurring gifts, eChecks, outside N.A.?
  6. 6. ONLINE DONATION SITES Integrate into your site  Crowdfunding Sites  Click and Pledge   Network for Good   PayPal   Google Checkout   Amazon Payments   Which do YOU use?     www.crowdfunding-
  7. 7. CROWDFUNDING Crowdfunding uses social media and an online donation page to fund a project ( Similar to but project specific
  8. 8. HOW CROWDFUNDING WORKSCreate your siteShare with friendsCollect online donationsTrack resultsTools  Widgets  Sharing (FB, email, Twitter)  Send updates
  9. 9. HOW DO THESE SERVICES MAKE MONEY? They charge you for  Setup fee  Monthly fee for merchant account  Percentage rate on credit card sales  Per-transaction fee  Hidden fees, like creating your webpage
  10. 10. SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE SaaS  Software as a Service means going to a website, using a tool, and copying some code back to your website.  We call this “integrating” or “embedding” Cost of SaaS  Some is free  Some is kinda free (limits)  Some costs a fee (‘rentware’)
  11. 11. FUNDRAISING SAASScenario 1 Easy Method:  Get a payment tool  PayPal: 501(c)(3) rate is 2.7%  PayPal or Google Checkout  If yours is higher, call  Get a form tool like Jotform  Jotform: free for 10  Jotform is reasonably priced donations/payments per month  Never store credit card numbers on your website or  Make a Jotform server!  Integrate it in your website  Put your donate page online!
  13. 13. HOW DOES JOTFORM WORK?At What You Do1. Get a Jotform account 1. Integrate into your site2. Build a form 2. Get “embed” code3. (Have PayPal account) 3. Paste code onto your4. Put PayPal info into webpage & publish Jotform 4. Later, update the form5. Save form at Jotform 5. Website automagically updates!
  14. 14. EMBED MEANS “PASTE”1. Copy the code2. Go to your webpage3. Paste the code4. Save and publish your page5. View your pageIssues? Fix them at Jotformand not on your webpage.
  15. 15. NETWORK FOR GOOD PROS  Network for Good does almost all work for you  They handle credit card processing  They build a page that looks like your site CONSIDERATIONS  Can be expensive  Lowest package: $49.99/month + $200 setup fee  3% fee per transaction  SINGLE donation page
  16. 16. RECURRING GIFTS Recurring donations are long-term Life gifts, stock transfers, life insurance – all long-term gifts The time to encourage long-term gifts is BEFORE someone passes away, so…
  17. 17. LEAD INTO DONATIONS Take visitors to a page before donations OR Put text above your donation People do not “just give money” People want something in return IDEAS  In honor of  In memory of  Celebrating (occasion)  Others? Send an acknowledgement card (a nice one, please) Who do you send the card to?
  18. 18. COLLECT INFORMATIONWhat makes a good form?1. Short & easy2. Fast to complete3. *Required fields4. But not too many5. Get the info you need, avoid duplicates
  19. 19. THINGS TO DO EVERY DAYCollect email Tell your story on your addresses website. Be clear.Make email lists Be conciseUPDATE lists THANK DONORSGet a big DONATE electronically NOW button Leverage social media Constant Contact capture tool is a small program that lets you update your lists from your desktop.
  20. 20. A WORD ABOUT BLAST EMAILSWhat gets a response? Biggest email mistakes  Calls to action  I get one a week!  Humor or cleverness  They’re too long  Video beats text  They’re boring  Targeted lists  No links  Special link just for that  No call to action campaign  No new information  Quality website  GIVE US MONEY! is FREE if you have <2,000 subscribers and send <12,000 emails per month. Not as many features as Constant Contact.
  21. 21. FIND ME EVERYWHEREDr. Sue PolinskyPresident, TechTriad, Inc.Phone: 336-852-4321Email: sue@techtriad.comTwitter: @suepolinsky, techtriadFacebook: spolinsky@gmail.comLinkedIn: suepolinsky4Square: suepolinsky