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Blue Apricot Brochure..


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Blue Apricot Brochure..

  1. 1. Digital And Interactive Marketing
  2. 2. About Us Our Services Blue Apricot is one of the leading companies in the UK Blue Apricot offer many services as detailed below, and guarantee and Ireland specialising in bespoke digital marketing to deliver bespoke solutions to our clients on time, every time. solutions, bringing innovative, low cost and new green technology to a wide spectrum of businesses. o Bluetooth/ WI-FI marketing o Mobile phone applications Our combination of technical and marketing expertise o SMS marketing ensures that we understand wireless applications and o Touch screens how to use them as the basis for effective marketing o Interactive kiosks o Interactive windows campaigns. o Interactive floors o Interactive mirrors Blue Apricot has gained a reputation for expertise in this o Digital Networked screens field of marketing and has a growing reputation with a o Building Projection Systems no nonsense, honest advice approach. o Hologram projections o Point of Sale products With our own technology, Blue Apricot is able to offer the o Holographic displays best digital marketing solutions available. o Campaign management o Full design We ensure that our software and hardware compatibility is maximised to provide a robust platform to run any digital marketing campaign. Our successful products, forward Blue Apricot are continually researching and developing new thinking customers and partners have helped us grow into technologies ensuring our clients receive the most reliable and up to date products and services available. one of the most successful digital companies nationwide. Our full time support and committed team ensure that we can deliver up to the minute campaigns for any business.
  3. 3. Our Clients Our ever increasing portfolio of clients consists of both national and international blue chip companies. For more information including case studies, please visit our website
  4. 4. Mobile Marketing professional bluetooth, wi-fi and SMS marketing
  5. 5. Bluetooth and WI-FI Marketing Bluetooth/WI-FI Marketing is an enormously powerful tool. The Bluetooth systems provide an opportunity to market brands This method of advertising has been proven to ensure in a unique, environmentally friendly and cost effective way. success for many businesses worldwide. Data and Capable of transmitting a simple text message, animated gif, multimedia applications are shared and transferred free of video, mp3 or even a movie trailer etc direct to the end user. charge via a Bluetooth or WI-FI connection. Every modern Campaigns can be updated in real time via Blue Apricots online mobile phone, PDA and notebook has a Bluetooth or portal. WI-FI interface embedded. With mobiles now firmly established in the hearts of consumers and advertisers this kind of marketing form enables a new dimension to contact clients effectively on a Benefits of Bluetooth and one-2-one level. Research from UM London shows that WI-FI Marketing consumers are using their handsets to keep entertained and informed, while brands have a great opportunity for direct engagement and to place advertising messages on o High quality contents lead to high response and conversion mobile phones. Contents can be saved or even shared rates with others, research shows that information will be passed from mobile to mobile up to 5.2 times creating a ‘viral o Wide distribution of devices effect’. o Method for generating new contacts Blue Apricot offer ‘ready to use’ Bluetooth and WI-FI solutions for several scenarios either as an individual o Image appreciation of brands due to the use of technical hotspot or as a large scale networked system. innovation Wherever you want to contact the mobile generation Bluetooth can be installed quickly and easily. o Legal compliance guaranteed – no query of personal data
  6. 6. Contents Bluetooth campaigns can contain any of the following types of media. o animation o application o voucher o questionnaire o text with link o sweepstake o calendar entry o music / ring tone o game o theme o video o website o business card o wallpaper Be creative, you are only limited by your imagination. You can provide either ready made mobile content or our in house graphics team can take care of all your design requirements, be it animated gifs, video or even movie trailers. Blue Apricot can also provide customised packages. Crucial for success are quality, selection and combination of contents as well as the sending plan. Blue Apricot’s experience provides our clients with the security that ideas will be successful and rewarding. Content is programmed according to campaign requirements according to sequence, point in time and date if required.
  7. 7. Point of sale Nike recently ran a campaign throughout the UK and customers were more than excited as they were able to download their sports heroes as an animated wallpaper, free of charge direct to their mobile phones. Several Bluetooth devices were stationed in different sales areas of the stores and consumers were offered wallpapers of Rooney, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho etc, to download. The bluetooth unit can easily be integrated into all kinds of POS furniture due to its compact design and offers additional possibilities to be implemented into existing communication media. Features such as selected multimedia content on touch screens and commanding the screen content with mobile phones will turn any digital signage interactive. Bluetooth and WI-FI marketing increases brand awareness and brand recognition by the use of viral marketing. Light Columns Companies that wish to maintain their brand recall will have a good chance to stand out from the crowd with Blue Apricot’s light columns. They are designed to attract consumers offering downloadable content such as games, logo’s, MP3’s etc.
  8. 8. Portable Unit Interactive Poster Portable bluetooth units are a perfect Combined with an integrated solution for projects with promotional bluetooth unit this interactive poster staff e.g. events, fairs, shows. offers the opportunity for customers to The units are powered by a built in take away information directly from the battery and can be carried in a pocket poster to their mobile phone. An ideal or worn in a sash and carried by a focus of attraction at retail outlets, highly visible brand ambassador shopping malls, exhibitions or events etc. Reach Mobile marketing has considerable reach. If you also consider the elusive contact quality at a one to one level, bluetooth is an extremely attractive advertising media channel. This type of marketing is set to explode, businesses all over the world are already taking advantage of the benefits that mobiles offer. Who would benefit ? Visualisation o Exhibitions The visualisation of the download service is one of the key o Events elements of every Bluetooth campaign and crucial for it’s success. o Retail Outlets A sufficient visualisation is not only important but mandatory to reach o Restaurants the full potential and not lose valuable contacts. Back up your o Fast Food Outlets campaign with light columns, posters, banners etc. to create attention for your o Road shows download service. o Information stands Factors of success Plus many, many more……. The performance of a Bluetooth campaign will rise noticeably if you consider certain factors of success e.g. promotion, location quality, appropriate sending radius and attractive content.
  9. 9. Text message SMS/MMS Marketing SMS short codes have a number of advantages over traditional advertising and marketing methods: Five digit SMS short codes have proven to be a huge o Easier to remember than phone numbers and web marketing success thanks to their memorability and sites convenience. o Instant response at point of sale or whilst mobile o Able to respond 24/7, when your call centre or retail SMS short codes have been widely used on print, TV and outlet is closed radio advertising, promotional literature, on-pack marketing o Easy and convenient for consumer use. and outdoor advertising. SMS Short Codes have many uses enabling consumers to: Campaigns using SMS short codes can be measured o Respond to a promotion or offer accurately and immediately whilst o Request more information to be sent to their mobile phone allowing data to be captured o Register interest for a promotion or event including the customer’s mobile o Request a call back number for future permission based o Receive a mobile coupon or discount voucher marketing campaigns. o Make a mobile SMS donation to charity o Register a vote or take part in a poll / survey Short Codes can also be used for o Receive a link to a mobile website MMS, voice and video services. Typically the consumer sending an SMS to a short code is Create a revenue stream and improve charged to send the SMS. However, Blue Apricot can now offer customer service using premium rate free SMS to help brands maximise their response to a services. campaign. This is the SMS equivalent of Freephone. Sending the SMS to respond to any given offer is free to the Any business with inbound customer calls can generate end user and is paid for by the brand, thereby encouraging revenues by incorporating premium rate numbers into their greater response. business communications. We offer a full range of premium rate numbers, allowing your business to select the most SMS to mobile is widely used by consumers with 88% of the suitable pricing for any service or campaign. Services can be UK adult population having access to a mobile phone. charged per minute, per call or a combination of both, and work very well in conjunction with premium SMS
  10. 10. Analytics customer data analysis
  11. 11. Bluetooth Analytics Blue Apricots technology can produce bespoke monthly statistical information in the following areas: Bluetooth Analytics is the enterprise analytic solution that o Footfall Analysis provides businesses with a rich insight into customer o Peak Footfall Times behaviour, loyalty and habits. o Repeat Visits o Frequency Visits o New/Existing Customers Using the latest technology installed on site, this unique system o Customer Loyalty Weekly Behaviour allows businesses to see and analyse visitor traffic data and o Dwell Times customer loyalty in an entirely new way. o Traffic Flow Understanding customers and the way they behave is crucial Customer Dwell/ Waiting Time to the success of any business. Dwell Time Number Percentage 1 contact only 10370 31.8% Data produced will give greater customer insight and up to 2 mins 7893 24.2% marketing expertise to the benefit of any business, its up to 5 mins 3449 10.6% customers and clients. Having swift access to customer up to 10 mins 3758 11.5% behaviour and patterns enables businesses to optimise up to 20 mins 3123 9.6% marketing and monitor promotion effectiveness whilst up to 30 mins 969 3.0% enhancing the focus of resources (e.g. employees) up to 45 mins 683 2.1% Most business using this system also experience better up to 1 hour 465 1.4% customer satisfaction and retention, plus increase the ability to up to 90 mins 553 1.7% complete targeted marketing and to create additional sales up to 2 hours 279 0.9% opportunities with existing customers. up to 4 hours 248 0.8% up to 8 hours 276 0.8% over 8 hours 505 1.6% Total 32571
  12. 12. Customer Loyalty Weekly Behaviour Customer Loyalty Frequency of repeat visits Day of the week % unique customer % repeat customers Frequency of repeat visits Number Percentage Monday 97.6% 2.4% 1-3 days 754 15.5% Tuesday 95.6% 4.4% 4-7 days 548 11.3% Wednesday 96.2% 3.8% 1-2 weeks 1750 36.1% Thursday 94.2% 5.8% 2-3 weeks 956 19.7% Friday 96.4% 3.6% Saturday 86.4% 13.6% 3-4 weeks 842 17.4% Sunday 89.5% 10.5% Total 4850 Customer Loyalty repeat visits The future of customer analytics Number of No. of repeat visits people Percentage 1 15075 75.7% By continuing to improve customer prediction techniques it will 2 3993 20.0% become a necessity rather than a convenient commodity for 3 447 2.2% businesses to use customer analytics. 4 199 1.0% With this valuable information there is an opportunity to fine 5 71 0.4% tune operations and manager decisions. Rapid decision 6 41 0.2% making will increase in speed and effectiveness in the future as 7 17 0.1% tools and information become more easily accessible. The 8 19 0.1% possibilities are still emerging but applications in political races, 9 5 0.0% jury selection and developing clinical trials are areas that 10 2 0.0% customers analytics could be used in the future. >10 47 0.2% >20 9 0.0% Total 19925
  13. 13. 3D Holographic 3D holographic illusion systems
  14. 14. 3D Holographic Illusions......... .......... Seeing is Believing Blue Apricot’s 3D Holographic Illusion systems Holographics have are an exciting new display technology that redefines been increasingly the boundaries of how a display can be used. applied to a wide range of products We pride ourselves in our ability to take a customers idea and industries. and bring it to reality. Blue Apricot can convert any image to create a holograph illusion. Image sizes can range from 6 inches to 6ft and the duration of the holographic presentation can With our unique capabilities & fresh perspective on the use range from seconds to hours depending on preference. of holography, Blue Apricot can develop products and services for all businesses types Our design team will create an animated 3D computer rendering to show you exactly what you can expect. With Blue Apricots projection box solution, simply add a product to the inside of the box and within seconds a Developing and maintaining brand awareness becomes holographic illusion is created and appears to float increasingly challenging with the evolution of our magically in front of the unit. commercialised society. Holographic point of purchase displays, signage, and premiums No glasses needed, the 3D image can be seen with make effective, eye catching unassisted naked eye attractions. These can be used for in store merchandising and Viewers can walk around the display in a wide field of in exhibits for trade show booths, view seeing the object/s and shadows moving museums and other continuously as in the normal perspective. public spaces. Unlimited number of viewers can see simultaneously
  15. 15. Digital Screens networked technology
  16. 16. Digital LCD Screen Networks The Media Manager This is a simple but powerful tool for the management and Digital Display, also known as dynamic or digital signage, uses delivery of dynamic content. computer technology to deliver controlled media rich content o Set up and configure display screen output options with and messaging to electronic displays. network locations, templates and layouts. o Collate and organise most media types into sequenced Whether these displays are CRT screens, LCD panels, plasma packages. The system accepts content from all common displays, video walls or projected images, the improvement over video, audio, data, graphical and animation formats also traditional display technologies is massive. linking to web sources. o Transmit packages and messages immediately to single or Our flexible solution has many uses: distributed media players or schedule to play later. o Manage multiple media players across LAN and Web o Information delivery showing current travel, consumer connections. Easily scales up from a single player to information, digital display keeps the public updated, informed multiplayer, multiscreen networks using a variety of display and targeted. options. o Increase sales in any location based retail environment with o Administration area for login security, username and digital in store promotions. password. o Develop third party advertising as a new income stream. o Accessed simply through a drag and drop windows o Provide live entertainment to reduce customers perceived based GUI (graphical user interface) with a minimum of waiting times. training. As a consequence, anyone can manage your digital signage content. By broadcasting media rich output, digital signs become more engaging and get better results than traditional static displays. Our Software is designed to deliver your media content in the form you want across existing, standard IT technologies. Display layouts are completely free format so you are not restricted by predetermined structures. It scales up from a stand alone single screen to complex, context sensitive enterprise wide network provision without changing the way you use the software.
  17. 17. Touchscreens custom designed interactive technology
  18. 18. Technology for creating experience between brands and consumers at the point of sale. Touchscreen technology incorporating bluetooth replaces the need for brochures and flyers. Customers/visitors simply touch the screen icon of their choice to view the selected information. The system is designed to offer visitors a unique opportunity to download information, in detail via the touchscreen kiosk direct to their mobile phones. Never before has information been so readily available. Touchscreens can be integrated into any window allowing the customer to download information to their mobile phone even in out of hours trading The following applications can be used for marketing campaigns at: shopping centres, airports, sporting and musical events, fairs, public transport, tourist information points, hotels, historic buildings, museums, restaurants, outdoor advertising, retailers, banks, etc. o Multimedia Content o Obtaining permission on data o Catalogue Information o Competitions o Tourist guides o Broadcasting o Promotions o Brand Awareness Campaigns o Coupons/Vouchers o Maps o Loyalty cards
  19. 19. Display Advertising Mirrors interactive advertising mirrors
  20. 20. Target consumers in a unique and highly focused viewing environment This new and ingenious form of advertising offers the perfect solution to communicate with people when they are most attentive, when looking at themselves. The AdMirror allows customers to be targeted in a unique and highly focused viewing environment. Working exactly like a regular mirror until electronically activated AdMirror uses two way glass and intelligent lighting to reveal anything from 1 full size promotional image up to 6 A4 or 4 A3 promotional advertisements of which are displayed from inside the device using a preset lighting sequence. Adverts can be set to appear at random in a story board sequence or in a mix with several different branded messages. Adverts disappear as people come within a set distance from the mirror and reappear as they begin to walk away, enabling the mirror to still be used but advertisers can guarantee that their messages are still being seen. Customers will be attracted to read simply because its new, intriguing and captivating.
  21. 21. The vanity of general public can only count as a bonus for advertisers. Washroom visitors cannot resist a peek of themselves in the mirror and so have no choice but to see the advertising. Who would benefit: o Beauty Salons o Wash Rooms o Shopping Centres o Bars o Hotels o Supermarkets o Airports o Railway Stations Research tells us that following a recent trial in some of London’s bars and clubs, for every 100 people that visited the washroom over the course of an evening 63% could recall seeing the adverts but more importantly they could remember the name of the advertiser. More than 90% also said that they found the advertising mirrors more memorable than standard washroom posters.
  22. 22. Projection Systems interactive wall, floor and window projections systems
  23. 23. Engage customers, command attention and drive business results. Blue Apricot are also creators and suppliers of innovative audio visual effects including Interactive Floor & Wall Projection Systems. This unique system offers an interactive, eye catching, new wave medium that will transform any space or environment into dynamic POS display platform to promote brand awareness, launch new products and services etc. Typical applications include floor projections, event branding, signage solutions and general logo projection. Digital projection offers an impressive means of displaying full motion content and presents several advantages over LCD and Plasma screens. Interactive projection systems project bright, vivid images from low maintenance units to any floor, window or wall and also offers the advantage of being able to scan an image around any room or venue etc. The projection system can be set up virtually anywhere other than in direct sunlight and takes minimal time to set up. Blue Apricot’s expertise lies in combining the right digital projector with front and rear projection screens which have specific optical properties to deliver truly daylight readable images.
  24. 24. An interactive projection system reacts to movement and using either hands or feet, users are encouraged to interact. This is a versatile system that captures attention and draws people into your brand whilst delivering an entertaining and memorable interactive experience. Unlike traditional advertising, Interactive Projection Systems include the customer in the advertising experience. Whether customers wipe away one picture to reveal another, step on animated buttons to access launch videos, flip virtual floor tiles to reveal product information or kick virtual objects around the screen, it’s an interactive experience that they won’t forget. In the out of home advertising world, everything from billboards, to taxi signs and supermarket displays are going digital. People will pay far more attention to ads that are moving as it makes the advertising experience that much more memorable consequently leading to more time spent with the ad, which then translates into better advertising recall. Recent studies found that interactive advertising had a 41.3% unaided recall rate and when surveyed, 50% of consumers also remembered seeing the advertisement on a previous visit.
  25. 25. Who would benefit? o Retail Stores o Hotels o Restaurants o Casinos o Trade Shows o Museums o Science Centers o Sports Arenas o Any Public Space Whether you are looking for a dynamic POS display, an interactive window or floor projection system, or perhaps an outdoor projection to mark the launch of a new product range Blue Apricot will provide the perfect solution every time.