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Thinking About Sports - SXSW Deck

Thinking About Sports is my new project, a media company designed to serve the interests of casual fans. Contact me if you want more information... I have lots of exciting things to share.

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Thinking About Sports - SXSW Deck

  1. 1. So much more than the score
  2. 2. thinking about sports, introductionAn interactive media experience that gives sports fansmore of the information they want, when they want it.
  3. 3. thinking about sports, landscapeSports Media 150+ MillionIndustrial Sports FansComplex
  4. 4. thinking about sports, market opportunity what is the average age of a marathon what does an elite runner? marathoner think about at the starting line? is there a strategyto leaving the pack behind? what exactly is the role of a pace setter? is everyone with a low bib number really in a position to win a race?
  5. 5. thinking about sports, model original curated important socialinterviews articles context intelligence
  6. 6. thinking about sports, information module videointerview contributed insights and articlesrelated topics other formats
  7. 7. thinking about sports, platforms
  8. 8. thinking about sports, distribution
  9. 9. thinking about sports, howprocess platforms people partners
  10. 10. thinking about sports, revenuesponsorship licensing intelligence products
  11. 11. ask me anything
  12. 12. So much more than the scoreBrian Reich • 646.789.1323 •