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Acteva webinar presentation


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Slides accompanying Acteva Webinar on October 5, 2011.

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Acteva webinar presentation

  1. 1. Acteva  Webinar October  5,  2011 EffectiveCommunication for  Current  Times
  2. 2. @brianreich#shiftandreset
  3. 3. Brian  Reich   Married  (Karen) Two  kids  (Henry  and  Lucy) 33  Years  Old.    Jewish. Live  in  New  York  City.    Travel  a  lot. Work  for  Edelman  (editorial,  knowledge  sharing) Strategize.  Write.  Speak.  Teach.  Provoke. Focus  on  the  impact  of  technology  and  the  internet  on  society. Politics.    Public  Affairs.  Marketing.  PR.  Advertising.  Causes.  Technology.  Innovation.   Commerce.  Entertainment.    Sports.  News.  Education.  Games.  Brand.  Culture. Wall  Street  Journal.  New  York  Times.  Washington  Post.  Seattle  Times.  LA  Times.  Boston   Globe.  Chicago  Tribune.  Politico.  Denver  Post.  Miami  Herald.  Dallas  Morning  News.  Sports   Illustrated.  GQ.  Vanity  Fair.  New  Yorker.  Time.  Newsweek.  New  Republic.  Wired.  Fast   Company.  In  Style.    Sports  Illustrated.    ESPN  The  Magazine.  1000+  Blogs.    Twitter.   Facebook.  Sesame  Street.  Dinosaur  Train.  Word  World.  Criminal  Minds.  Oprah.  Modern   Family.  SportsCenter.  16  &  Pregnant.  Friday  Night  Lights.  30  Rock.  Fresh  Air.  Slate’s  Hang   Up  And  Listen.  This  American  Life.  PolitOptics.  Wait  Wait  Don’t  Tell  Me.  Books.  Ads.   [Partial  list] Mac.  PC.  iPhone.  Blackberry.  iPad  2.  Flip.  Zoom  H49.  Sonos.  Canon  D20.  Tivo  (x2).  Wii.  MiFi. Seattle.    Westport.    Washington.    Cambridge.  Ann  Arbor.  50  States. 646.789.1323 Media  Rules!:  Mastering  Today’s  Technology  To  Connect  With  And  Keep  Your  Audience Shift  &  Reset:  Strategies  for  Addressing  Serious  Issues  in  a  Connected  SocietyTwitter Facebook Slideshare Scribd YouTube Flickr Foursquare
  4. 4. I  AmANGRY
  5. 5. What  we  are  doing  isn’t  working  anymore!
  6. 6. Everything  must  change.
  7. 7. Technology  and  the  Internet,  and  their  role  in  our  lives,  has  changed  how  we  communicate,  get  and  share  information,  the  media  we  consume,  and  the  reasons  we  engage  with  each  other  -­‐  online  and  ofeline.  The  effects  of  these  changes  are  being  felt  by  all  of  us,  every  day,  all  the  time.  
  8. 8. Information  moves  FASTER.  People  are  more  closely  CONNECTED.  We  all  have  DIFFERENT  OPTIONS  and  BETTER  CHOICES.    Our  EXPECTATIONS  ARE  HIGHER.    The  connections  we  make  to  the  issues  and  events  that  shape  our  world  are  being  TRANSFORMED  -­‐-­‐  rapidly  and  constantly.  
  9. 9. How  organizations  operate,  organize,  and  communicate  must  be  RE-­IMAGINED.    The  passion  and  interest  of  individuals  must  be  RE-­FOCUSED  and  RE-­DIRECTED.    The  ways  that  we  measure  success  must  be  RE-­ASSESSED.    The  ways  we  promote  big  ideas  and  create  better  solutions  must  be  RE-­ENVISIONED.
  10. 10. Why?
  11. 11. Phones   Change  Everything
  12. 12. Apps   Change  Everything
  13. 13. Facebook   Changes  Everything
  14. 14. HBO  GO   Changes  Everything
  15. 15. Nike   Changes  Everything
  16. 16. Real  Life   Changes  Everything
  17. 17. [CHAPTER  11]
  18. 18. Stop   Giving  Gifts  (And  Stop  Asking  For   Them,  Too)
  19. 19. Stop  Creating  New  Orgs
  20. 20. Stop   (Over)Using  Social  Media
  21. 21. Stop  Creating  Case  Studies   (or  Depending   on  Them)
  22. 22. Ask  Me  Anything
  23. 23. Acteva  Webinar October  5,  2011 EffectiveCommunication for  Current  Times