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John Prowse, vCISO at BT - Security Anxiety


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John Prowse, vCISO at BT, presented at CIO EVENT October 2014

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John Prowse, vCISO at BT - Security Anxiety

  1. 1. Security Why does it go wrong?
  2. 2. So why does security go wrong? • Financial; • Knowledge; • Governance; • Ignorance; • Volume; • Velocity; • Variety; • Stupidity; • Vanity. © British Telecommunications plc
  3. 3. Is the Sky Falling? • 76m households and 7m small businesses compromised. • What do we see: – Death of the perimeter; – Too great a reliance on technology (but how else do we do it?) – Psychological comfort; – Re-engineering the corporation (rush to the cloud); – Does the finance team dictate the risk? – Can we have the security conversation. © British Telecommunications plc
  4. 4. Proximal Objectives and Service Delivery © British Telecommunications plc Exceeded Service Objective Permissible Service Tolerance Optimal Service Objectives Permissible Service Tolerance Exceeded Service Objective -£ £ +£ • Variety • Velocity • Volume £ -£ E.G. Exceeding Service Objectives
  5. 5. Pathway to the Authentic Promise Co-Develop Security Strategy Deliver Coordinated Security Strategy Continuous CISO Engagement Improved Business and Customer Awareness Uplift your BI and MI Improved Customer Satisfaction Delivery of Improved Secuirty Operations Improved Security Delivery Security Change Delivery Improvements Improved Effectiveness in Delivery Interface and Team Improvements Improved Delivery and Satisfaction Closure of Intermediate Security Gaps Improved Effectiveness Closure of Intermediate Business Gaps Improved Efficiency © British Telecommunications plc Action Outcome Client Satisfaction and Service Improvement Improvement
  6. 6. Security Wheel of Fortune © British Telecommunications plc Doing Space Discussion Space Decision Space Are We Here? We Need To Be Here Authentic Promises Relationship Management Trusted Advisor
  7. 7. How Do We Get There? © British Telecommunications plc Do What We Say We Will (Fulfilment) Success Authority Change the Culture Investment Re-Balance Commercials Re-Setting Operations
  8. 8. © British Telecommunications plc Any Questions?