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Sony Ericsson w800i - Brazilian Launching


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Sony Ericsson w800i launching in Brazil - agency

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Sony Ericsson w800i - Brazilian Launching

  1. 1. PRODUCT LAUNCH 2005
  2. 2. HIGHLIGHTS- Through the understanding of the local market andconsumers, its drivers and expectations, Sony Ericsson of Brazilwas able to maximize the efficiency of the proposedworldwide communication for the launching.- Due to the successful work developed, Sony Ericsson of Brazilwas awarded by its main office as the best launching effort inLatin America.
  3. 3. BACKGROUND Sony Ericsson was about to release a revolutionary cell phone: the w800i:Revolutionary due to its: GRIFFE FEATURES VISUALthe cell phone was 2 mp camera, Unique orangerelaunching Sony’s music player colourWalkman brand, with dedicated20 years later keys and long lasting battery
  4. 4. CHALLENGEThe agency was hired to develop a low cost launching campaign adapting its worldwide communication: “Always Connected to Your Music”
  5. 5. MARKETThe w800i was one of the first devices to mix, in a effectiveway, both the cellphone, camera and mp3 player functions. Therefore, it had many different competitors: CATEGORY STYLE FUNCTION mp3 cellphones trendy-phones dedicated devices
  6. 6. CONSUMER Cellphone penetration was starting to gain traction in Brazil,with a growing 56mi users base (out of 152mi habitants), being: - Almost 50% (27mi) located at the Brazilian South-Eastern region, where the big urban centres like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are. - Among them, almost 50% (13mi) in the 20-39 y/o range. - 85% prepaid x 15% contract Source: Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, 2005 -
  7. 7. PROFILES PREPAID CONTRACT Work phone Personal phone- Simple but reliable - Status/ Trend- Inexpensive - Design- Long lasting battery - Feature-driven “I depend on my mobile to work, “My cellphone reflects who I am!” to have work.” TARGET
  8. 8. PERCEPTIONMarket perception at the time was that convergence resulted in devices... “that were too bulky to be used as cellphones, or too clumsy to be used as music players”. OPPORTUNITY!
  9. 9. PRODUCTThe first one to offers their users a complete “out-of-the-box” solution for music on-the-go: POSITIONING - 10x more music capacity - high-quality earbuds - dedicated keys - long-lasting battery - intuitive UX ... That was reinforced by Walkman’s brand adoption
  10. 10. INSIGHTAll that information led to the insight that the worldwideCommunication campaign Always connected to your musichad to be not only related to the music itself,but also reflect product’s uniquenessand the urbanity of its potential consumers. “LOCAL” INSIGHT
  11. 11. COMMUNICATION STRATEGYThe strategy to reach a broad target with a scarce budget was to explore the places and situations where our consumers could be found, focusing on their urban profile. Its communication had to be aligned with the w800i’s uniqueness in order to help building its brand and positioning,being innovative and unlike anything that has been done so far.
  12. 12. EXECUTIONWeeks before the official launching the main streets at SaoPaulo’s wealthiest neighbourhoods received an expressive number of Graffiti interventions, allusive to the product.
  13. 13. EXECUTION Two blank panels were mounted alongside the high-traffic central avenues where, at night, a special projection could bespotted highlighting the w800i’s main features and positioning.
  14. 14. EXECUTIONIn addition to that, a demonstration booth was mounted at the Iguatemi Mall - city’s oldest and wealthiest - and two teams visited bars, universities and gyms for a hands-on experience.
  15. 15. Video online at -
  16. 16. RESULTS The whole effort, that was expected to last from July to December, had to be halted on October: all the w800i brought to Brazil were sold out! Sony Ericsson of Brazil was awarded by the main office as the best launching effort in Latin America.The project won a Grand Prix as “Promotional Case of the Year” in 2006 and four other awards at different Festivals.