Nokia - Business Enviroment Analysis


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A Complete analysis of business environment (internal & external) of Nokia.
Competitor analysis and strategies adopted.
Also an in depth analysis of Smartphone Category.

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Nokia - Business Enviroment Analysis

  1. 1. Chitkara Business School ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS Darshan Singh OF Navpreet Singh Ankur Bhatia Saagar Bhanot Varun Bhatia Varun Kalia Inderpreet Singh Parminder Kaur
  2. 2. s 1871 Nokia AB 1970 1898 Focused Finnish On Rubber Telecom Works NOKIA 1967 Nokia 1902 Electricity Corp. Genera- (Diversifi tion ed) 1912 Finnish Cable Works
  3. 3. HR Quotient Of NOKIA • 128,445 Employees in 120 Countries • 39,350 people in R&D representing approx. 31% of total workforce • Nokia’s Industrial Research Unit consists of 5oo researchers, engineers & Scientists. • R&D centers Brazil, China, England, Hungary, India, South Korea etc. • Nokia’s Design Deptt. Remains in SALO, Finland
  4. 4. 1. 6. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10.
  5. 5. -Largest Cell Phone Vendor -Design, the branding and the -Lacking in Design Innovation technology -Loopholes in Symbian OS -Lending personality to its products -Slow to adopt new ways of (fashion statement) thinking, Clamshell Phones -Effective advertisement and market communication -User friendly -Global Expansion -Strong R&D -Late in the game of 3G - Increase their presence in the CDMA market -Asian OEM’s -Good Brand Image in booming -Other Handset Vendors providing new markets service to Carriers -Clamshell Handsets -Better Smart phones by -Booming Economies like Latin competitors America , India & China.
  6. 6. Service & Solutions Mobile Accessories Phones Nokia Product Line
  7. 7. •Basic Series Nokia 1100, Nokia 2100,, Nokia 2626 •Express Music Series Nokia 5310, Nokia 5800 •Business Series Nokia 6300, E-Series (E71, E90) •Fashion Series Nokia 7210 Supernova & Prism, Nokia 7710 •Premium Series Nokia 8250, Nokia 8800 •Communicator Series Nokia 9200, Nokia 9300, Nokia 9500 •Mobile Computer Series Nokia N70, N86, N95, N900 •Multimedia Series  Nokia X3 & X6 •Mobile Gaming  N-Gage, N-Gage QD
  8. 8. •Ovi •Nokia Sensor Service •Nokia PC Suite & •Nokia LifeBlog Solution •Nokia Maps •Nokia Sports Tracker
  9. 9. •Mini Laptops Nokia Booklet 3G •Internet Tablets N770, N800 Miscellaneous •GPS Navigator Wireless & Bluetooth GPS Modules •Accessories Car Kits, Headsets, Speakers, Wireless Digital Pens
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  12. 12.  Nokia is working on future of mobile with their new concept Nokia "Scentsory".  This new mobile device uses the sense of smell, sight, hearing, and touch to create a multiscensory environment for the caller.  Scentsory would be able to detect smells as well as radiate colors, lighting, and temperature of the caller with Dual screens and hidden camera
  13. 13. Nokia’s Banking Venture • Nokia financial services • In collaboration with ‘Obopay’. • 4 billion mobile phone operators and 1.6 billion bank accounts. • Paperless economy.
  14. 14. Aggressive pricing Customer Forward Satisfaction Integration Increase Efficient commitment Distribution to emerging Channel markets
  15. 15. • In July 10, 2008, Nokia bought Navteq, a U.S.-based supplier for a price of $8.1 billion. (concentric diversification) • In September 2007, Nokia acquire Enpocket, a supplier of mobile advertising technology. (Forward Integration) • In July 2007, Nokia acquired Twango, Multimedia Solutions. (Concentric diversification + VAS) • Nokia acquired IntelliSync to develop an online Nokia Music Store on the line Apple’s iTunes. (Concentric diversification + VAS)
  16. 16. •Established in 1928 •CEO- Greg Brown and Sanjay Jha •Workforce- 64,000 •Revenue- USD 30.14 Billion Product Line Clamshell Type MOTO PEBL , V3, MOTO KRZR Candybar ROKR E1, W230, Car & Bag Phone Series M900, M710 PDA A630, Q9c Slider RIZR Z3, ROKR Z6 Four Letter Series KRZR K1, Moto JEWL, RAZR V3, ROKR W5 Cordless Phones Accessories Bluetooth Headsets , Stereo Wireless Headset
  17. 17. Market Strategies The 4 LETTER NAMING – RAZR ,KRZR , ROKR. Sleek and Stylish designing. DROID - Biggest leap in smart phones technology More focus on Clamshell phones Application Store- Shop4Apps designed for DROID by google They won’t be opening any application store. Youth oriented approach.
  18. 18. • Founded in 2000 • CEO-Mr.Yoon Woo Lee • Revenue-USD 900 million Product Line  Touch Phone Corby, Star  Style Phone S3600, SGH-U900  Multimedia Phone C5130, M2710  Business Phone Omnia, SGH-i200  Guru Series Marine, E1070  Dual Sim Phones Fizz, SGH-D780  Accessories Bluetooth Headsets, Speakers
  19. 19. Market Strategies Set up a handset manufacturing facility in India  A cheap labor market Aggressively hawking flip-tops and clamshells- Sleek & Stylish Phones Nationwide distributor and retail presence in the global consumer durables market The Blue Dream Eco-friendly phone Made of Recycled material Solarized Strong presence in all segments of mobile phones. Adopting a new positioning for the brand supported by celebrity endorsement.
  20. 20. • Founded in 2001 • President- Bert Nordberg • Revenue- USD 11,244 Million • 9400 Employees Product Line • Cybershot Series : C702 • Economy Series : R300, T series • PDA Phones : P990, P1 • Walkman Phones : W550, W995 • Xperia Series : Xperia X2, X10 • Ent. Series : Satio, Yari • Gaming Phones : F 305
  21. 21. Market Strategies Collaboration with Carl Zeiss for Carl Zeiss Lens Walkman Series targetes youth Easy to use interface. Ensure better quality in sound and imaging. Introduces newer concepts regularly Distribution system restricted to dealers.
  22. 22. Single Product Analysis:
  23. 23.  Need to Introduce more Clamshell Style Phones.  Explore possibilities in CDMA market.  Need to scrap the NVO’s , not enough to match current competition and Innovation.  Need to develop online interactive Capabilities (Untapped Revenue)  Nokia Ovi – online app store.  Online music store.  Focus on BRIC Countries- Mainly India & China .  Need for a better operating platform over SYMBIAN, MAEMO is a good step but needs more integration.
  24. 24. THANK YOU !!!