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Lead Generation from Social Media by Brent Csutoras - SFIMA 2014


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As social media continues to become an integral part of our day to day lives, the opportunities to generate leads from social media continues to improve. This presentation talks about the growth of social media, the opportunities to be a part of the buying process, and some tactics you can use to improve your success.

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Lead Generation from Social Media by Brent Csutoras - SFIMA 2014

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  2. 2. The Social Media Bad Wrap Social Media for Lead Generation Has Its Challenges – When compared to Search, users not always in buy mode. – We apply SEO expectations to Social Marketing – Lack of interest in understanding it or testing Social Media Marketing is evolving – Better tracking options • Google Social Analytics – Improved insights from social sites • Twitter Analytics, Button Stats, Facebook Insights (Video Plays) – Social has become a regular part of our lives
  3. 3. Social Media Impact Understanding how important Social Media is to your lead generation efforts – 27% of time spent online is on social media sites across US, UK, and Australia ~ Experian – Approximately 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision ~ Nielsen – 81% of US respondents indicated posts from their friends directly influenced their purchase decision ~ Forbes – Buyers are 66% to 90% done with buying process before visiting vendor ~ Forrester You have to be a part of the research process!
  4. 4. Still Stuck on SEO? 81% of US respondents indicated posts from their friends directly influenced their purchase decision ~ Forbes – Graph Search – Bing’s Facebook Connect – Google+ Local
  5. 5. Understand Your Audience What social communities are they using? – Analytics – Social buttons analytics What content is engaging them? – Analytics • Bounce rate • Paths – Check social accounts and competitors for engagement Survey your audience Review competitors to determine what social site their audience is using Review case studies in your niche or a similar niche for useful information
  6. 6. Be a Resource! Content Strategy – Become a resources to decision makers – Provide resources to the information gatherers – Answer the questions people have in your niche • Support forums Social Profiles – Consider a community approach – Be a resource
  7. 7. Quick Recap • Social media is evolving as a great Lead Generation avenue • Social reliance and usage is continuing to grow • Social elements incorporated in Search First Steps • Understand Your Audience • Be a Resource Get Out There and Be A Part of that Buyer Cycle!
  8. 8. Blogger Outreach Isn’t Dead! Blogger Outreach (& Social Outreach) – Typically a Link Building exercise – Google not happy with it at all – Identify Strong Social Channels – Link back to Social Profiles and Social Content – Social Shares as Alternative to Blog Coverage – Social Community Leadership – Social Outreach!
  9. 9. Energems Loves Moms
  10. 10. Energems Loves Moms
  11. 11. Contests & User Involvement Contests & User Driven Campaigns – Can be viral, be used to get more unique content and materials, and help you capture leads with more specific quantifiers • • – Always consider multiple channels and your offline marketing campaigns – Think about the prize
  12. 12. Ford’s World Record
  13. 13. Coke’s
  14. 14. For Your Community Only Like-Gating – Use your content or blogger outreach efforts to lead back to a like-gated page • Energems example (likes and lead data) – American Top Team concept • Exclusive content – Make sharing easy – Phrase it as exclusive to the community
  15. 15. Facebook Ads: Custom Audience Targeting Available through Power Editor – Gathered or Acquired email lists • Contests • Purchased – Event Attendee Lists – LinkedIn Example – Google+ Emails
  16. 16. Retargeting Ads • Social users are often not in buy mode, so retargeting ads reminds them of you when they are in buy mode • Infographic retargeting to a different version with lead form
  17. 17. Connect With Me… +kairaymedia +brentcsutoras @kairaymedia @brentcsutoras