Building and Growing Successful Facebook Fan Pages - 2013


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With the increase in companies and individuals making Facebook fan pages, along with the changes in how Facebook shows your updates to followers, you have to do more than just make a fan page if you want to have success.

In this presentation, which was given at a DFWSEM meeting on May 15, 2013, I described many different elements to consider when making a fan pages, details about Edgerank and what you can do to help you succeed, and how to effectively grow your page.

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Building and Growing Successful Facebook Fan Pages - 2013

  1. 1.
  2. 2. www.kairaymedia.comBuilding Your Facebook Fanpage• Avatar and Header Images• Less than 20% text• Header image reflects brand values(not just a Brand advertisement)• Call-to-action OK!
  3. 3. www.kairaymedia.comBuilding Your Facebook Fanpage• About Us• Short description vs Description• 20 – 25 characters with URL• Graph Search• Full Description• Include social links• Timeline Chronology• Past events• Past milestones• Pre-dated posts
  4. 4. www.kairaymedia.comBuilding Your Facebook Fanpage• Apps• Customize Tab Image• 114x74• Social Apps• Contests• Coupons / Offers• Locations• Claim your pages• Encourage check-ins• Vanity URL•• Only once, so be careful• Someone got your name?• Appeal to Facebook• Up to 2 months
  5. 5. www.kairaymedia.comHow Facebook Works• Edgerank (Affinity + Weight + Decay)• Affinity• How connected you are to someone• Visit pages• Mutual friends• Connected actions• One-Way!• Weight• The value of a users action• Comments > Likes• Photos > Links• Could be individually adjusted• Decay• How long since posted
  6. 6. www.kairaymedia.comGrowing Your Fanpage• Content Strategy is Key• Understand all update types• Research• Photo > Link• Engaging • Content Calendar• Trends• Twitter, Google+, Reddit, etc• Analyze what works• Improve Edgerank• Affinity = Get people to your fanpage• Weight = Get people engaging
  7. 7. www.kairaymedia.comGrowing Your Fanpage• Improve Affinity• Drive people to fanpage from your site• Modules• Content referencing fanpage• Contests / Giveaways• Link to fanpage in updates• Encourage fans to Get Notifications• Improve Weight• Engaging updates• Questions• Fill in the blank• Photos• Like / share• Quotes• Puzzles / Riddles / Trivia• Know what is trending• Know your fan’s activity times
  8. 8. www.kairaymedia.comGrowing Your Fanpage• Gearing up for campaign• Increase Egderank prior to importantcampaigns• 2 to 3 days prior• Outreach• Content Contributor / Manager• Joining Groups• Relevant to your page• Get Listed• Slow and long play, but valuable• Ads• Boost Post
  9. 9.• Maintain 1 post per day schedule• Use scheduling• Watch overall stats for when to ‘boost posts’• Natural winners• Monthly check on trends, tactics, andinsights• Adjust accordingly• Track Facebook blogs and groups, for newfeatures and changes
  10. 10.• Fan Reach• Unique number of users reached by your content• Helps determine your Edgerank quality• Page Insights > Post Level Data (Export)Metrics That Matter
  11. 11.• Engagement Per Post• Number of people clicked anywhere in your post.• Determines your updates appeal• Insight Overview Dashboard > Page PostsMetrics That Matter
  12. 12.• People Talking About This• Number of people actually sharing, liking, or commenting.• Shows engagement of updates, potential Viral success• Insight Overview Dashboard > Page PostsMetrics That Matter
  13. 13. www.kairaymedia.comResource / Reference Links•••• Apps collection - to Kristel Cuenta who helped me in putting this presentation together.••••
  14. 14. Connect With Me…