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The evolution of technology

Evolution of Technology

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The evolution of technology

  1. 1. Technology Today Image: By: Austin Ward
  2. 2. Does technology have benefits?
  3. 3. Life expectancy has increased due to advances in medicine and technology (1)
  4. 4. Evidence suggests that technology enables older adults to be more active (1) Image:
  5. 5. The world population age 80 and over will double from 2008 to 2040 (1) Image: 1617121
  6. 6. From new watches that track your steps, heart rate and calories burned Image:
  7. 7. To new devices that can alert medical attention for seniors (2)  "Its a wonderful time for seniors" Jean Dickow (2)
  8. 8. "Gadgets that can ease the burdens of aging are slowly beginning to appear in older adult’s homes and communities."(2)
  9. 9. It is important for seniors to adapt to the digital age  53% of seniors have used the web (3) Image:
  10. 10. How else has technology evolved? Image:
  11. 11. Image: Tesla's electric cars and autopilot With a goal to one day have driverless cars (4)
  12. 12. Autopilot is predicted to reduce accidents by 80% by 2040 (4) Image: rings_by_David_Shankbone.jpg/1280px- Car_Accident_in_Colorado_Springs_by_David_Shankbone.jpg
  13. 13. Some day soon, being able to offer commercial tripsinto space (5) Image:
  14. 14. Expected to fly two people into space by 2018 (5) Image:
  15. 15. A new and innovative way to learn Image: 007.jpg
  16. 16. Image: Technology has us connected more than ever (6)
  17. 17. Video chat has connected families even if they live across the world
  18. 18. Technology has connected the entire world Image:
  19. 19. And gives us access to the world at a touch of a button Image: Computer-Person-Business-Facebook-958239.jpg
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