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Big Brands & Reddit: Are You Missing Out?


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Brands are often wary of Reddit or simply do not understand what it takes to have success on one of the largest social sites on the internet today.

With over 150 million monthly unique visitors, viewing over 6.5 billion page views, and a demographic that is any brands dream, You cannot afford to continue to ignore Reddit.

This presentation speaks to how some brands are having success marketing on Reddit.

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Big Brands & Reddit: Are You Missing Out?

  1. • Brands are afraid of Reddit • Feel Reddit hates marketers, but they really don’t • • Brands want Engagement, but on their terms • Brands don’t understand Reddit • Not willing to learn or market specifically to the Reddit audience #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics
  2. Regardless the reason, if you’re ignoring Reddit, you are missing out on what could be one of the best marketing opportunities for your company.. And here is why! #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics
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  7. We're looking forward to continuing our experiment with reddit advertising -- In less than a month we're seeing better responses, statistics and engagement from the reddit community. We're looking forward to making more of an investment going forward. - Director Social Media & Audience Engagement #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics
  8. The response we received was everything we could have asked for and more. - Sr. Director of Marketing iCrossing #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics
  9.  Designed for Reddit  Connects their Brand with Redditors  Uses Self Post format  /r/finance/ #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics
  10.  Stayed involved the entire time  Light hearted / humor #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics
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  13.  Delivered (personally) #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics
  14. And at the end of the day, we obviously hope you end up picking Transamerica. But if you are at least able to walk away and make a better, informed decision, that’s really the win, because financial literacy is so low across the board. We want to go towards that captive audience and just kind of have them be a mini-focus group in terms of what they wanna know about financial terms and how can we help. #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics
  15. • Brand Awareness • Content Ideas (beyond reddit) • Direct customer engagement • Focus Group Feedback • Articles / Links #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics
  16.  Designed for Reddit  Uses Self Post format  Peaks User Interest  Engaged & Friendly #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics If you could have one thing from Amazon, what would it be?
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  21. Within hours of topping the front page, the story of our Nissan/Amazon partnership showed up across more than 150 articles in 30 countries. The story quickly became the #1 trending topic on Reddit. Even Jerry Seinfeld took a break from his “Ask Me Anything” to comment, wondering if the box was real or a hoax? The story leaped from Reddit and spread across the rest of the internet… The campaign was covered in 35 countries and on 5 continents making it a story that was almost as big as the box itself. #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics
  22. • Brand Awareness • Direct customer engagement • Articles / Links • Awards (Shorty) #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics
  23.  Set Their AMA Direction  Linked to Resources  Updated Post #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics
  24.  Engaged  Personable  7,800+ Comments #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics
  25.  Brand Awareness  Direct customer engagement  Articles / Links #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics
  26. #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics 3Takeaways 1. Reddit is Valuable 2. Cater to Reddit 3. Stay Engaged
  27.  Identify the right people to run your campaign (or AMA)  Review Similar AMAs to see what worked and failed  Be genuine, transparent, and engaged (through entire campaign)  Embrace tough questions  Identify the right Subreddit and Target Audience  /r/finance  Create your campaign for Redditors  Know the right format for your audience #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics
  28. #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics Resources    (@happysquid)       from/  a/   e/ 
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